Problems seeing my game

I uploaded up my game to dropbox hoping to see it but it has not loaded I got only a title of my game showing , I check the choice-script wiki, forums for a solution but it has not seem to solve the problem. I don’t what I did wrong in the coding process I am sure I followed step by step

please help

Are you using Firefox?

@Lucid I am using chrome

There is your problem Firefox is the way to go Chrome wont show anything besides title for some reason

oh thanks @2Ton I see if works

Does it work?

no :-((

Did an error pop up?

Have you played a WIP or Beta game from someone else’s Dropbox yet?

no it’s still showing the title and nothing else, Me hitting my head on the desk annoyed with this game

If it’s still loading that means something even slightly small could of accidently been removed if you want I can fix it but youd have to send it to me

@2ton I will think about sending it to you, I remember deleting the things that you are should to delete from the mygame.js before starting my game, maybe that is where i went wrong

O.o what did you delete? most of the mygame.js you can delete besides the navigation and stats and debug

yes i delete everything expect for the navigation and stats, debug

You might be putting it in the wrong folder.

Try uploading the game to your “Public” folder, and then right click index.html in mygame from there and select “Copy public link.”

Start here:

Some things to keep in mind:

  1. Make sure to turn on the Public folder (, and put your game there.
  2. Make sure to put the entirety of the Web folder in the public folder.
  3. Make sure the entire folder is synched before testing (a green check mark on the Dropbox icon in the bottom right).
  4. Make sure the Right Click>Dropbox>Copy Public Link. If Copy Public Link is not showing up, you probably haven’t enabled your public folder, or you haven’t actually put the web folder in the public folder.

@reaperoa I did everything said you to do and it’s still no showing, I really don’t know what went wrong, I sent the link it to a friend to see if she can see it

Could you post the public link? As well as maybe take snips/snapshots of what comes up when you open it yourself?

I feel like it’s too vague a problem, saying just the title came up. As for using Chrome v. Firefox, the public Dropbox link should still work in Chrome, whereas the index.html itself won’t work.

@Caddmuss here it’s the link

@2ton can I send my files to you, and you sort out for me please

@diamondgirl Oh, Hey! and yah I can sort it out you dont have to send me the scenes but I need everything else