Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



Death despises Necromancy and those who practice these art. The reason for this is, as you already said, that Necromancy denies the Souls of other beings their deserved rest, a fate that Death can’t allow to pass.

So, it might not that recommendable for your character to practice Necromancy. At least if you don’t want to land on Death’s bad side.

Don’t worry, I will keep the answer short and relatively spoiler free.

You see, Death (who would normally be adressed as Catherine within the game) would actually approve of the relationship between her daughter and the MC. As Sophia’s mother Catherine witnessed on first hand how the personality of her daughter changed during her years as a Soul Collector. It went even so far, that she feared that she would lose her sweet daughter entirely.
However, as I explained in one of my previous posts, by spending time with the MC Sophia would slowly discard her cold outer self and expose more of her real self. She would basically turn back to her real self because of her affection towards the MC. This is why Catherine would approve of a relationship between Sophia and the MC, because she believes that the MC might be able to “save” her daughter.
However, Catherine would still do everything she can to protect her daughter from the pain she had to endure through Tobias. So, while she might see you as the perfect partner for her daughter, she would still make it clear to you, that if you break Sophia’s heart you will experience a fate that would be far worse than death. As you already said: “If you break my daughters heart, I’ll break you in ways you can’t even imagine…” .

I hope I could answer your question with this.


Sooo…i guess she wouldnt be so fond of soulmancer,necromancer and few more mancer trying to romance Her daughter…


well guess all plans for the childhood friend being my first path have gone out the window.


Why shouldn’t she be fond of a Soulmancer? Soulmancer are a race who can manipulate the energy of their Soul by nature, which means that they don’t oppose any of Death’s rules.


So, I hope you don’t mind but there is a question that I would really like to ask you. What is your opinion about Sophia after I shared all these informations about her (like her separate personalities or the identity of her mother) with you? Do you still see her in the same light as before or have I changed your views about her (in the good way of course)?


As I stated in a previous post, after knowing more about Sophia and her background, I’m even more excited to romance and generally interact with her, especially on the different levels of her personality. It will be a fresh experience (for me atleast), since it would be the first time I’m able to interact with someone who has two personalities in a game.
I’m looking forward to the scene, when - for the first time - her outer shell cracks a little and her kind and sweet presonality shines through. :flushed:
Getting to know her mother (and her reaction twords the MC) will be very interesting, too.
So, yeah saying I’m excited is an understatement :smiley: So well done there! :slight_smile:


Glad to know that you like her. I honestly feared, that knowing the true identity of Sophia’s mother might have been a little bit deterrent for you.


Well, I’m generally intrigued by thoughts about death(that sounds so wrong), souls and afterlife, which got me interested in Sophia in the firstplace(and the soulmancer^^). So now knowing who her mother is, makes it even more interesting and appeling for me.


In the TV show “Lucifer” God did that to Kane. He didn’t make him ugly, but he did curse him to have eternal life/immortality for the crime of killing his brother Abel. He tried literally EVERY way to kill himself, but it couldn’t be done. To make it worse, it wouldn’t heal immediately I believe, but gradually kind of like a human, so it would hurt.


I still like Sophia, but Death has become even more interesting!


She is cute and she became even cuter, at first i intended to convince Lawrence to stay as laura but now it’s sophia


Why not doing both? For example, you could romance Sophia and would still be able to convince Laurence to stay as Laura or you could romance Laurence/Laura and would still be able to help Sophia with exposing her real self. Theoretically, you could help each of the romance options with their personal stories without romancing any of them. However, most of the unique scenes and interactions would be only available in the romance paths of the various characters.


Can you romance 2 characters at once?
Though I fear it won’t end so well if you cheat on Sophia lol


No, you can’t romance two or more characters at once. You can only romance one character at the time.


