Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



I have a question. Would you guys be interested in get to know the names of the “Ultimatas” for each of the six species? I would like to hear your opinion about my choices for the names of these skills.


I would like to hear them.


I’d love to hear them too!


Alright. Here are the names of the individual “Ultimatas” for each species.

Grey Wolf: Fenrir’s Howl

Half Dragon: Cry of a dying Star / Paradox of Existence

Gunslinger: Dead Eye

Kitsune: Jundo no honō (Translation: Flame of purity)

Raiju: Zen shōmetsu (Translation: Total annihilation)

Duelist: Klingenwalzer

How do you find them? Should I change something?


They all sound pretty epic to be honest.


It feels kind of underwhelming when compared to the other ultimatas, like…how do I put this…less flashy than the others but sounds more practical and discreet. Let me take a wild guess here, this ability makes your bullet always strikes their intended target, correct? At least that’s how it is usually.


Nope. It’s a little bit like in “Red Dead Redemption”. By using “Dead Eye” you can slow down the time and for a short moment even stop the time. Of course, you and your Bullets still move with normal Speed.


So it’s only slowing down your perceived time so you can plan out your actions huh…this doesn’t seem like it’ll take as much energy as the other ultimatas though, can gunslinger MC uses their ultimata as easily as John Marston uses his dead eye?

EDIT : Disregard what I’ve said, there’s still something that’s unclear to me.

What exactly do you mean with this statement? Do we and our bullet move normally while everything is slowed down (or even stopped) or do we move as slow as the others while using dead eye?


Yes, while everything around you is stopped or slowed down you and your bullets are still able to move normally. You are completely unaffected by the time-stopping Effect of “Dead Eye”.


Hey guys, I have good news for everyone who is interested in the demo for my project. I made some good progress during these last few weeks and since I have a lot of spare time this week, I am planning on getting a lot more work done on the demo. If everything works fine and nothing unexpected will happen, I might even be able to post the complete demo by the end of the next week. :grin:


Yahoo! Looking forward to that!


I have a question for everyone who would like to play as a Half Dragon. Should I include a option that Let you choose the color of your scales during the character creation?


Sure, that sound cool :thinking: it’s also going to be good in my opinion if there mention of the scales color later in the game.


Translation: Klingon waltz

Ooooo fun, yes that will be awesome on the half dragon play through


“Klingenwalzer” is german. In english, it would be called something like “Dance of the Duelist”, but I prefere the german version. I think it sounds much cooler.

Well, good to know. :grin:


Choosing the colors of my half-dragon would be great.


I would like the choice as well!


I love this already, I already got my species pick out which is the Raiju and I’m gonna romance all the girl ROs starting with Emily. :wink: I also do hope we get to pick the beast form for the raiju like i would love to be a wolf raiju :smile:


This looks great so far. I’m loving the species choices!

I’m curious though. Would a Duelist MC be able to dual wield bladed weapons, like a parrying dagger held in the off hand? Or are we restricted to the rapier soul weapon?


Heck yes! I mean, if it isn’t too much for you!