How to Begin


Hi, I’m trying to test out how to write a game and I realized I have no idea where to begin. I know I have to upload something in dropbox, but I don’t know what to upload.

I’m working with google chrome since that’s really the only browser I have since I am using a google chromebook. I read on the tutorial onsite that I should download the zip file, and I have done that. I’ve opened up the startup scene and played around with the codes. But obviously I can’t view it because I only have chrome. How will I ever be able to view what I have coded if I only use chrome?
My second question is how do I upload what needs to be uploaded? Which brings me to my next question…what do I upload? And how do I upload it? When I successfully upload what I need to upload…where do I code from then on? Can I open the startup file on there and edit there? Or do I keep editing on the file on my laptop, and copy and paste my edits? Or do I have to reupload the file I made an edit on?

I feel like my questions are really stupid because everyone seems to have figured the general idea of how things work. I’ve tried looking at many tutorials, but either I cannot find exactly what I am looking for, or I am too ignorant and the answers pass right above my head. It would be great if someone can walk me through every step of the beginning process, thank you :slight_smile:

What if your imaginary friend was real?

If you have a dropbox account there (should?) be a public folder. In there you drop your web folder that you find in dfabulich-choicescript folder. Before you do this you MAY want to create a folder to put that in (It’ll look like this Public -> GameName -> web -> etc. so that way if you need to move it for another game you won’t have to worry about the link not working anymore).

Also, if you put it in your dropbox and share the link, you ‘should’ be able to play it even on chrome.

When you upload it in dropbox, just continue to edit the original files on your computer, and when you need to make them match, just drag and drop the changed files (startup.txt, choicescript_stats.txt and every other file you have.)

Don’t worry about this step until you’ve uploaded your file, but to SHARE it, such as on this site, you’re gonna go to your web folder you’ve uploaded to dropbox, to your mygame folder and right click on index.html and Copy Public Link, copy the link it gives you and paste it wherever you need to share it, and everyone else will be able to play your game.

And don’t worry :slight_smile: There are a number of people that end up asking.

If there’s anything that I wasn’t clear on just let me know!



So here are the steps to upload your files, at least from what I understand (not a computer wiz here either).

  1. There should be a public folder on dropbox, upload the entire choicescript folder into it
  2. Go into the choicescript folder -> web -> mygame -> index.html, this is the file you will need
  3. right click on the file and click ‘copy public link’, this will copy the url to the file which you can post so people can try it out and for you to check on it

To update the file you can either write on your computer, then copy and paste the file back onto dropbox
install dropbox on your computer
If you choose to install dropbox on your computer, the icon should appear in the bottom right hand, where the time and date is (assuming you are using windows). You can click on that and it’ll take you straight to the dropbox file and you can edit it there and it will automatically update the file onto the site


1.) Set-up your Dropbox account. (Should be straightforward from
2.) Enable your Public folder by clicking here.
3.) Paste your “web” folder into the newly-made Public folder.

To Share:
4.) Right click your index.html and select the option “Copy public link”
5.) Paste wherever you’d like. (URL bar, forum post, etc.)

You’ll be able to view your game online as long as your Dropbox is up to date, you have internet, and your public link is good; you just won’t be able to view your game offline using Chrome. If you’ll be offline for the majority of your work, you’ll need to utilize Firefox or IE.


I just read all of these, and thank you very much! :smiley: I finally got it :slight_smile: