How to publish games on dropbox

i had to make a new disscussion because i dint get any replies on the other one so i need help with posting my game on dropbox. i tried wat vendetta said but it dintwork because that was for the old dropbox
thier is a new version now
help plz help

There’s a reason no one answered, and it’s simply that no one knows what you’re actually having trouble with. Your question is too vague and, to the extent that it is answerable, it already has been answered.

Now, rather than just ask the question again, first, read the wiki, specifically the page here: (, then, if you’re still having trouble, make sure clarify what you are actually having trouble with as much as you can before asking. The more information you can give about your problem, the more likely someone is to be willing and able to help you. We cannot walk every single person through every single step, and we cannot do it for you.

Stab in the dark here : In recent Dropbox accounts you need to enable your public folder, you don’t get one by default.

i read the wiki thingy but it dint work for me and i do not get some of the steps

Which steps EXACTLY do you not get?

step 7.A window will pop up with several categories at the top of it. Click the menu “Account”.
thier is no account thingy
your dropbox account is allready linked to your computer.

so i skipped the account connecting to your computer and just put my game index thing in the public folder and coppied and pasted the link of the public folder in the conversation(demi gods-son of zeus).
and it dint work

Okay. I think I see the problem. Did you JUST put your game index file into the public folder? You need to put the Webs folder in there, which contains the game index file.

If your account is already linked, skip the steps of connecting your account…
EDIT: Apparently, the two posts above ninja’d me.

ok thnx guy lets see how it goes

ok that dint work i put the whole webs folder and you can go see the outcome on my other discussion demi gods-son of zeus

When i click index it says permission denied, and what is the index?

… how do i get my game to show when i press index though? - Here you should see how to upload AND start your game (by accessing the link you’ll find by following all the steps).

No the index isnt working it used to send me to the example and then i put in my scenes and it doeant work

are your scenes “declared” in mygame.js?

I dont understand, what does this mean?

In the file “mygame.js”, right the first “sequence” of code is called the “sceneNavigator”, and then you can see several scene names, enclosed in quotes, one after the other, and with a comma before them starting from the second one. You just write down your scene file names (from your “scenes” folder) in the order you want them to happen (i.e. if you write “Prologue” first and then “Chapter1”, the scene named “Prologue” will be the scene that opens up when starting your index.html file, and after that, the scene “Chapter1” shows up (when proceeding from scene to scene with the command *finish). Basically, you write down the “order” of the scenes. Remember though that opening your game with Google Chrome and without using Dropbox (or any other file-hosting website) will NOT load your games as Chrome can’t load files internally (you must use Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera or, even better, Firefox).

I did this, how do i make the title scene though?