How to publish games on dropbox

By Title Scene, do you mean the first scene that starts? If so, the first scene that starts is the one on the top of the scene list (the one without a comma in front of its name).

Yes but how do i add the play game button and stuff?

Im taking the rest of the day off

You just do this:

    #Start Game.
        *goto_scene Chapter1
    #Load Game.
        *goto LoadGame

and so on. After each choice just add a *goto_scene (if you want to go to a scene) or a *goto (if you want to go to a label) like above. Here’s a tutorial taken step-by-step though:

as the basics of ChoiceScript are better explained there.

Thank you

Not a problem, good luck with your code! :slight_smile:

yeah goodluck i am looking forward to your game :slight_smile: