Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



Yes, larger and more powerful weapons would require more soul energy to fully utilize them. For example, for a Rocket Launcher you would have to invest more energy to create matching ammunition, while for a Gatling you would need especially more concentration to be able to constantly generate new bullets.


(Anzio 20mm Rifle)

For all your long range soul reaper needs.


I like the idea of shaping my soulweapon into a scythe and start reaping together with Sophia…:flushed:
Although she probably wouldn’t like it, since her duty caused her so much misery… So I guess even choosing to change your weapon into a scythe would be a bad idea.
Oh well, then it’s gunslinger for me, I guess^^


Well, you are partly right. It might actually not be the best idea to shape Lichtblick into the form of a scythe while fighting together with Sophia. She would definitely dislike an action like that, but not because of the miseries caused by her duties.

You see, Reapers are (beside the Soulmancer) the only beings who are able to shape their Soul into the form of a weapon. However, while Soulmancer can alter the form of their weapon almost freely, Reaper possess only a single form for their weapons. Though, this form can vary greatly. Swords, Knives, Lances, Bows, Cleavers, Pistols, to give a few examples.

However, while almost all weapon types are represented, the Scythe is an extremely rare manifestation among the Reapers. You see, the Scythe is Death’s weapon and originally she was the only being who could shape her soul into this unique form. However, those Reaper’s who were seen as worthy in Death’s eyes, gained the privilege to manifest their Soul in form of a Scythe. That’s the reason why having a Scythe as their Soul Weapon is regarded as the highest privilege and honor amongst the Reapers. During the long history of our universe, there were only a handful of Reaper’s who gained this privilege. Right now Sophia is probably one of the few existing Reaper’s who are able to manifest their Soul in form of a Scythe.

This would be the reason why Sophia would strongly dislike the action of changing your Soul Weapon into the form of a Scythe. Even though her duties caused her so much misery, Sophia is still extremly proud of her heritage.


Ohh thats a very cool insight into the lore behind it, thanks for that. :slightly_smiling_face:
Sophia must really have impressed (her mother?) Death, being able to wield a sythe. I’m excited to find out what she did, in order to achieve this privilege :thinking:
Well, I do really love the aesthetic side of a scythe, but have to arrange with Sophias view on it and choose something else^^

EDIT: Resonably funny side note: I always envision the older man from Supernatural when the topic revolves about Death :smiley: Guess I should get used to imagine someone else while playing Ultimata^^

Death from Supernatural


You don’t have to thank me. I love to share the lore of my game with you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, the relation between Death and Sophia is quite unique. Spoiler: Among all Reaper’s Sophia has definitely the closest relation to Death. You see, Sophia is actually Death’s daughter and her only child. For Death Sophia is the most important person in her life and she would probably do everything for her daughter, even break her own rules to protect her.
This is also the reason why Sophia is able to wield a Scythe. Being the child of Death, she inherited this power from her mother and didn’t had to earn it. However, even though she was born with this ability, she still gives her best to prove that she is worthy of this privilege.

By the way, since you brought up this part of how you imagine Death, I thought you might be interested in seeing how she would look like in my game.




Who was Death’s husband/lover? Was it one of the dragons?


No, he wasn’t one of the first Dragons. Death’s husband/lover (and Sophia’s father) was just a ordinary Reaper Death fell in love with. Sadly, the relationship between Death and Sophia’s father didn’t end well.


How badly did it end?


It ended pretty bad. The relationship between these two ended in a way, that left Death extremly heartbroken.


I thought it would be something like that he died then his soul got reincarnated but he had no memories of his past life so he forgot who Death was (and maybe now he is a human without knowing about supernaturals in general)


Did he die? Or was it a worse falling out?


The more you tell us of this the more I want to play, can’t wait.


To explain what exactly happened between Death and Sophia’s father, I have to explain a Little about Death’s past and the events that led to this rift. However, you are right with one of your assumptions. It was a falling out. A extremly worse one at that.

