Unable to make options work when I try to playtest

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I’ve been trying to mess around with this to see if I can make something cool in my spare time, and so far, I seem to be doing everything right. But whenever I try to play the game as a test to see if it works, none of the options work. I tried restarting everything and going back with the template that was there, (the thing with the kingdoms and such), and clicking an option, then “next” still didn’t work. I was using FireFox, then tried doing it on Google Chrome, even though the website recommended against it, and it’s still not working. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong? Or is this a bug?

To “run” the game, it’s best if you execute the index.html file found inside the …web\mygame folder (relative on your directory).

Did you execute different file? Compile.html, for example?

You receive any specific errors or are the buttons simply not working?

When I tried to click the buttons, there was an error that popped up, and if I remember correctly, it said something wasn’t found. I know it’s not what I was doing with the code because it did this with the template thing, too, (y’know, the stuff about the kingdom and battles and stuff).

Probably a good start would be to post the exact error message here. That might help us diagnose the problem.

error Here’s what the error looks like.

Reference this thread and see if it helps:

In short: you need to edit the .txt files in the /web/mygame/scene/ folder, not in the “editor” folder.

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thanks! i’ll check this out!

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