Divided We Fall Q&A (Released)

Hi all, my new title Divided We Fall is apparently according to the upcoming releases thread, coming out this Friday.
I just thought I’d set up this thread as many people don’t know what they’re getting when they buy a brand new title with CoG and HG. There is of course the description and the demo but they can only tell you so much. So I’ll open the proverbial floor to you all, ask away!

Here’s the description I wrote:
In 1936, Spain was a nation bitterly divided by politics, religion and class. These tensions exploded into one of the most brutal and ideological conflicts in history, the Spanish Civil War.

In this interactive novel, you will follow and shape the lives of four young Spaniards on both sides of the divide. There’s a left-leaning police officer, a good Catholic girl who becomes a nurse, a patriotic fighter pilot and an anarchist militiawoman who takes up arms in the name of revolution.

Thrown into the hellish world of civil war, will our characters be brutalised, stay true to their principles or even make it out alive? Experience first-hand the intolerance, cruelty and courage of a conflict that still provokes strong emotions to this day in this 130,000 word illustrated interactive epic.


Really excited for this game to come out and have been following it since the beginning.

Thanks @Verand, it means a lot. Only a few more days to wait!

This sounds interesting to me too, especially the differrent POVs. Time restraints because of my own WiP kept me out of your thread but I will pick this up when it’s released.

Also, you work quickly!! How long did it take from start to finish??

The game still hasn’t been approved by Apple, so it’s not certain that it’s coming out on Friday. :confused:

@jasonstevanhill ah ok, well we can hope!

@HornHeadFan Thanks, I did write it pretty rapidly, first put pen to paper in June, it was finished and beta tested early September. Vast majority written in August, when I was off Uni and just working solidly on it every day. Good luck with your own WIP!


So are these 4 separate stories about these people or do they intersect at some points or would that be spoilers doctor who style :stuck_out_tongue:

@Kungfuboom They do start off as 4 separate stories but I don’t think its too much of a spoiler to say yes, they do indeed intersect with interesting consequences…


Pretty impressive you wrote this mainly in August considering its superb quality.

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@Verand cheers for that, much appreciated!

Will this be on Amazon? We just got the race. And many other hosted games and maybe fog aren’t on Amazon also

Will we be able to affect the outcome of the war, or are the Republicans doomed no matter what?

@anon48296871 it should be on amazon, my last game, Murder in Berlin, was released on amazon straight away, but to be honest you’d have to ask @jasonstevanhill

@Iggles I did think about this but I decided that the decisions of individuals would not have an impact on the war as a whole, so yes, the Republicans always lose and the characters on the Republican side have to deal with that

Seems like a lost opportunity, but I can probably see why you wouldn’t include hypothetical scenarios like that.

@RagEgnite the way I see it is I thought to myself, “Could any of the choices the 4 characters make in the course of the story change the course of the entire war?” And the answer to that is no. They’re just ordinary people, not generals or politicians and besides, the decisions that condemned the Republic to defeat were made in London and Paris, not Spain.

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And its out for all the world to see. Enjoy!

Congrats will check it out soon can’t wait to see how the characters stories end.

Doesn’t apperar to be out on App Store but will check again tomorrow.

Hey, Alex, congratulations on your second release! I’ve purchased my copy on Android, shared it on Google+ and given it a 5 star rating. Whenever the demo shows up on CoG’s website, I’ll make a post about it on the HG FB page.

@Verand that’s odd, I bought it on the App Store hours ago…

@Samuel_H_Young many many thanks! :slight_smile:

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