<div id=container 1> is missing from index.html?

I’m trying to figure out how to work this system, figured I’d play with the program for awhile, but I can’t even get the testing mechanic to work from the default. I keep getting the error message that is the title for this thread anytime I click on a choice, as well as just a plain old “Script error” when the testing game starts. What am I doing wrong, how do I fix this?

So, to clarify, you get that when you download a fresh copy of ChoiceScript and try to run what exactly do you get that error with? Randomtest? Quicktest? The HTML version, or the terminal version?

Index in the editor folder.

Okay, so you:

  1. Download ChoiceScript
  2. Open one of the Index.html files in, what exactly?, Firefox is preferred and Chrome doesn’t work. Also, what do you mean by the editor folder?

And that produces that error?

Xman321 just to be sure - you write your story in startup and other .txt files in The mygame/Scenes Folder right.

My download didn’t HAVE either of those folders.

I open it in firefox, and I mean the folder labeled “editor”. I haven’t messed with anything.

That’s probably it. I don’t think the editor has been updated or maintained in years. You should be editing the .txt files in the /web/mygame/scene/ folder, and running the index.html files in the web folder to test.

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Ooooooooh, okay, thank you! I guess that’s where the problem lied. I appreciate the help. As a noob, I wouldn’t know…

Btw what’s editor ??

It’s a type of FOLDER that came in my download. There’s an index file in there.

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