Unnatural Competition (For fun)


I’ve just had an awesome idea. A little competition if you will. As you may or may not know, I’m planning to write Unnatural Season Two in October. Well unlike Season One every character who you have in your group CAN die (some characters got free passes in the first season for plot reasons). Now this of course means your favourite character might kick the bucket!! But fear not for this fun competition might just save their life :wink:

It’s simple; all you need to do is draw a piece of fan art for Unnatural and post a link to it here. I will allow submissions until the end of September (just prior to the official start of Season two writing phase).

Out of the submissions we’ll have a vote and the winner’s favourite character will be guaranteed to survive Season Two.

Well have fun!


Sounds like fun! Bla bla must have more that 20 letters bla bla bla


Can we get a list of who exactly is on the chopping block? For voting reasons of course.




Craig / Sarah

(These are all possible people you can get in season one)


I’m pretty sure there was going to be new ones. But I suppose nobody would vote for them as we no next to nothing about them.

I think you mean “all the possible people from season one”


That I did @WolfieGrey corrected my last post.


@Nocturnal_Stillness Can we only do one?



You can submit as many as you like but there can only be one that wins and only one you can save.


I love the idea of this competition and that all of love interest will be at risk. I can just imagine the conflicts that could arise from having to choose one teammate or another. Who will I choose to save the sweet Lakota, the temperamental Victor, or my home girl Scarlett? Man, I so can not wait for season two.


I’m looking forward to any entries people are working on.

For an added incentive here is a scenario that might happen a new posionous unnatural posions most of your team and manages to destroy most of your antidotes you’d made in preparation. So you’ve got Five sick people dying yet only three antidotes left…ah choices choices!


@Nocturnal_Stillness would you mind posting descriptions (What they look like in particular) of the characters on the thread? I am somewhat embarrassed to say this but I, er… How do I say it, seem to have done the classic JRPG thing where I’ve woken up from a coma and have no recollections of anything (except in this case I have no recollections of the characters and what they look like). That is to say, to put it simply, I er… forgot what the characters look like *cue sheepish grin.


@Nocturnal_Stillness why would you put us through something like that!? (Guess the unnatural could be a basilisk or an akkorokamui, which is a half man, half octopus cryptid)

Anyway hopefully I can get an entry in before the deadline



I’ll grab the in game descriptions later (at work atm)


The unnatural in reference shall be a Lamia and I will do it because my gods commands it.


Okay for easy viewing here are the descriptions for the characters;


“Ashley is only a year or so older than you, her long blond hair falls down to her shoulders, from the way she holds herself you get the feeling she is concerned with her looks. Ashley was thinner than most of the girls you knew at school, but her outfit was styled and fitted to take full advantage of her natural curves.”


"You study him carefully, you can’t be certain as he is sitting down but you guess he is quite tall. Even cramped in the chair you can see Austin is quite muscular.

Austin looks up. You see a wide face, his auburn hair cropped short. His dark eyes glint with experience, you can’t help but notice the scar trailing from the corner of his mouth down to his chin."


“You follow him inside, and you spot the dainty young woman waiting inside. With fiery red hair and emerald eyes, her beauty quickly draws your full attention.”


“A young man walks towards you, he smiles at you and offers you his hand. His long jet black hair contrasts with pale blue eyes, you look at his thin frame but you do feel he is stronger than he looks.”


“Next, you are introduced to Scarlet Tepes, she is two inches shorter than you. Her chin length blond hair framing a thin face and a blue right eye and a green left eye. In jeans and a t-shirt you can see she is athletic. A sheathed sword hangs from her belt.”


“You turn to check out Victor, he is slumped in a chair twirling a thin silver knife in his left hand. Compared to David who exuded authority, Victor gave off a more casual aura. You could see something dark behind his bright blue eyes.”

That’s the main characters I think people will want to draw, a lot of the current descriptions are ambigious to let people fill in a lot themselves.

I hope these help!

Good luck everyone!


Woo first entery! :smiley:
Just kinda turned out drawing up a crappy sketch of Lakota. Was gonna draw victor but couldn’t really picture it in my head.


Yay for the first entry. Thanks @Roslyn_samalt06


Sorry for this question, but I can’t seem to add the file? What format file should I submit it because mine is in BMP and it errors?



For format I’d say jpg or png if I remember right the code is [ img ] insert link here [ /img ]

edit: actually do was Roslyn suggests below. above the box where you type your text in you can see a picture upload button.


You could just use the picture button on the chat box. Thata how I loaded mine feom the my gallery.


@Nocturnal_Stillness Okay thanks. I forgot about the JPG format whoops. Also we are allowed to have more than one person right?

@Roslyn_samalt06 I never knew that we could do that. I will try it for now