Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



Why did she punch him in the video?
It doesn’t make any sense to punch someone who compliments you. I’d punch her back if I was him


She’s a tsundere, thus having difficulties to express her feelings towards him that is why she punches him (20 punching characters)


Still I don’t really like that violence, especially if someone is taking it and does nothing and people think it’s funny.
He should just punch her once in defense and she won’t attack him again if she knew she’d get hit back.

I think the idea that a girl can punch a boy and it’s funny and he can’t hit her back is really bad. Especially in anime when they do it a lot.


Is there an updated link available? I saw that almost a month ago you said you would post one.


I know what you mean, yet she wouldn’t do this if she doesn’t care aboit him, in fact she loves him, but he doesn’t seem to get it in her eyes, then she just hets mad and you know the rest

There are currently two different links, though both contain the same part of the wip


I know what I said and I’m sorry that I couldn’t keep my word. There are some scenes which simply won’t play out the way I imagined them and I already rewrote these scenes several times. Sadly, I do not know how long it will take me to get everything right, so right now I can only apologize for my false promises and hope that you aren’t too upset. However, I will try to give my best and will inform you about any new updates as soon as I’m done.


If those are scribing issues i offer my help


Thank you for your offer.:slightly_smiling_face:

I could actually need a little help, especially in terms of spelling or grammatical errors. Would it be ok for you (once I rewrote these last scenes one last time) if I send you the updated demo first and you would look over it? Of Course I would also tell you which scenes were more problematic for me.

All in all, the opinion of a outsider would be quite welcome. Maybe you would even have some suggestions of how I could improve certain scenes or maybe point out some spelling errors. On this way I could correct most Errors before I post the demo here in this thread. Of course, only if you want to.


Sure just pm me (20 helping characters)


Thank you. I will send you the link with the updated demo as soon as I’m done.


Is there anyone else who would like to read the new demo before I officially post it, to help me with finding possible errors or by giving me feedback on some complicated scenes (basically like a small Beta Test)?


if it would help you sure count me in


I’d like to help with feedback


I’d like to help too, but am probably without internet for the weekend. So the earliest I could give feedback would be monday. As you probably guessed I’m not native in english, so chances are i’ll miss some grammatical or spelling errors. But if you’ll have me, I’m happy to help.


Don’t worry, I’m glad about every kind of help.

Also, I still have to rewrite the few complicated scenes I was talking about one last time before I will send you the link, which might still take a few days. So, you don’t have to worry about your missing internet.


I as well would like to help in anyway.


I like too help out if u dont mind



I can help with spelling.


Thank you for your offered help @Noah, @Aleksa100, @Frogs, @Orchid, @ebacyes, @Terrell_Williams and @lokidemon007. As soon as I have corrected the few remaining complicated scenes, I will send each of you the link with the updated demo.


Miss albrecht is younger than i guessed