United We Stand - Political WIP



I still hope that their is a possibility to avoid a civil war…but I predict there isn’t gonna be one…I believe the civil war will happen…hopefully…


I believe the default nature of the other party is not to pick the alliance. Both leaders are by their nature against it, and it takes the intervention of the PC to get it through.
So, it is possible to do well enough in the election for Rosa to be become PM? Although the SDP might still hold the PMship, as you will probably need the liberals to support the government even without the Popular Front, although in that case Solidarity might hold a majority of the cabinet.
Interesting point about the Queen. Obviously if you go radical left in the civil war and purge the moderates, the monarchy will go bye bye, but if you go the moderate route, my guess is the monarchy will survive


If I recall correctly it is possible but more difficult than with the popular front.


Umm, I feel like I must be missing something here. So I went down the Solidarity path and just romanced Sash after the ball. I also chose for the Solidarity to go it alone. Now, once I do this, I get the choice of Playing again, Playing other games etc. But I feel like I’m missing something because when I check the achievements I see things like: “Republic: Create a Socialist Republic” and “We All Stand: Finish United We Stand”, but I must assume that there is some choice I didn’t take or some such which prevents me from reaching these. Any help is appreciated. (I am using the link directly under Demo in case that helps)


It is not finished yet. The dance is as far as the demo goes. What we all are discussing beyond that is just things the author has said in the thread.


Oh, Ok, thanks for the speedy reply! I’ll make sure to keep an eye on it :slight_smile:


Girls’ night out at the Solidarity HQ. :heart_eyes:


The Alliance of Popular Front , who consist of characters with different personalities

The actress Lou


Is that Harrison Ford in first pic? o.o


Hey… that is my MC, you meant someone stole his outfit? :wink:


My Solidarity MC smiling for the cameras looking snazzy as feck at the press conference after being released from the hospital. (Created with Azalea’s dolls and paint.net in 5 minutes). I know Moravia isn’t English-speaking, but I wasn’t sure whether the Moravian language was closer to German or Czech.

“Yes, yes. T’is just a scratch. Nothing but a flesh wound. DEATH TO THE GREYS!” :angry:


I am seriously wondering how could the greys ever hurt your MC :slight_smile: By contrast , my MC could never seek to hurt Herta even if she is my rival…


For one, they stabbed her… :confused:


When you are playing as female MC, was it male rivals who stab you as well ? I know male new order stab me…not sure whether they will do that to female MC as well ?


They stab the female MC as well.

As far as my MC is concerned, the fascists adhere to a dangerous, dehumanizing, and violent ideology. Herta, despite her fancy MP position, is just another one in their ranks. She has no problem punching a grey on the street, so why would she have a problem hurting a grey with a fancy position?


I agree with you on that … and your MC has every right to hurt Herta :slight_smile:


It took me this long to realize your comment was supposed to mean that my MC looked pretty and innocent. Flew right over my head. :joy:


Yes… that was exactly what i meant :sweat_smile: And the main reason i was wondering how can anyone stab your MC ?? Well… i also never imagine your MC could be that “violence” , It was meant as a compliment :slight_smile:


Did a re-run, noticed some typos:
Solidarity 2
Meeting with Franz

The fascist reply comes in the form of a gutteral roar as they charge forward.


Franz leads the line, clattering straight in to them


Talking to Wulf as an aristo

I was not born in to left-wing politics…


Capturing the pubs

Putting the gun to his head you make his future alligences clear, "This is a Solidarity pub

[Solidarity 3]
Film Dispute

There was considerable fanfare when one of the big Hollywood studios came to Moravia to film an historical epic

a historical epic?

“We pride ourselves on independance.”

on our independence?


“Talk normally, it looks suspicious if you are whispering all the time,” inisists the informant,


Speech in Support of the Amendment

Ladies and gentlemen of the house

I think “the House” is usually capitalised?

I know we all enjoy the generous salery of a parliamentarian but consider for just a moment what it would be like to undergo such a trial."


[Solidarity 4]
Not a typo, but perhaps a comment from Ben about supporting the SDP?

Central Committee Meeting

heating your home is of the uptmost importance


A dull but competant man, if a little indecisive


reaching out in parliament to form anti-fascist blocks


Perhaps try and slip a reference into the Iron Guard/previous cooperation with SDP apart from the Budget thing?

No Confidence

The opposition MPs look dispondent


French Ambassador

Today it did, so we put the plan in to action


We have a lot of influence over the British, who may well be wary of a socialist government. In exchange, all we want is a guarauntee


The Brits did have a Labour government before the current government in-story, but then I’ve no idea of Baldwin’s opinion towards socialist governments (probably wasn’t great, to put it lightly). Apparently Sir John Simon (National Liberal) was Foreign Secretary at the time, no idea how he felt about propping governments up in Europe, but probably not that well. Samuel Hoare comes after him though, and Hoare’s a pretty notorious appeaser.

[Solidarity 5]

Rosa pats you on the back, “You’ve still got it!” “What’s next then?” you grin, feeling on top of the world.

Missing line break?

you’ll make the frontpage of the Evening Post

I think front page should be two words?

“One last question,” Starc continues, still without having looked at you the whole time

Missing line break?

find a scene not disimilar


Again, might be nice if there was a reference to Iron Guard or the Popular Front metric here, especially if the player’s spoken to Evert at the no confidence

We would be near unstopable


Nowerdays you don’t envy Rosa the task of enduring Riga, von Harzberg and the rest for an evening


I believe it’s you too we have to thank for the Iron Front,

you two

Otherwise, seems good!

General Comments:
Don’t know if this has been asked yet, but does Centre and National Bloc also have significant paramilitaries? Historically Germany had the Reichsbanner and Stahlhelm respectively. Both were also opposed to the SA and I think historically tended to be ex-soldiers, but in this case I suppose with Riga the anti-German resistance would probably have flocked to New Order. Be interested to see where the presumably-repatriated Moravian Army went after WWI though; some of them are bound to have left the army and they’d be useful to whoever got the majority of them. Also, I assume Moravia got some of the gear the Germans were forbidden from having after Versailles?

One thought I had that if the MC is going to be Interior Minister, could they try and make preparations for a resistance movement ahead of time looking over at the impotence of the League of Nations? The Germans will be about to go into the Rhineland (if they haven’t already), so that will be of great concern and possibly something to bring up to the French (also concerns about France’s own stability?).


Thanks so much for the corrections @Thfphen110 I’m sure I will get round to correcting it all eventually and this helps immensely!

In answer to your general comments; no the centre and National Bloc don’t have paramilitaries. Centre is too small a force and National Bloc wouldn’t dare come in to conflict with the forces of law and order. The Reichsbanner is the inspiration for the SDP’s Iron Guard. The Stahlhelm was a veterans organisation and so without really having WWI military veterans in Moravia, there is no equivalent. Veterans of the wartime resistance movement, and the prewar army don’t really have an organisation and they will be found in the paramilitaries of all parties depending on their political affiliation and many of course in the ranks of the current Moravian army and Civil Guard, not least General Falk himself.

Moravia’s military equipment is a hodgepodge of WWI kit they have been able to buy on the cheap for their small army. In the visit to Falk on the New Order side you discover they use French FT-17 tanks. The standard rifle is the Austrian Steyr M1895, and they also are equipped with the helmet of the Austro-Hungarian army from WWI, both these were available in huge quantities at the end of the war from the constituent parts of a nation that no longer existed and needed rid of them. Some German equipment may well have also fallen into Moravian hands after Versailles. Getting modern military hardware is an option for both sides from potential French and Italian allies during the civil war.

That’s an interesting thought…