UnNatural - A supernatural horror game - editing complete, beta testing over

Okay, well first i want to give a question

  1. What unnatural type is Catherine and Avery?
  2. Is there a new ability for shade power in
    season 2? (I have a idea for a new ability but
    with a condition to unlock the ability, just like
    the shimmer ability from the azure)
  3. How many ending in season two and how
    much the good ending and the bad ending?
  4. Is the season 2 can be download on play store after its done?
  5. Can it be loaded with the previous season one? i mean my stats is really high and when i try season 2, its a bit low than my stats before and my scythe power is still 1%

Now for the weird thing on season one (note: i download it on play store)
When i play as a Alpha team and get recruit on gamma team, the one that greet me is Austin and after that he introduce me to Lakota that reading a comik, his appearance have a scar on his mouth.
But when i play as a unit Beta, the one that greet me is Lakota and he dont have a scar and he introduce me to austin that reading comik and he the one that have the scar.

I dont know if that a bug or i missread or its late update

(Warning spoiler) when i play the season two, i was doing a case called “burried”, and i arrive where i see a 4 dead body, one of them still alive, i ask him where the monster, he say " HI dont know" I think its a typo, please fix it

There a another bug, Denzil say that the house of the SCI has been upgraded, but when i look at the stats, its still ZERO LEVEL, the next bug is that my humanity is not increasing (how can i upgrade the shade if my humanity is just 1% all the way to the story), the previous season can still increase, and when i use my sycthe weapon, i look at my stats, the skill is still 1%, there are more word that typo and lost the “…” And the though and sarcastic level is not moving at all

Im gonna continue to play the demo to see what wrong on it, please fix

Wait a minute, should i sent this to the unnatural season two? Not here?

Catherine is a pixie
Avery is a warlock

There is a new ability planned but has not been added in yet as still working on the concept.

The total number of endings has yet to be decided as the ending has to both be perfect as an end point while still leaving enough open for any future games.

Yes season 2 will be on play store when it is done and the save option will be added to season one just prior to the release.

It sounds like you’ve misread it. It is always Lakota who greets you and Austin who is reading the comic.

Yeah post any season two questions or feedback in the season two topic.

Okay, thank sam, can i give a screenshot where there a mistake?

Is that need a account to get the save from the season one to season two?

Yes screenshots are helpful.

There will be an update for Season one which will add the save option

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Hey can you give me a guide for the season one? Is there a way to save everyone from the MRU attack? I try to save everyone but Anthony always die, is there a way?

I’ve just managed to double check the code for season one and there are four main epilogues.

Spoilers for those who don’t want to know

Epilogue One SRT isn’t shut down and you stay to help.

Epilogue Two SRT isn’t shut down but you either go home or leave to learn about the azure.

Epilogue Three SRT is shut down but you stay to help.

Epilogue Four SRT is shut down and you either go home or leave to learn.


You can save Anthony. There is a hidden stat which tracks your teammates survivability. It is increases every time you train with them or take them on a mission. Getting back to the base in-time (i.e leaving your brother or using shimmer to get back quickly. You also boost it by either choosing to search for a specific person (+10 to the stat) or look for everyone (+5 to everyone’s stat)

For @Nocturnal_Stillness

So you mean, i need to go on a mission with all of the unit gamma to save them? But i pick craig to become a unit gamma and not Anthony, what should i do?

And where is Anthony? I try to find him room to a room, but in the end he die, and the worst part is some of my teammate die too😢

But when i go to season 2, there a choice that “we came out unscatched” Is that mean we survive without get a scratch?

If you don’t promote him then his survival stat only has a few chances to rise.

Try and head straight to the base instead or going after your brother and choose the option to look for “everyone”

Okay, if i pick Anthony as a unit gamma and not Craig (my friend),
Is Craig will survive?

And if i look for everyone, which room is Anthony standing? What room he is? Beta room? Or where?