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Thanks, I figured the Iron Guard was the Reichsbanner pretty much immediately, though I was mainly touching on the point that Reichsbanner was a multi-party SDP-Zentrum-DDP-DVP thing instead of just SDP. Though I suppose the Iron Front becomes a parallel of that that eventually. Thanks for the clarifications on NB and the Moravian military; haven’t been able to take a look at New Order for a while, so I missed the FTs.

One thing that I did realise in my re-read is that there is an extant Iron Guard at the time of UWS, albeit in Romania: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iron_Guard

One thought I had was that with the German occupation and internment of the Moravian Army in WWI, the populace would have been somewhat disarmed. Unlike 1920s Germany, where the paramilitaries are running around with machine guns and flamethrowers, and demobilised landsers are coming home with rifles. Guess that makes the Moravian Army even more important in the civil war then, since smuggling, SMGs/pistols made in workshops and foreign aid isn’t going to come through that quickly.


Managed to do a NO playthrough, it was interesting to see the similarities and the differences between the NO and Solidarity routes. Would have liked to see a starker difference between Riga and Wulf, at least at face value; Herta and Franz are noticeably different but not the leaders or the leadership, really.

Some typos and comments:


You stubbornly hold their glare. The next stop is your’s anyway


Then rapturous applause and the raising of glasses.

I think it should be “Then, rapturous…”


the Social Democrats’s defence force the Iron Guard,

defence force, the Iron Guard,

Also, I believe grammatically it should be the Social Democrats’ (?)

Talking to Riga as an Aristo and being assertive, there’s this line which just seems a bit clunky:

“I suppose being from the family you are you have a great sense of history?”

The castle is still closly guarded


Now we are caught between an incompetant elite


A nation in which all our united and committed to the struggle to build a better nation

Is it meant to be “…all are united and committed?”

You’ve brought along pistol

a pistol


not disimilar to that worn by his great-grandfather in the painting.

not dissimilar

Also, why is the Prince styled as a “Majesty” and not a “Royal Highness” or something like that? (also in a later scene he becomes “Your Highness”, so this appears to be an inconsistency?)

“No your highness, circumstances always seemed to conspire against such an occurance.”

c.f. Highness point above, also “occurrence”

Your aim steadys, you pull the trigger.


You pass a soden poster advertising the event you are about to attend


Leaving the house only to trapse the streets


“trapse” and “soden” appear a few times here

She looks up and realising it is you, throws down his clipboard and embraces you

You ask them what it is like being unemloyed


“He said he’d be reading a copy of the red’s party newspaper,”


inisists the informant


“It took months of joint committees and a secert deal with the police union, but all that hard work has come to fruition.”

secret deal

There are now agreements in place with regards to territory and jurisdicition


“What were you dicussing in there with the finance minister?”


She’s wants my MPs to do her dirty work!”

She wants


On the contrary, coalition governemnt


The opposition MPs look dispondent


An uninspiring but competant man


an old solider


We are in a coalition governemnt,


Also, should The Red Flag be italicised?

Herta howls a gutteral cry


The Guardsmen are not independant either. They lay in to

not independent; lay into; perhaps “not impartial” makes more sense here?


Moravians that this is the reality of socialism: show trails and false accusations

show trials

People are saying you made the decsive intervention.


General comments

“Reds” is inconsistently capitalised at times; sometimes it’s capitalised, sometimes not. Ditto for “Greyshirts”.

Instead of getting a cab, perhaps getting a chauffeur under Royal employ if the NO’s popularity is high enough (just as an indicator of NO’s popularity, and thus the Prince’s need to impress favourably). This, I think, would make some sense considering how it’s mentioned that he’s “rather tense about the outcome”; an NO which has more popularity places more pressure on him as a result. Also, these small tidbits would make a bit of a change from playthrough to playthrough.

FT-17s aren’t actually that bad considering France was still using them in 1940 (among other nations). Perhaps Falk’s point could be explained either by being unable to get more modern tanks off Skoda, Vickers or Landsverk. Don’t think that Moravia has the industry or R&D for an indigenous tank industry. This could also be an opportunity to illustrate the distrust of Germany by the Moravian military, or, their concern about the threat from the Reds if the MC has Falk’s approval, e.g. Falk could say that their kit pales in comparison to even the Reichswehr (concerns and foreshadowing of a German invasion), or dealing with a Red Uprising.

Also the text implies (when loading the Steyr M95) that on feeding the rifle the stripper clip is removed (it says "push the ammo in); the M95 was Mannlicher clip i.e. en bloc fed, not stripper clip fed, as far as I know. (edit: apparently there are stripper clip modifications of the M95 by the Yugoslavs along with a conversion to 7.92mm Mauser)

One thing I did notice was that Franz is a bit more present in the NO lines than Herta is in the Solidarity route, with his “fearsome reputation”. Would be nice if there was a hint of that in Solidarity’s route.


