Game will not appear in web browser



I downloaded ChoiceScript on my old laptop and everything worked fine. I downloaded it again on my new laptop and I am having issues with getting the game to appear in my web browser. I click on “mygame/index” and this is all that appears:

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I tried re-downloading it several times and I am using Firefox. I read in another thread that people have been able to fix similar issues by opening their game in a different browser. However, it only allows me to open using Firefox and does not give me any other options. Also the document type specifically states it is a Firefox HTML Document.

Why is this happening and how may I fix it?

Thank you.


Does your browser have any addons?

Just copy the address that firefox gives and then paste it into your other browser. Or click open in the other browser and navigate that way. Or right click and choose “open with”


I copied and pasted it into Internet Explorer and it gave me the same screen.


Do you have a scenes folder with various files in it?
Do you have javascript enabled?

Can you play the games on the choiceofgames website?


Yes I have a scenes folder with various files in it.
I am unsure if Javascript is enabled.
And I can play other games on the website.


I’ve tried choice script on IE before it only works some of the time you get better results with the other browsers


Does your browser have any addons? Like an ad-blocker or something.

If you’re able to run other choice games in your browser that means that javascript is enabled.

Do you have a dropbox account that you could upload things to?

Are you using the most recent version of choicescript where all you need to do is edit the startup.txt file?

Have you edited any of the files which aren’t .txt

If you download choicescript again, without copying over your own files, can you run the test-game?

@Drakeye I actually find Internet Explorer the most reliable browser to run choicescript in.


How do I know if I downloaded the latest version of choicescript? There is only one link available that I can find.


If you downloaded it from the website recently then you should have the newest version.