Unsupervised - You were a sidekick. Now, you kick ass. (WIP)

Hi I’m wondering if you remember how you got to the choices in the demo if you don’t want talk about it then I understand sorry for bothering you☺️

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You need to just take the dealer ( Jackdaw ) phone and not interrogate him or anything then decrypt his phone or ask Nexus to do it for you


Do you think everything that is happening in the present timeline in the demo has to do with the past we can’t remember. If you look closely your see the name in the first screenshot in the second one. I got a question does anyone want to find clues like I did it could be awesome to find some. And do you think our mentors that we get if we choose our powers are connected to the past we can’t remember.

Leaving with Derek vs Leaving with Lilith

Also Nora’s gonna be in for a shock once the news gets out

Nora hq


Played both hero & villian path & as always the villian path is just so satisfying comparatively.


Can Lilith join in Vigilante run? Haven’t actually done one yet.


If you romance her and you either threaten to expose their identities or run off with Telltale, Ghostling can join you


Very small update. The villain/antihero pathway still lacks some options and consequences, and the hero pathway is still missing. We appreciate your patience.


  • Bugfixes.
  • Added the option to intentionally kill everyone.
  • Added the option to dance with Thelma at the party.
  • Added the option to talk with the real Derek before the party.
  • Added a different way to leave with Lilith and briefly meet her parents.
  • Added the possibility of trying to unlock the pendrive Derek got from the black site.
  • Changed how XP distribution works based on your superpowers:
    • Enhanced Physique characters now gain slightly less XP since they don’t have to spend so much of it on stats, and Elemental Mastery characters gain slightly more since they have to spend it on stats AND elemental affinities.

Telltale currently only joins you if you leave the team.

Thank you all so much for the reports! I think I got all of them.

There was an option like that; even the possibility of killing them before the guards arrive. It might make a comeback, but the focus is on doing the essential stuff first.


Is it normal that if you buy two elemental upgrade the second that you buy remplace the first or is it a bug ?
Because I bought a fire upgrade earlier in the game to get to 4 fire elemental in the stat then just before the party I buy the water upgrade and after that I gain 1 point in water mastery but lost 1 in fire mastery
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Capture d'écran 2024-04-08 093501


In the last update I (finally) fixed the points gained from materials so that they become mutually exclusive. Now when you equip one, you lose the bonus from the other. I think that’s what’s happening here. One of the reasons why Elemental Mastery gains more XP now is to help balance this.


After dancing with Thelma and sleeping with her when you wake up the next day you don’t get any option to explain or even talk with the team after Red Harry exposes you .It directly lead to the confrontation where the option is to kill them , surrender or pop a dozer I was doing a super strength playthrough.You get the option to talk before the confrontation when you sleep with Lilith so is the path to talk or even admit to killing jackdew not implemented yet or it is supposed to be that way because after sleeping with her there is no option other than kill them, surrender or pop a dozer in the super strength playthrough.


I’ve been playing the last version monitoring closely the relationship percentages ups and downs and I realized that choosing the option to investigate the bodies lowers Sawyer and increases Amir.

But later on the obvious hero option,

doesn’t increase either of them and imo it should since it’s the obvious two-goody-shoes choice.

Also directly killing Rattlebag with fire doesn’t give the bonus to Ghostling’s relationship, only the hit to Flit’s.


I got curious at TAILOR and chose the Hot Dog as my symbol. Now I can’t get rid of it. This shows up even after I choose to remove it.


Well that sucks at least the author of the demo will know about this if he sees what you wrote & be able to fix it for you.:smiling_face:

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When you talk with Thelma, Derek or Rattlebag you can ask them multiple the same time the same thing and have the same dialogue.
Exemple with Rattlebag if you ask him about the super drug

I think it would be better if the question disappeared after you select them


The option to go to rattlebag’s cell shouldnt be there either, probably a bug related to how the new content was added to the old txt


What do you mean ? We shouldn’t be able to interrogate or kill rattlebag at the party ?

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Nevermind, I’m sleepy and I thought the screenshot was about Derek’s conversation lol


hi, i wanted to ask, will the game have a guide when it gets released on steam?, there are many choices that i don’t know how to get, i also haven’t met fluke, though i dont know if its possible in the demo

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I think the only time we see Fluke is a short apparition while he is discussing with telltale at Cryptozoologist party

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