How to make a choice of games game on


i need help making a choice of games on
i know u can do it because i have read a game named the ruler of the red empire and it was on
i will be very gratefull u help me


@irule9344 I had serious problems running a game on (admittedly, some seem to have no trouble at all) so I would recommend dropbox instead. Besides, it’s also much easier / more convenient for a ChoiceScript game dev, and there’s also a decent guide for dropbox on the wiki:


thnx vendetta iam accually a big fan of ur rise of a gangster game :smiley:


yo vendetta i know this is a really lame question
but i am a noob
but do you have to download choicescript first???


Yes, lol.
You need to download the zip, located here:
And upload it’s contents to your host of choice dropbox/personal website/webs etc.


@irule9244 Thanks, I’m glad you’re enjoying it. :slight_smile:

There’s a useful how to get started guide here:

And a more detailed, step-by-step guide here:


thnx vendetta and cjw iam working on my game right now

thnx alot :smiley:

iam sooooo exited!!!


You’re most welcome! I look forward to seeing what you can produce :slight_smile:


i need help how do you put the choose your own name choice in the game


nevermind i learned how to do it :smiley: my game is going really well


my dropbox dint work