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Here is a suggestion, once your party starts the civil or coup you could have a anti (what ever part you are ) protest. You could then be the one put in charge of ending the protest and depending on your choices in could result in the protestors peacefully leaving or your troops opening fire on them.


Wait so is there no way to avoid a war with Nazi Germany? Like for example there is no way to launch a pro Nazi coup or something in order to avoid the country being occupied?


Solidarity would obviously never agree to any kind of agreement with the Nazis, and Moravian nationalists are very anti-German on account of the occupation during WWI.

In short, there’s really no major factions that would support any kind of pro-Nazi coup or alliance, and even if there was, there would undoubtedly still be an occupation to “keep the peace” and ensure that Moravia’s government remained loyal to Berlin.


Eyes warily you want to side with the Nazis?


Well…I would prefer not to but…I would rather side with them and have Moravian remain a sovereign nation rather then having in become a worn torn nation controlled by the Nazi’s. Now I am assuming that war with them is inevitable so what am thinking is either resistance the Nazi’s and get overwhelmed and lose control of the country which will result in millions of people dying and any hope of Moravia becoming a powerful country will disappear. Or side with the Nazi’s during World War Two and remain independent.


“Independent” in this case would mean becoming a German vassal state in all but name. Moravia may still technically be a sovereign nation, but it would in effect surrender every scrap of it’s autonomy to the Nazis, be forced to support their war effort, and obey their commands on pain of death. That on its own is bad enough, but then you can add in being forced to surrender Moravia’s Jewish, Romani etc. population to be placed in concentration camps, and of course the inevitable allied victory which would see Moravia sacked and treated as a defeated foe rather than another victim of the Nazi’s conquests.

Despite the pains that will inevitably come with the German occupation, rest assured that collaboration would be much, much worse.


My character in the game would have a pink triangle signifyer on her and probably be executed. So I’ll fight those fascists to the end.


Death to the commies long live the New Order.




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Hello all!
I’ve got a few things to say regarding the game and the lengthy closure of the thread. Firstly, I want everyone to learn the lesson of the 3 month closure and steer clear of abuse, too much real world politics and the whole communism vs fascism debate and just generally stick to the forum rules and community guidelines. I sincerely hope we won’t need any more warnings here, let alone closures.

Second, I apologise for the lack of new content, I have been hard at work writing a real world book about a topic which is my main passion, the Spanish Civil War, specifically the Republican Popular Army. For those of you that don’t know in 2014 I published a Hosted Game about the conflict and events in Spain and elsewhere in the 1930s served as the inspiration for United We Stand.

Third, with the approaching reopening of the thread, I have been thinking a lot about the project, where its going and why. As long times fans will know, about 1000 posts ago I expressed my doubts about the inclusion of the fascist path as not sitting right with myself for moral reasons. Why was I writing a game that gave you the chance to play as a fascist in the first place? I got in touch with Jason and expressed my concerns first that the game would not allowed to be published as offensive and second my own moral doubts. His response was excellent and thoughtful and stressed the creative freedom of the Hosted Games label but also the other side of things. His advice was really good, the most striking point being that if I were to write a fascist path without overt racism or anti-semitism, as I have frequently pledged to, I would in effect be whitewashing fascism, by portraying it without any of its most horrific flaws. The last thing I want to do is write a story which gives fascism a gentrified, cleaned-up image.

Obviously this has really cast doubt on the New order path and the best piece of advice Jason gave was that if you don’t feel comfortable writing something, don’t write it. I would like to stress that Jason has definitely not forced me to do anything, rather he has helped me make a decision that I was already well along the road to making. So, to put it simply I don’t think I will be writing any more New Order story.

So where does this leave United We Stand? I have tentatively started editing the existing solidarity chapters, improving mistakes and I intend to tone down the sex scenes quite a bit, some of them were too much by half. In terms of what to do next, I am in two minds. Potentially, the game could consist of simply the Solidarity path and have no initial choice of party. After all, UWS originally was going to be a game about left wing street fighters battling the Nazis in the early 30s in Munich. However, I recognise that the left-right choice is clearly part of the game’s appeal and DNA. I would really appreciate your suggestions as to where to go next. Perhaps the choice to play as National Bloc and either cooperate with or oppose New Order? What are your thoughts?

PS huge thank you for maintaining interest in UWS, despite the long gaps between content, this community really is the best out there!


I still think those sex-scenes were fine as they were and if Jason/CoG said something about it that may just be an example of the European/American divide on the sex and violence issues, where Americans are somehow far more sensitive to nudity and sex, whereas over here it is excessive violence that tends to draw the ire of activist parents.
In any case it is your project, but I for one would be sad to see the “sex(y)” scenes censored to fit American PG-13 conceptions.

I think I said it before, but if you’re going to make the more centrist conservatives the opposing right-wing force you’d be shifting the tone from the violence and ideology on the left and rightmost flanks of European politics of the 30’s to a narrative where you risk casting the Conservatives as the “reasonable” and “moderate” establishment defending against the rabble-rousing extreme left. Which would be the frame of reference a lot of the newspapers of the period did try to push and which has served a big role in historically downplaying the dangers of Fascism until it was far too late.

You can certainly make a game about the more “moderate” parties in the face of the extreme right and left wings of politics at the time, but that would require recasting the more established and establishment social democrats as the left-wing in the game. Otherwise, you really do risk casting the National Bloc conservatives as some sort “reasonable” and “moderate” centrists. Historically the conservative parties were not that and in many cases were, as the “champions” of the establishment directly responsible for (the policies and economics) creating the climate that allowed both fascist and communist/socialist/anarchist street violence to flourish.

This would certainly be the simpler choice.


I can agree with this


Well, I was playing Solidarity path anyway and opposing the fascist characters so I’m not attached to any of them.

But if you remove New Order (I understand your qualms and honestly share them), maybe the characters you’ve created can serve other roles. Maybe they grow disillusioned and join the moderates or we recruit them somehow?


Well I’m disappointed, I like the new order path for the same reason I like the fascist bits in divided we fall, and in general why I like watching documentaries on the subject, simply I think you can be interested about fascism without agreeing with it. I mean I watch documentary after documentary about serial killers, but I’m not one…yet(jk) xd. But a book about the Spanish civil war you say!? Would by chance happen to be available as an e book/google book/audio book? :smiley: As for suggestions I’m not sure, haven’t played this yp in ages tbh, health stuff and uni keeps me busy, but definitely, don’t write something you’re not comfortable with :slight_smile: …The point about white washing is a great one, I take including racism etc is not an option? Don’t think I’d want it to be, but just thought I saw 12 years a slave…but obvs that isn’t interactive, so guess it’s not the same?


My correspondence with Jason was only regarding the fascism issue, not the sex scenes, but i’ll take it on board and give them all a read and see how I feel.

I take your point about presenting the right as somehow the moderate/less bad choice, this could be mitigated by the fact that you play a part in enabling fascism. Not quite sure what the work around will be. Perhaps the game could be released with only the Solidarity path, with a right path added post-launch.

I understand that some people will be of course. I get your point that being interested in fascism isn’t the same as supporting it, but an interactive game about role-playing ultimately. Offering people the chance to role-play the fascists isn’t something I’m keen on.


Thanks for the interest, it’s not yet published, I’m in conversation with a couple of publishers right now. I’ll update this thread with solid news on it when I get it!

Great to hear from all of you, especially long time fans of the project, missed you guys!