Will a longer demo come out? I love all the details you have been giving us and am really excited for more of the game!!!:smiley::smiley::+1:


Yes, a longer demo will come out quite soon. However, I’m a little bit short one time right now, which is why don’t get as much writing done as I want to. Though I try to use every single bit of free time available to get more writing done. If everything works out I might be done in about two weeks, so stay tuned.


Ok, I could need your opinion for a new addition within my game. I decided to include a new Feature within the stats Screen. This would be a “Notebook” in which you can find the lore to the world of my game (like the battle between the Gods and the first Dragons) as well as a glossary with informations to all the different non-human races you meet during the course of the game.

However, the probably most interesting part of the Notebook (at least in my opinion) would be the character page, in which you keep track of all the important characters you meet during your adventures. On this character page you will find detailed biographies to each of these character, which includes informations like their appearance, personality and preferences. You will also get quite detailed informations to the characters skills and abilities, as well as the unique traits of their race.

Here is an example for how the detailed overview of the skills and traits of one the main characters would look like within their character page. For this, I choose the overview of Christina (one of my personal favourite romance option):

Christina Adams: Skills and Traits

Agent Skills

  • Close Ranged Combat: As the Combat Expert of Team Bravo Christina is extremly skilled in the fields of armed and hand-to-hand combat. She is a expert in the use of martial arts and has also mastered several arts like Karate, Boxing or Judo. During her years as a Agent she also created her own unique combat style, which consists of a mixture of moves and stances from various martial arts.
  • Weapons Training: Christina is, like most Agents of the D.S.R., trained in the effective use of various firearms and combat weapons and during her years as a Agent she has developed her own preferences in regard of weapons and equipment. In terms of firearms she is regularly seen skillfully dual wielding submachine guns, and even fully-automatic assault rifles. For combat weapons however she prefers to use Arc Gloves and Greaves (equipment that generates energy fields around the wearers fists and legs), which give most of her punches and kicks a nice little sting.
  • Marksmanship: While she is skilled in dealing with firearms, Christina’s accuracy is quite haphazard, as she prefers using automatic weapons and the spray and pray method of shooting. Because of her training she is completely capable of aiming and hitting a target accurately, she just chooses not to and leaves more precise shooting to Tara.

Physical Traits

  • Zombie Physiology:

    • Regenerative Abilities: As a Zombie Christina possesses extraordinary regenerative abilities. She can recover from any kind of wound, injury or disease no matter how severe they might be. Simple wounds like bruises or cuts would heal in a matter of seconds and even lost limbs would easily regrow if given enough time.
      • Immortality: Thanks to Christina’s outstanding regenerative abilities, she cannot be killed by any known means, whether they be natural or unnatural causes. The only known way to actually kill a Zombie is by destroying their brain completely. However, if even a single bit of their brain remains undamaged Zombie’s would always be able to heal themself and to recover from their injuries.
      • Invulnerability: While Christina can still be injured, due to her regenerative abilities and “undead nature” no injury, no matter how severe, seems to have any effect on her. She can easily withstand gunfire, explosions or fall damage. Even a injury inflicted directly to her head or brain (like a headshot for example) wouldn’t budge her.
      • Pain Threshold: Due to her nature, Christina is incapable of feeling pain, no matter how severe it might be.
    • Toxic Blood: Instead of blood, Christina’s body contains a special fluid that serves as a main component for her regenerative abilities. It’s very hazardous to everybody but herself.
    • Rigor Mortis: A natural characteristic that is distinguish for Christina’s kind is, that her body can go into a state of rigor mortis (a state that is commonly known from corpses) if she stays still for a prolonged amount of time, such as sleeping. Usually, she stretches before going to bed to alleviate it, but if she forgets, she’ll be fully immobilized when she wakes up until someone massages her.

(Side Note: The overview for Christian would be identical to this, just with different pronouns.)

So, this is my idea. What do you say about the idea of such a detailed character overview and the Notebook Feature in general?



Would you be able to read all of char entries From the begging or would they be locked untill we meet them?


The character entries would be locked until you meet the respective characters for the first time.