Dropbox/hosting games

I’ve noticed that the favicon dosen’t show up on dropbox for internet explorer, but it works in firefox; is there a way to fix this? To get a finished game hosted on the cog site, will it show the background color changes, different favicons, and other things users have personalized their game with. Does cog only host games that cost now, or can they still host free user made games? Lastly can someone post their dropbox referal link so I can create my own account?

I don’t know how to fix the favicon, sorry.

As for CoG hosted games, that’s something between the author and CoG’s contract or whatever.

I believe all games henceforth will have to be purchased - though there’s nothing against hosting your own free game; there’s a small movement, I believe, that are more hobby oriented than profit.

Lastly, I don’t remember needing a referral to create my own Dropbox, just click Sign Up and you’re off. https://www.dropbox.com/

Thanks @caddmuss . The favicon works on dropbox.

As for favicon, I’ve never had a trouble mine showing up, so I don’t know. It should work fine, but if you’ve previously had a different one, sometimes your browser will remember it, and pull up the old one rather than look for a new one.

As for CoG’s policy on personalization of CS, AFAIK, no one has requested of CoG that they just change the background color or other things, but I know that functional differences have been allowed (the first CoG game with images used an altered version of CS).

As for the cost of games, I don’t believe CoG has made a policy of charging for all hosted games. That said, unless you charge for them, I don’t think CoG has a way to make money from them anymore (and therefore neither do you), which probably also means that it gets dropped on the list of getting around to, to about the place of “whenever we have time”.