Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



Will there be Necromancers in the story?


Here are the detailed informations about the species of the Duelist and the Gunslinger.

The Soulmancer/Soulblazer (still working on the name, I am open for suggestions) is a species with a high Soul affinity. That means, that Soulmancer are able to use and manipulate their soul energy in various unique ways. Soulmancer are able to shape their powerful soul energy into various forms, like unique and strong weapons or other objects. They can also use their soul energy to enhance their own senses or attributes.
The Gunslinger MC for example is able to create various grenades from their soul energy, like explosive grenades, flashbangs or smoke bombs. The Duelist MC on the other hand can create a shield to reflect incoming damage or can enhance their Observation skill to immediately spot the weakpoints of nearby enemies.

Regarding the apperance of the Soulmancer species, they still have a human-like body. But they are constantly surrounded by a powerful, mostly barely visible, aura. This aura is most concentrated around their arms, which gives them a glowing, almost ghostly, look. The aura is also slightly visible in the eyes and the hair of a Soulmancer and depending on the amount of used power, the eyes and the hair of a Soulmancer would start to glow in the color of their soul. A few strands of their hair would also lightly float in the air.
The Duelist MC and the Gunslinger MC will both have a light blue soul color.


Here is a picture that displays quite good (at least in my opinion) of how your character would look like as a Soulmancer. So you can get a idea of how the Duelist MC or Gunslinger MC would look like.

(The picture is from the game “League of Legends”. It is the Splashart of a skin for the champion Katarina)


Ok when i hear soul eater is it like this soul eater



Probably not. You won’t be able to eat souls in the game. It was more or less only a idea for the species name.


But what if they have a black soul?


Hmmmm. Good question. :thinking:

But I don’t think there would be someone with a black soul color. Maybe red or orange to display the corruption of a soul.


Wait, what’s the natural colours for soul anyway?


Mostly shades of blue or green, sometimes even white.
If a soul gets corrupted it changes its color to a red or orange shade.


And what corrupts a soul? Cardinal sins?


Yes. But you have to commit extremely severe actions or crimes before the color of your soul would change.


Well, seems like it’s easy to spot a soulblazer (we’re calling them that now, right?) criminal, all you gotta do is see their soul…

I’m sorry for dragging things further, but knowing how things work are my fetish hobby, if you would indulge me a few more question…

Is it possible to remove the taint? Is it possible to hide the taint? What’s the pro and con of having a corrupted soul? Where does the taint comes from?


The taint of their soul is only barely visible to other beings and it will be only completely exposed, if they use a large portion of their soul power. Of course there are some supernatural beings who are able to detect the taint of their souls, like Reapers or other Soulmancer. To protect themself, Soulmancer are able to hide their soul taint.
The taint comes from their soul itself.
Having a corrupted soul would grant the bearer large amounts of raw soul energy. But if the bearer has a weak will, those large amounts of raw power would destroy their mind and cost them their sanity.

I hope that answers most of your questions.


Well, not all of it, but some question does get answered. Now…that brings us to the final question, what is the taint? I get that it happens when a soulmancer committed a horrible act and serves as proof of the corruption of their soul, but what is it, really? Their guilt and remorse, or a marking from some higher power?

You don’t have to tell me if it’s too spoilery or if it’s connected to the plot of the story, but if it is…I can’t wait to find out about it! >_<


This taint is a display of their guilt for the horrible acts they committed. But the corruption has also a strong influce on the mind of those beings. The more the corruption grows, the less those beings care about their actions. The taint and the guilt remains, but those who are strongly corrupted don’t care about their actions anymore. To sum things up, it makes them cold-hearted and merciless. Those with a weak will might even lose their sanity. Beings with a strong will on the other hand are able to withstand the influence on their mind to a certain degree.


Yes, but only kind of.


@BrachydiosX idk if you’ve said it but the zen shometsu weapon. it isnt just a ring of floating drums is it?


Wait, what? I thought the zen shometsu is a katana?


Okay after seeing the new update to the humans, I have a stronger desire to play as a gunslinger now. Soul grenades and stuff, man… Wow.


I asked because when i hear Raiju, i obviously connect it to Raijin who has drums to make thunder. So i see the raiju beating them to make lightning attacks. I had to ask to see if i was off thinking that.