I have gotten stuck on the very first step on the choicescript tutorials. I can’t open up my game file to see what I have got. I have been typing everything into the startup file in web/mygame/scenes, but I’m not sure if I’m actually doing anything. Whenever I try to use the web/index.html file, I get this page that tells me I should enable javascript for the game to work. I’ve downloaded it, re-downloaded it, and did everything again and again, but somehow I still don’t know if I did anything at all.

Did I do something very stupid with choicescript?

No, you just need to enable javascript in your browser settings. Note that Chrome doesn’t allow offline javascript execution (so use IE or Firefox).

You can always download Dropbox and put your Web folder into the Public folder… And copy the Public Link of the HTML file if you want to use Google Chrome… You may want to create a Shortcut to the mygame folder in a easy place, such as- The Desktop, If you’re planning to use it like me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh. I always knew I probably did something very stupid. Thanks, CJW, and Thanks Happy too.