Quick question on Dropbox

I love using Dropbox, but as I bend and pull my game to the limits I find Dropbox does not want to run the game now. Its not a problem as I have a server with unlimited space. The down side is I have to delete the old files and upload the new files for it to update. While not a big problem, other then taking time. But was wondering if anybody else is having a problem with Dropbox.
Or perhaps a patch or fix to Dropbox. Thanks.

Your game NEEDS to be inside the PUBLIC folder to function correctly.
I’ve had no issues and have definitely done my fair share of ‘bending’.

@CJW lol I realize this. it is and my other game sits in the public folder and works fine. It just does not seem to like my newer game.

Exactly what problems are you having? Screenshots and error messages would help.

No error message just opens, then freezes while trying to load.

Would you be willing to provide me with a link to this particular game via PM?

I’ve had this issue happen when there was a bug in my code. I don’t recall the exact bug, but the game would hang (I have a test version hosted in the public folder) so I’m guessing there’s something amiss somewhere. Have you tried testing the game outside of dropbox?

Hang? Aye, if you’re referring to the game loading indefinitely, that’s usually something to do with an endless transition loop or a poorly composed custom javascript call.

@CJW thanks.
For now the game is at a crawl as my laptop finally gave up the ghost. Working on getting a new one, but may take a little time. For doing all the work from my phone.