UnNatural - A supernatural horror game - editing complete, beta testing over

Then why was those choices there some of us like to experiment and even make a villain of our mc it kind of kills the point that we can’t select this @Nocturnal_Stillness

For game purposes it is “plot armor” the orb being intact is important to season two.

The in universe reason is the orb was created to be resistant to the original azure powers. You aren’t anywear near that power level. The four original Azure are much more powerful than the ones who came after them. (Think of it like a box designed specifically to be unopenable with the strength of an adult. A child wouldn’t be able to open it either. )

Hope this helps.


Yeah I get it now ok I am gonna go over the unnatural season 2 forum to give my opinion and little spelling mistakes I found @Nocturnal_Stillness

Hello, im still new in this website, i just wanna say that your story is so awesome and i look foward at the season 2, i want to ask a question, is there a way to save the SRT from closing? I try many time and i still failed, please answer

Note: im so nervous typing this


The SRT is closes down either way. If you’re asking on how to delay it, i remember that it relies on the high world reputation. One of which is to go immediately to the HQ and not go after Alex, the MC’s brother.

Abe is right. For story reasons the SRT always gets shut down. Either at the end of Season One or during the events of Season Two episode One.

It is tied to your world reputation so doing things like saving lives and killing/capturing monsters. Going back to the base instead of going for your brother is important unless you are an Azure who has absorbed at least one soul and you can unlock the shimmer option.

Ohh and how do i get the “last stand” Achievement and the epilogue one and two?

I try hard for the epilogue and is there a demo for the season two? (i hope its free)

You can play the first five episodes of season two on the forum. Just search for UnNatural Season two.

I’ll double check the code and will get back to you about the achievements.

Thank you, btw i like where you make a story about denise making a fort pillow, its so cute. Are this scene will show on season 2?

Another note: im sorry if my english bad, i actually from different country

Oh god I completely forgot about promising to write in a pillow Fort scene. That’s going on my todo list.

Don’t worry about your English I can understand okay :slight_smile:

Can you please help me find the demo? Im still new so i dont know where to find it and im so glad that i make you remember

Here is a link to the game.

Here is a link to the thread

Thanks Abe.

Thank you abe, is there like a membership in this website? If there a membership, can i join?

There is no membership to the forum but I do have a discord which is a bit quiet at the moment.

There are levels of membership for the forums which is based on your activity here. No transactions so don’t worry.

For UnNatural only and/or Sam’s stuff, there is Sam’s facebook, twitter and discord.

Okay, btw, im sorry if i ask too much questions

Is there a new npc that can do romance?

Yes in season two there are new romance options; Cassandra, Catherine and Avery.

Are they a unnatural type too? And is there a save button? I dont want to restart the story

And i want to tell you something weird at the season one and can i give a advice for the season two if i can? (Should i post here or on the threat?)

Catherine and Avery are.

There are no saves yet. They get added once the second game has been finished.

You can tell me about the weird thing in season one here. But post anything to do with season two I’m that topic.