Whats the status of the game is it nearly finished or is it far away from finished???


I think it’s 40% done.


My game ended with me and Rosa getting freaky in a gay bar.

Best ending ever!


is this wip updated now?


Please don’t burden the author with update requests or status updates … it is against forum rules.


oh sorry :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused: I thought it was updated


I really liked Divided We Fall i hope this will be amazing to.


well my friend this is far more better than
Divided we fall :blush::blush::blush::blush:


Considering the upcoming civil war, I made a guess at a Moravian Army OOB based on the armies of Belgium and Austria in the 1937-1940 period. I went with 6 divisions to try and make it sensical while taking into account Moravia’s “plucky” status. However in my reading, Moravia, with its 8 million or-so population, makes 6 divisions seem a little low considering how Austria with 6.6 million (in 1939) had 7 divisions and 1 independent brigade (in 1937), and had been limited by the Treaty of Saint-Germain during the interwar period.

Assuming about ~2,000 men per Regiment on average, about 36,000 men. (in comparison, 8-million population Belgium brought 100,000 men in 22 divisions to fight in 1940 after mobilisation according to one source I’ve come across)

(Also, how did 5th Regiment have a 22nd Battalion in WWI? I assume it was idiosyncratic numbering, since having 22 battalions would seem odd.)

Moravian Army OOB
Chief of Staff of the Moravian Army: Gen. Rudolf Falk

Guards Division (Freistadt)
Life Guards Cuirassier Regiment (Semi-Motorized and Armour, FT-17s)
-I/Life Guards Cuirassier Regiment (Pz.) – Armoured Btn, FT-17s
-II/Life Guards Cuirassier Regiment – Semi-Motorized Btn, Carden-Loyd MG Carriers
Foot Guards Regiment (Semi-Motorized, 2 Btns, AMC Schneider P16 halftracks)
Wachregiment Freistadt (Semi-Motorized, 1 Btn)

1st Division (Freistadt)
1st Infantry Regiment (Infantry, 3 Btns)
2nd Infantry Regiment (Infantry, 3 Btns)
10th Infantry Regiment (Infantry, 1 Btn)
Heavy Artillery Battalion (Heavy Artillery, 21 cm Mrs 16?)

2nd Division (Oberkampf)
5th Infantry Regiment (Infantry, 3 Btns), “Last Standers”
8th Infantry Regiment (Infantry, 3 Btns), “Bricklayers”
III/Anhalten-Jäger Regiment (Light Infantry Battalion)
Independent Armoured Car Battalion (Armoured Cars, Škoda PA-IIs)

3rd Division (Gern)
1st Alpenjäger Regiment (Mountain Infantry, 3 Btns)
2nd Alpenjäger Regiment (Mountain Infantry, 2 Btns)
Anhalten-Jäger Regiment (Light Infantry, 3 Btns)

4th Division (Somewhere in Anhalten?)
Royal Rifle Regiment (Light Infantry, 2 Btns)
11th Infantry Regiment (Dedicated Bicycle Infantry, 2 Btns)

Fast Division (Somewhere in Lower Moravia?)
Independent Panzer Battalion (Armour, FT-17s)
1st (Joseph IV’s) Cavalry Regiment (Dragoons, 2 Btns)
2nd Cavalry Regiment (Dragoons, 2 Btns), “Ironmongers”

Border Troops
Border Regiment (Reserve Infantry, 2 understrength Btns)
Border Artillery Regiment (15 cm K 16?)


Did you write comrade vs czar by any chance?


I noticed this minor error.

“I’m sorry Ms Kant, but I can’t vote for Harzberg’s budget. It would be a surrender. Solidarity fight.”
“Fight all you like,” she rolls her eyes, “But you’ll lose this battle. And maybe the war if you’re not careful.”

You get this scene if you refuse to support the budget on the solidarity path. The phrasing is a bit awkward. “Solidarity must fight” or maybe “It would be a surrender of the Solidarity fight” would make more sense.


I can tell now that this is going to have a lot of re-playability which is a great thing :slight_smile:


Anyone else playing Solidarity but with the intentions of setting up a pure democracy? Makes me wish the other factions were playable.


I think that grossly overestimates both the equipment and size a small (about the size of Belgium, I believe) depression wracked European nation like Moravia would have at its disposal.

