Unsupervised - You were a sidekick. Now, you kick ass. (WIP)

While we’re on the topic, I found a scene where Flit is misgendered

“Okay? I’m far from okay,” they say, pointing an angry finger at her ex. “This was unacceptable, Derek!”

This happens when one of the Dudes interrupts our kiss and we choose to say “If Sawyer is okay with it, so am I.”


I going to be REALLY honest with you all…I simply can’t be bothered to remember on which pronouns a fictional character would like to address themselves.

It’s gotten so bad that I even found myself using “He/him” and all of that for Thelma…
But if people are getting ofended by this then…by all means I will try to remember the characters pronouns better :person_shrugging:

That’s the case for ME…idk about other people tho…but I don’t think they are doing out of malice like you guys are implying.

if that’s how you roll and you fuck up gender-conforming cis characters,

I am simply that laid back, yes :sob:

And yes it’s not that simple
But I would still like to think that they aren’t doing it out of malice.

Since I feel like you’re talking about me here, I just going to quote myself.

But if people are getting ofended by this then…by all means I will try to remember the characters pronouns better :person_shrugging:



I knew I remembered a scene of that happening with Flit but couldn’t recall when or what route. But yes Flit going by they/ them is something I never intentionally forgot just got caught up in my rants about them being so frustratingly hypocritical.

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I’m with you.


I haven’t played many games that allow you to be as evil as it seems you can be in this. I think for that reason alone I’d give it a try


I mean I guess if that’s how you roll and you fuck up gender-conforming cis characters, then fine, but I’ve definitely not seen any other character here get misgendered. No one uses she/her for Amir, no one uses he/him for Lilith, no one uses she/her for Derek, etcetera, so I don’t think it’s that simple.


Yeah I originally did the pure evil route to see how the others would react but it’s honestly fun to do for a specific mc I used which is my second Time mc plus the variety of ways you can kill for all the powers is just awesome though definitely partial to aging people to death or freezing people in place to kill them as in the case for time mc option for killing Red Harry.


Im honestly so hyped for this game I’ll probably do all powers good and evil haha. Something about the story and powers just get me excited.


And even then, is it fine?
If you can remember their names then you can just as well remember one more three letter word. Misgendering isn’t cool even if someone is cis.

You might not realise that you are doing it, but now that someone has brought it to attention it’d be nice if we all could respect pronouns even if they’re fictional characters. It helps creating an environment where everyone feels comfortable in participating in the discussion, regardless of their identity.



Derek sighs. “At this point, our best shot is to wait for him to wake up so we can question him about it. But in the meantime…”
Actually, I allowed Propaganda to escape and stole money from the register. I was playing as a speedster.


In-game, it’s helpful to note when characters aren’t referred to correctly in the text because it will be a typo or coding error.

Out of game, please understand that people who use they/them pronouns hear a lot about how much effort it is to speak about them correctly. It’s very tedious and this thread isn’t the place for it; if it’s desperately on your mind, read some of the posts here.

Please focus on the WIP and what’s in it instead.


I’ve got a minor complaint in one scene. It takes place during the HQ party after dancing with Flit. I got sick and went to bed early then when I woke up I went back to the party and saw Thelma drinking on her own. I chose to say “It’s your fault. I got sick because you laced the punch.”

She gives you a half-hearted chuckle.
“That wasn’t really booze, Kieran. It was just a formula my mum made to use on her morning drinks. It mimics the taste of whisky but is completely non-alcoholic.”
#“Then why did I get sick?”
#“Why would you do something like that?”
#“Why the hell would your mom do something like that?”

I was playing an EnhancedSenses!MC here and it doesn’t make sense for them to be surprised here. Wouldn’t they be able to detect that there wasn’t alcohol in the punch from the smell or taste alone?

EDIT: I found another error. I had the Batmentor and just started raiding the warehouse.

The original port had been plagued with problems from the start, built with substandard materials and questionable engineering, yet also severally overpriced. It was a common practice back in the day: construction companies would bribe local politicians with large campaign donations to secure contracts for public projects, cut corners to maximize profits, and reinvest a portion of those into more political contributions. A robust cycle of corruption, one that only stopped when Shinobi learned of it and brought the people responsible to justice.

This scene is referring to the Batmentor but it uses my alias instead.


I found one where Rattlebag is called Jackdaw.

While the chains reform, you wrap them around Jackdaw’s neck.

(In the party scene.)


Thanks. Just fixed it. Will try to upload all the fixes later today.

This one is a bit tricky. I don’t know if it’s going to stay. The game goes out of its way on multiple occasions to avoid describing teenagers drinking, as players who have gone to a Cryptozoologist’s party or to the nightclub might have noticed. This has been done, maybe a bit overzealously so, to avoid complications with ratings on storefronts. In fact, if you have Enhanced Senses and max Quipping, you get this when you first see Thelma lacing the punch:

  *if (((brooding <= 0) and (enhancedSenses)) and (tooMuchMeta = false))
  	If a lawyer put a gun to your head, your enhanced senses would tell you that it's just soda.

So, any references to it not being actually alcohol is more or less a cop-out/preemptive measure against a Committee of Concerned Parents :sweat_smile:. I think you get the idea.

That said, in a clear example of the duality of man™, I ended up writing a scene where Thelma actually drinks cognac and offers it to the player. So what’s going to happen is that I’ll run that through our editor to see what the official stance on teenagers drinking alcohol is. Depending on the answer, I’ll either remove the bit about it being fake booze, or I’ll remove the cognac. When that happens, I’ll also update the descriptions to take into account Enhanced Senses and fix any inconsistencies.



Smart. Seems unfair to even be worrying about that given we can let Ghostling pull a Mortal Kombat on Rattlebag, so you’d think that would be a bigger worry for the CCP than underage drinking - even though none of these should be as it is fiction and not a reflection of real life at all.

As someone from the UK though I found it very funny when I was halfway through my 4th spiked punch shot before I realised - oh wait yeah its highly illegal over here :sweat_smile:


My time traveler hero inspired by Jason Todd Red hood

My enhanced senses hero inspired by Tim Drake Robin(Arkham version)


That’s the game of the year people


How can I meet Telltale? I have played the game about three times and I’m unable to find her