What other browser can be used to code the choicescript?

Besides Firefox what other browser can be used? Will that be even possible?

What browser do you want to use? Chrome is very unlikely to work, like, ever.

I was going to use either Slimjet or Torch Browser

The main reason for that is well, choicescript is causing my Mozilla to error and it won’t read the scrip no matter what I do. I even defaulted everything, but it never worked.

So I was wondering if another browser can be used or it’s a no go at all?

I’ve never used Slimjet or Torch, so I don’t know if they work.

Firefox should work out of the box. What exactly happens you download ChoiceScript from GitHub and double-click on index.html? (Which OS are you using?)

I would have to test it out on either browser then.

I’m using a windows vista for now and what happens is that if I double-click index.html. Nothing happens, but Mozilla will stop working and shut down. Then I can’t open it anymore.

I have to restart the computer for Mozilla to work again, but again if I attempt to use choicescript it automatically closes. I don’t know why?

That sounds like there’s something very wrong with your installation of Firefox. Try following these steps: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/firefox-crashes-troubleshoot-prevent-and-get-help

Thank you very much for the link. I will try to do that and see if it will fix the problem.

Edit: The link helped. It had something to do with the latest update on Mozilla that kept refusing the ChoiceScript. Now that i have disabled it, the ChoiceScript works fine.

Also Slimjet doesn’t work, but Torch Browser works fine for ChoiceScript. If anyone is wondering about that little bit of information.