Unsupervised - You were a sidekick. Now, you kick ass. (WIP)

Wait does that mean Ghosting dies ?

i haven’t done it myself but i dont believe so, i’m going to assume that flit and lb manage somehow

No they save her


You can go back for Ghostling with Telltale depending on your choices


Does anyone know how to become a mayor in the game? I did it before but I don’t remember how


Choose elemental power, you need to have 7 presence and talk to derek at quintessence base


Also I believe it only happens when you choose the option to make small talk.


Just sent a bugfix update (version 0.91). There’s not much new in terms of content, just a few new passages here and there. If anybody can test the additions made to the path where you spend the night with Lilith, I’d appreciate it.


The demo seem to be pretty solid up to this point. I’m glad that Flit is happy for me and Lilith. It somehow gives me a little more respect for them.


Found a glitch…?
Unfinished path?
I get this error if I offer Ghostling a bite of my burger or to buy her one, i only took a picture of the buy her a burger one, but both did it
Edit: Correction, I picked telling her to buy herself one for curiousity’s sake, and it gave me the same error, so it’s that entire scene I guess?


The elemental MC still lacks a reroll option here.


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I think it’s normal because the name depends of the best elemental stat you have.


I thought this could be it, but mentioned it anyway just in case.

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It appear that the bug where you can invite crazy chris and kill/queston Rattlebag multiple time is back

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Unlike Hauntress, right? :smiling_imp:

You can briefly meet her if you stay sleeping.

It looks like you’re playing an outdated version or an older save, which conflicts with the update. That error, in particular, refers to a variable that was changed a couple of months ago. You can check at the top of the game if it’s saying Beta 0.91, but sometimes you need to clear your browser’s cookies for dashingdon to fix those things.

No rerolls for eleMCs, it’s like @Webtoonien said. I don’t like it, but I’ve learned to live with it :sweat_smile:

Thanks. I think it’s the *gosub_scenes resetting the *hide_reuse at the top of the file (like it does for temp variables). I’ll manually place workarounds.


Wait what? But meeting Hauntress would imply that she never went on the Starlight stand? Now I gotta check out that scene. In my playthrough, I was following Lilith back to the party like a puppy. Oh well.


I was already romancing Derek before but after reading that Hauntress scene I am now even more interested in what he’s gonna do. Of course, Hauntress never said we were the one he was gonna betray…

Or maybe I’m just coping


Theory time guys !!!

What does Hauntress mean by all of that ? ( the second Divination is certainly about Derek and the first one about Vorpal or perhaps her mentor )


But that would bring us back to the first question. What if we were the ones responsible for Derek’s infiltration in the first place? Would he still betray us then?