Dropbox like setup

@CJW suggested building our own dropbox for CoG, and I really like the idea. So I was wondering what type of features poeple would like to see. And any of those with massive skills intrested in working on the project. Right now this is just feeling around to see what kind of intrest, if any in such a project.

ooh that sounds interesting
what the name will be

In all honesty, Dropbox works so well, what added features are you looking for that would make you want to make a new system?

  • I can access on PC program, iPad and web-based from elsewhere.
  • It runs Choicescript
  • I can access and update the files from anywhere.
  • It has multiple versions saved.

I can’t think of more that I’d want. :slight_smile:

Lol @bezment78 I have not thought that far ahead.

@Lucid it is only a thought so far.

*edit I have had problems with drop box so I do not use it.

It sounds interesting. If there are any extra features, that would interest me. Especially if people have had problems with Dropbox.

@Lucid No, we couldn’t hope to *compete* with Dropbox - there are many features we’d be unable to achieve such as the desktop application and local file syncing etc.

However we can add things specific to us that Dropbox never will, for example the ability to rate games, search for games by rating - the ability for authors to set up private beta-tests (and allow/disallow users to see their game) - leaderboards perhaps, achievements.

Think of it more as a whole CS game infrastructure rather than a hosting solution.

It’s a big undertaking, something that would need to be thought through and likely discussed with CoG first (particularly after Jason’s reaction(?) to that IDE) - but I think there’s potential in the idea.

Whether we develop it or they do, I would very much like to see it happen.

@lordirishdas Of course I’d be happy to help, though not quite at present, later this year summer onwards (after this academic year) is better for me.

Passwords and usage tracking would be nice.

@CJW there is no rush. It will take a lot of planning and talking things over before we could even get started.

Seems like if you’re going to have all the features @CJW proposed above, allowing people to author ChoiceScript games online with something like that IDE project would be a natural next step and remove the need for Dropbox-style file syncing.

It’d be a pretty big change to the way people write ChoiceScript games now, though - don’t know how I would feel about that, let alone CoG themselves. :stuck_out_tongue:

My reaction to cIDEr was more about surprise than anything. I hadn’t seen anybody talking about it on the forums, but handles =/= real names.

So… It’d be like Quest’s web version?

I could see that happening. Eventually. I wouldn’t care much one way or the other, except that dropbox doesn’t have a way to restrict file access, making closed beta-testing a bit tricky.

@CS_Closet Perhaps a little less glamorous, at least to begin with.

@Lucid Usage tracking or “playthrough statistics” is another possibility, yes.

@jasonstevanhill I wouldn’t blame you but that’s good to hear; can we take it then that you’re not against us developing such tools (within bounds of the CS License)?

@aetheria Maybe, though personally I think it will always be more convenient to develop the games locally, in my mind this is purely for hosting them during development and/or post development (if say, they decide not to release it through CoG as an app and want people to access it for free).

@lordirishdas Too true… Not my strongest point though. I tend to just go with the flow, which can cause problems with endeavours as big as this.

So what shall we call this monster?

Choicebox ?

We’re not opposed to it at all.

The only thing is, we hope to do it ourselves one day… but that day isn’t coming anytime soon, so we shouldn’t tell you to wait when you can get started on it yourself.

@bezment I like it.

On an impulse I setup choicebox.org of course there is nothing there as we have not developed anything yet lol. I will put up a place holder later.

@lordirishdas We’re not (and it won’t be) an organisation, so as great as a gesture that is, I’m not sure its ideal… I guess it doesn’t hurt, it’s just a little misleading.

It’s a fair name though (choicebox), or box of choices or something along those lines.

That’s good to hear, and I understand completely. Finding the time to do it on top of personal lives, full-time jobs AND running Choiceofgames LLC can’t be easy.

I’m not even sure we’ll manage, but it can’t hurt to try, perhaps it’ll help with the production of an official solution, later down the line?

EDIT: And thank you for the permission change? :o

@CJW I see your point but. com was taken. I will see what else I can get. Even if this goes only a little ways CoG maybe able to use what we create.

@lordirishdas Let’s plan it first!! Plenty of time for domain names and the flashy stuff later, before any of that, we’d want hosting space and before that we’d want a feature list - One step at a time (though I admire and appreciate the enthusiasm!) :slight_smile: