Some advice over here please

I wanted to upload a demo to get your advice on the game so far guys, but I’m having some trouble loading the demo, so I opted to record myself playing a bit of the prologue. It would be better for you to play it, but as far as your eyes can see, how is everything going so far? I am new to coding so please bear with me. Are there any mistakes? Anything you thunk would need to be added or improved?

Any advice is much obliged.

I think it’s better if you create a project post to ask for advice.

What issue did you have uploading the demo? Maybe the community can help.


I saw something about sharing an html file with my game, but it keeps turning up blank when I share it to the browser.

i read somewhere that unfortunately dropbox doesn’t host demo games anymore.

in order to share ur game demo you’ll have to use dashingdon. it’s free and the instructions are pretty easy to follow! hope i answered ur question, if you have anymore let me know :ribbon:


There’s a really good guide to uploading games to Dashingdon over here which may be of help.