Remember the Moravian military was gutted and all of its good equipment confiscated or looted, if you prefer, during the German occupation in WWI. I think the current Moravian military is mostly outfitted with what little the Germans left behind and what the government could buy at bargain-basement prices. So mostly fairly crappy WWI surplus and most of that is probably small-arms. I doubt the Moravian army has much useful armour, motorized/mechanized and artillery among its current loadout, which is why the French or Italian alliance could potentially be very useful, depending on the player’s preferred party.


That was a major concern of mine - hence the blurb at the top considering population sizes. With 15 million people EDIT: 8 million (typo), 5-6 understrength divisions seems already pretty low. As for equipment, I imagine most of that is going to be on paper.

“Armoured Btn, FT-17” is absolutely not going to be the 36 light tanks and 22 cruiser tanks of a British Armoured Regiment in 1940. It’s going to be something like 10 tanks of which 5 are runners, 2 are for spare parts and 3 more are constantly in and out of the workshop or in “reserve”. Equally, they’re not all going to be equipped uniformly. As indicated by how the II/LG Cuirassiers are in Carden-Loyds and Foot Guards in Schneider halftracks, Moravia are actually scraping the barrel with what they can salvage, buy cheap off the market or be given.

The Carden-Loyd is a tankette mass-exported around the world; here Moravia has opted to order it without the turret or top cover, so it’s even cheaper, and some bright spark decided to use it as transport after reading a circular published by Hans von Seeckt (implying that they don’t have that many workable military trucks either). There will almost certainly not be enough to mechanize the entire battalion.

The AMC Schneider P 16 was never actually produced in sufficient quantity for export, so that only exists on paper. The Škoda PA-II is a Czech armoured car from the 1920s that were refused for military service in Czechoslovakia and sold to the Viennese police. A dozen were made IRL.

The 21 cm Mrs 16 is a captured German heavy artillery howitzer that, in a battalion, consists of less than a dozen - and that doesn’t mean that they actually have enough ammunition for it in a war. Aside from any emplaced guns, it is the heaviest artillery piece available to them.

The rest of the army is still wholly dependent upon horse-drawn equipment or bicycle transport, and that’s not going into whether the mountain troops have suitable mountain guns, or whether the infantry regiments have enough radios to go around.

While I admit Moravia will have suffered under German occupation, the western allies will not have been static. After the Armistice there’s a lot of German equipment sitting around (literally, in the Place de la Concorde). After Versailles, it would make sense for some of the German and Austro-Hungarian kit to end up in Moravia, as reparations or given to them. After the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire there will be an interest, especially in France, to attempt to stabilise the region, and they will be interested in a favourable government in Freistadt. The Czechs, too, have an interest - hence the Skoda armoured cars.

The Western Allies and the Little Entente have reason to keep Moravia stable, or at least to prevent Red influence, so some heavier war materiel, I imagine, will enter the Moravian arsenal. Not all of it is useful: logisticians win wars, after all, and since none of this is standardised and not everyone is trained in using them, their actual effectiveness will be much less than it is on paper. Once that 21 cm Mrs 16 breaks, the only way they’re going to get spare parts is to cannibalise from another one. If a FT-17 breaks down and they can’t drag it out because the towing chains have rusted, they are going to blow it up at the side of the road.


Population of Moravia is around 8 million. It’s less densely populated then we in the low countries are, though back in the 1930’s our population wasn’t that much higher either.

Queue France possibly working with the reddest party in Moravia, though it is not very Soviet-aligned at the moment, considering how spectacularly Rosa broke ties with and essentially expelled the Communists loyal to Moscow.

I’ll admit it is a rather impressive post, but I only know the very basics of the modern military and even less about the historical ones, this forum does seem to have a couple of members who are actually soldiers, military historians or who generally know a lot more about that stuff then I do. Including you it seems.


That was a mistake on my part in the response - in the initial post I put down 8 million, worked with that figure and adjusted the number of divisions accordingly.

Thanks, though I’m just an amateur historian who hasn’t had much of an opportunity to delve back into the field as of late. I don’t mind (frankly enjoy) this kind of theorycrafting, rationalising Moravia’s role in interwar diplomacy and military development etc.

You do raise a good point about the potential foreign aid, though I do wonder if there will be any mechanical differences between French and Italian aid. From my limited understanding of rearmament, French rearmament only really seems to get into gear when Daladier becomes PM in 1934/War Minister in 1936, so France will probably send WWI surplus/interwar stuff over. Italy was all very militaristic, but Italian kit on the ground has a reputation for being of questionable quality and in insufficient quantity. I imagine the Italians might have an easier job of funnelling stuff through to the Greyshirts, though, compared to the constant rise-and-fall of French governments in the era.


Your level of knowledge is certainly most impressive!