Warning: Long Post

As you probably already know, Death is the most powerful existing being within our universe. As the personification of both life and death she stands above all other beings, even above the various gods and the first Dragon’s. All in all, she is a sentinent being with the important task to guide the Soul’s of all the countless deceased beings into the afterlife.
As I explained about her, normally she would stand on the side lines and watch the progress of our world from afar. She would left all interactions with the other species and races to her Soul Collectors. However there were situations, were even Death wanted to interact with the other existing races and species. Sadly that was a little bit complicated because extremly powerful and perceptible powers, but luckily Death found a way to solve this problem. To be able to freely interact with the other species, she veiled her powerful aura and powers and disguised herself as a ordinary Reaper under the fake name “Catherine Parker”. Through this she could spend time in the world of the mortals without exposing herself.
Catherine (Death) spend countless years in the various realms among the other races and beings. On this way she also met Tobias Coleman, a young Reaper which caught her interest. He was a quite charming and handsome individual and Catherine (despite being a sentinent being) felt strangely attracted towards him. In the end Catherine decided that she wanted to get to know him better (of course without exposing herself as Death) and so the two of them spend some time in each others company and with the passing time she slowly fell in love with him. This however was an entirely new feeling for Catherine. She saw before how other beings would fall in love with each other but never experienced it herself, but she was glad that she could experience this feeling for once.
The relationship between Catherine and Tobias grew during their spend time together and lastly even led to a more “intimate interaction”. For the first time in her existence Death felt truly happy. Then some time after this special interaction with Tobias she noticed some strange changes within her body. She often felt nauseous, extremly tired and also noticed certain mood swings. Only as her as stomach started to swell she realised what was actually going on with her. She was pregnant (a occurence that she honestly didn’t though was possible). However, even though that was an unexpected occurence for her it only increased her joy. She always had the wish to have children and maybe even to start a family but never found the time or the right partner. However, now her wish was about to be fulfilled.
Of course she wanted to share these good news with Tobias, but she couldn’t contact him. He didn’t responded to her calls and didn’t showed up to their previously determined dates. More and more time passed but he still didn’t responded to her and she started to realize that he tries to avoid her. However, Catherine didn’t wanted to leave it at that. She wanted to know the reason why he suddenly started to ignore and avoid her and in the end Catherine decided to use a small part of her real powers to locate him.
One of Death’s abilities is, that she can locate the Souls of all living beings, no matter their whereabouts. She can even see and hear what is around the being in question. She used this ability to locate Tobias and since she spend so much time in his Company she could easily find him. However, what she saw as she located him definitely broke her heart. She saw that he was in the company of another woman and the way they interacted with each other made it obvious that they were more than just friends. She also listened to their conversation and noticed, that all the things that Tobias said to this other woman were the same things that he said to her and which made her fall in love with.
However, in this moment she decided to use another one of her abilities on him. Death possesses the ability to gaze into the Souls of other beings and to see all their commited actions during the course of their life. Normally she would use this ability to decide if certain beings are worth to be let into the afterlife. However, this time she made a exception. So she looked into his Soul but what she saw shocked her. She saw countless other women all of them seduced by Tobias in the same way as she was. She saw that Tobias found great joy in toying with the feelings of woman and that he didn’t cared for their feelings or emotions. He only plays the role of the charming gentleman to satisfy his own desires and once he is satisfied he would simply drop his partner and would look for a new victim.
After seeing this she felt betrayed, emotional hurt and heartbroken. However, these Feelings were quite fast exchanged with a feeling of wrath and hatred and she decided to confront him. However, not as Catherine but as Death, the most powerful being within the universe.
When she confronted Tobias he first didn’t recognized her, but as he realized who she was and especially who she really was he started to Panic. He tried to apologize for ignoring her and tried again to use his charm, but it was already too late for that. Death truly loved him but he simply played with her feelings like he did many times before. Also, since she saw his true self she decided that he deserved a punishment for the detestable acts he commited. At first she simply wanted to kill him (which would have been quite easy since she could easily killed him with a flick of her Hand), however in the end she decided against it and choose another punishment. She stripped him of all of his extraordinary abilities and powers and once she was done he was even weaker than a normal human. However, she didn’t stopped at that. She also took away all his other unique characteristics, like his charm and charisma. In the end she sentenced him to live the rest of his life as a ordinary human, as just another plain face in the crowd. Knowing that Tobias despised the humans (like many non-humans) she knew that this would be a far more worse punishment than death.
However, before she parted ways with him she added one more crucial part. She told him that, if he would get close to another woman ever again, she would find a way to make his punishment even worse and with this words she left him to live the rest of his life as a normal human.

Well, this was basically the “short version” of the relationship between Death and Sophia’s father.



Wow. You don’t piss off Death!


Oh, you don’t know how right you are. You see, there is one universal rule that is commonly known among all high class beings and entities.

"Don’t piss off Death", because if you do you are either screwed or dead. No matter if you are a God, a sentinent being or the most powerful creature on the planet. You will be still no match for Death.


Hmm I thought the punishment would be more severe than that.
For example after she made him a normal human she could take his beauty completely and make him extremely ugly and make him crippled and deformed as well. And she could also curse him with extremely long/immortal life so that he’d have to stay his whole life this way and not be able to kill himself.
Anyway, how would Death reply to you romancing her daughter?


Ohhh…that story made me feel kinda sad tbh…
But i have a question: How does death feel about necromancy? I dont think someone like her would be too happy with denying souls ethernal rest…


Finally someone who sees gods as beings who can die


I’m interested in the answer for that question, too.

My inital reaction was, that it would be even more difficult to get close to Sophia. First her outer personality and now her mother, who would -understandably- do everything she can to protect her daughter from the pain she had to endure. MC probably has to prove themselves -that they truely love and care for Sophia- alot of times. Oh and when she finally agrees, the obligatory “If you break my daughters heart, I’ll break you in ways you can’t even imagine…”

Well, I would ofcourse understand, if I don’t get an answer to that, since it would be very spoilery and probably take alot away from Sophias route. :slightly_smiling_face: