Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



Yes, as a Duelist you are restricted to a rapier as your Soul weapon.

Nah, thats not to much for me. Just a little Addition.


That’s a definite yes from me.

Ah well. Thanks for the clarification. :smile: At least now I can imagine my Duelist MC fighting with a fencing style.:person_fencing:


Actually, that was my main idea behind the Duelist. A strong and analytic minded Fighter, who uses the fast and graceful movements and techniques of a fencer.


Very nice. It looks like we’ll be delivering a lot of critical hits and obviously rely on parries, sidestepping, and dodges. I shall eagerly anticipate the scene where we get to see the Duelist MC use the soul rapier in a lunge :slightly_smiling_face:


Actually, a fast lunge attack is one of your main skills as a Duelist. The second skill is a “Riposte”, which parries and deflects all incoming damage of one or several enemies. The third skill is called “Eye of the duelist”, which grants you the ability to immediately spot the weakpoints of all nearby enemies for a short period of time.


Will there be a magical counterpart to the beat attack used in fencing as well? For example, instead of slapping our blade against our opponent’s weapon, our enemie(s) are made to believe that there are multiple attacks coming at them from all directions - phantom strikes, if you will. Then we simply attack them because they’re too panicky to defend themselves properly.
Or maybe there are some other methods that could fit in better with our power set.

And that ends my fencing-centric questions. For now. :smirk:


Hmmm, a really interesting idea. I haven’t thought about something like that. :thinking:

As it stands now you have “Lunge”, “Riposte” and “Eye of the Duelist” as your main skills and “Klingenwalzer” as your Ultimata. Maybe I will make it so, that you can get or learn a ability like this later on in the story.


I’m liking the sound of Grey Wolf.


By any chance did you get the idea of these skills from Fiora from LoL?
because the skills sound exactly like hers.


I used to use beats a lot in practice matches back in fencing class, it was always a good way to keep my opponent from attacking me outright.

I hope this means that MCs of other species get an equal oppurtunity to learn new abilities too. But hey, only if it’s not too much trouble to you :sweat_smile:


Yes, I liked her skillset and abilities and wanted to include some similar skills for the Duelist. I hope this won’t pose a problem?


Nah, it’s ok. I can handle that. :grin:
I Think it would be actually a good idea (and pretty cool too) to create a option to learn new skills later on in the game.


No it wont, I liked the skills you implied and I was just curious as I was just playing her in solo ranked.


Well good to know. It’s also good to meet another Fiora player. :grin:


Likewise :smiley:.


Little update regarding the species. I had to make some changes for the Gunslinger and the Duelist. I told you that those two classes would be human-based. But since humans (in-game) aren’t able to use their soul energy, (at least not in a large manner) I had to make some changes for both classes.
The change is, that the Gunslinger and the Duelist are now both sub-classes of the same supernatural species. This new supernatural species will be called “Soulmancer” or “Soul Eater” (still working on the name) and will have a strong soul bond and the ability to manipulate their soul energy in unique ways, to which other species aren’t able to.

I could post some more details about this new species if you are interested.


That would be interesting :slightly_smiling_face: perhaps others can help you working on the new species name when the details about them is known.


Some random name suggestions:
Divine Artists/Artisans

Yes please.


Thank you for those good suggestions. I especially like the sound of “Soulblazer”.


No problem! (20 characters)