Unsupervised - You were a sidekick. Now, you kick ass. (WIP)

In my villain playthrough last week. I had found this the other way around too in my anti-hero playthrough yesterday. LB after the whole Rattlebag incident thought that I had killed both Propaganda and Rattlebag when I only killed Propaganda and encouraged Lily to kill Rattlebag.


I think I found the bug. Did you bury his body?

I believe I did in one of them(the two where I found the bug). Sorry have played through the game multiple times in the past week it’s all getting mixed.


No problem, thanks for to help! I’ll upload all the fixes soon and update the game to version 90. Beware that this might bug current saves, but there’s nothing that can be done about that.

Speaking of saves, I think it’s time for me to learn how to do the new checkpoint system I’ve been hearing about, so the retail version of the game can have it…


Most fun power set for me are any of the enhanced physique set. However I noticed super senses has enhanced speed and strength but the speedster and powerhouse both lack enhanced awareness. Shouldn’t all three options have enhanced strength, agility, and awareness? Alternatively could there be an option to improve physical powers the same way we can elemental powers? Would be amazing to play a tanky speedster with spider senses—and would bring enhanced physique up to the same level as the avatar and time lord power sets.


The wording on the game is misleading and needs to be changed. It currently uses “Enhanced” for everything, but in practice it’s like this:

  • Enhanced Physique = Above human peak. The baseline. Captain Americanish.
  • Enhanced Strength = Super Strength (and durability). Hulk-lite.
  • Enhanced Speed = Super Speed. Flash-lite.
  • Enhanced Senses = Super Awareness. Daredevilish.

You have Enhanced Physique with Enhanced(Super) Senses, which is above peak human, but you don’t have Enhanced(Super) Strength or Enhanced(Super) Speed.

(The prologue might give the wrong impression, too, but there’s a reason why the MC is so overpowered there.)

As for improving physical powers in the game, that was the original idea, but I figured it would be better to give a bunch of unique scenes and choices to each power type instead. I think it makes things more dynamic, improves replayability, and helps to avoid a common problem in these types of games, which is steering players to just click whatever option is associated with their highest stats.

And, about certain powers not being on the same level as other powers… that argument is a recurrent one, and there isn’t a common consensus as far as I’m aware. I’ve seen a lot of people having different opinions on which power is strongest over time. I’d say Enhanced Senses is the weakest one on paper, yes, but it has a lot of uses and opens up plenty of new descriptions and possibilities.


Yeah that one, I’ve done multiple plays and I’m pretty sure all the times I only encourage her to kill him, and so she’s the one doing the killing, later on when talking she said that passage.


Any of y’all do a paragon play through, considering how many people hate flit and killed I’m starting to doubt how many. If so with what powers, me personally I picked senses cause underdogs are cool


Honestly, I don’t hate Flit just find him confusing most of the times but that’s one of the reasons he and Lillith are my favorites of the group


Yeah. Flit can be a bit much but I won’t go crazy trying to delete them from the story. Seems them and Lilith are always at odds due to their ideologies.
And I agree about the enhanced senses power. Its overlooked compared to the time manipulation,speed or the other powers but it’s my personal favourite because I get to model my character after a hybrid of daredevil from marvel bc of the power itself and Nightwing from DC pairing it with the Batman like mentor in the game.
And yes underdogs are cool.
And in my playthrough I didn’t really try to take out propaganda bc he seemed obvious he was on something while I was reading his whole monologue and rattlebag well he usually gets taken out even if we don’t directly influence that outcome.Red Harry I usually just don’t indulge him if I encounter him while in my secret identity and that mucus guy I usually just taunt the guy Spidey style or offer to help his kid if he gives up his dealings which he accepts. The only person I would gladly take out is Thelma’s uncle who just wants to cook innocents with lightning bolts.
On a side note I’m curious to come across Nora who the story describes as being a mercenary now which gives me Deathsroke vibes


I don’t play as a villain all that much, so Flit doesn’t bother me most of the time. Like one of the posters on here just said, I just find them a little confusing sometimes. When I play as a paragon, they are just background noise. Now Lb and Lilith? Those are my type of people. Even Derek and Thelma are cool.


Checking something to see if the the tests need some tweaking:

How did you get the information about Jackdaw/his address in your first playthrough?

  • Blair tells me.
  • I find out at The Burg.
  • Sharpie tells Lil Biggie.
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I don’t kill in my playthrough, but it has nothing to do with Flit’s rather shallow philosophy of what I should do and why. They can piss right off with that. Also, given that my typical playthrough is as not-Batman’s protegee…Flit you asshole, I’m busy. I’ve been busy! At my home, in Vera City! Where’ve you been, just out wandering around and moping, deciding no one’s doing anything appropriate with their lives and going through our rooms at the old Omega hideout? Keep your sticky little fingers off my stuff!

And yeah, at this point I generally play enhanced senses with intelligence and then persuasion maxed. Because more information is always better than less.

As for Blair…I really wish there was a true option to not have been his friend in the past. Or right now. What’s wrong with “I know who that is” but no connection other than that? I don’t play on the relationship with him in the interactions with him because I don’t want there to have been one.


Yeah Flit just moping and planning secret spy missions with Derek behind people’s backs while also judging everyone else for changing and moving on with their lives. It’s just sad tbh


I like playing as chaotically neutral as possible. Someone who is selfish and chafes under authority, willing to kill if they deem it necessary but not cruel or prone to wanton murder. Before Enhanced Senses MCs got locked out of killing Propaganda, I used to kill him for endangering everyone and trying to make me shoot myself (I’ll be doing that again once Enhanced Senses MCs can kill him again). I also used to kill Rattlebag to protect my secret identity and loved ones but now I let him live so that Derek can confess to killing him. This puts me at odds with Flit but I like our dynamic better as rivals rather than friends.


Minor gripe, it’s kinda frustrating how many people use he/him for Flit here, in the thread. Get not liking them, they’re really not my favorite, but they pretty explicitly use they/them.


Not minor, and a good point. Misgendering someone because of a bad assumption is bad enough, add to it dislike and it starts to turn into something much uglier.


I definitely worry there’s a level of maliciousness to it, even if it’s just subconsious. Don’t recall seeing someone who likes them fuck it up.


I was literally about to ask this, I thought there was a scene that I missed or a description or something.


My first few playthroughs I tried to romance Flit and got it wrong a few times in my head, but just had to keep reminding myself. It was less a problem when I got tired of their hypocrisy and started trying to romance Derek (WHY can I still not get those points!?!?!?) But from what’s been getting said lately and the intensity with which those statements are often doubled down, I’m not sure how much is “forgetting” and how much is bile and a spiteful feeling of having to put them into their place; particularly as it’s a place they don’t feel right/comfortable occupying.

No, nothing of the sort. We have no idea what set of equipment Flit is working with, so the people that hate them all assuming “he” looks very targeted.