Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



It will be fun to draw out the real sophia, maybe she might even surpass laura, imo, though laura’s still my favorite


Oh she seems pretty nice then.
I might romance her with my soulmancer, I like characters who seem cold but can be really sweet and it would be nice to see her all flustered


The detailed reason behind Sophia’s seperate personalities is unfortunately quite sad.

Everything began when Sophia started her life as a Soul Collector. At first, Sophia was still kind and gentle. A young woman with the wish to guide the deceased safely into the afterlife. Sadly, she discovered quite fast the dark sides of her job. Reaper don’t only collected the Souls of those who died on a natural way. They also have to collect the Souls of those who died in accidents, who became the victims of crimes, who commited suicide and who died because of the consequences of war. Sadly, the list goes on and on. In her first week as a Soul Collector Sophia was confronted with more harrowing and gruesome things then some people see in their entire lifes. She saw the deepest and most vicious depths of our modern society, something that was way too much for a innocent person like Sophia. Unfortunately, there was no way back for her. She choose the life of a Soul Collector, a duty that she has to fulfill, something her mother warned her about.

To save herself and especially her sanity from the gruesome parts of her job she did the one thing that most Reaper do. She discarded all those feelings and aspects that complicate her life like compassion, sympathy or feelings for others. She basically “locked” her real personality away and became cold and heartless to protect herself, her mind and her soul.

Well then, this was basically the short Version of the origin Story of Sophia’s separate personalities. I hope you like it.



Do you have anything figured out for the Trickster like what you just showed for Sophia?


Is that picture an example of the split personality or is that how she looks


It’s a example of how the differences between Sophia’s personalities would look.




The name for my Kitsune is Kasumi Nakajima.


Sadly no. I’m still working on Robert and the other romance options.


Robert’s my favorite RO at the moment.


Since I gave you yesterday a Little overview about Sophia’s mulitple personalities, I thought you might like to know a little about her romance path.

When you meet Sophia for the first time you will only be confronted by her “Outer Personality”. She will be cold, calculating and distant. She will also show no interest in you, your friends or your case. The only relevant thing for Sophia will be the successful completion of her own orders (which were given to her by her Mother). Sadly, this lack of interest will severly restrict almost all your conversation and interactions with Sophia. However, this will only be the case at the beginning. The more time you spend in the company of Sophia the more she will warm up to you and will slowly expose her “Inner Personality”. Basically, the more your relation grows (both as a friend and as a romance option) the more she will show of her cute, kind and friendly self (her real self).

Of course she won’t change her personality instantly while being in your company. The change from her Outer Self to her Inner Self will happen quite slowly. So it could happen, that her two personalities might mix up, which will definitely provide for some funny situations.

Lastly, I have already a idea for a possible and quite hilarious scene within Sophia’s romance path. The idea for this scene comes, like several of my ideas and concepts, from an anime. This time it’s from the anime “Rewrite”.

First of all, this scene would take place after Sophia warmed up a little towards you and as I explained earlier, her two personalities would mix up for this scene. Bascially her cute and innocent self would mix with her cold and violent self.

Warning: The Scene might be quite “animesque”.

The concept: During one of your private conversations you could ask Sophia a little bit about herself, like her favourite Music or her Hobbies. If you ask her something about her Hobbies, she will tell you, that she has a talent for cooking, even if she might not be as good as Emilia. She will tell you, that back in School she often made her own lunches and that she was quite good in making delicious dishes out of the most simple ingredients, something that impressed not only her mother but also most of her friends.
Then you will get several Options of how to react on this relation. One of these options would be, that you tell her that you would really like to try her cooking. If your affection towards Sophia is high enough, she would tell you that she could make such homemade lunch for you and that she could give it to you the next day and after that you would get another number of options of how you would like to react on her offer. However, there will be one unique option, which will be only available if you follow Sophia’s romance path. You would get the option to say something like: “How about, you would serve your homemade lunch in a maid uniform?” (I’m pretty sure, that her face would probably turn redder than a tomato on a suggestion like this). Of, course thereafter you can still say that it was just a joke (which might calm her down a little) or that you were serious with your suggestion. However, no matter what you say she would definitely think about your suggestion.

Then the next day (if you followed all of the previous steps) there would be a scene between the MC and Sophia which would play out a little like this:

Well then, this was my concept for one of the special scenes within Sophia’s romance path. What is your opinion about this concept? Would you like a scene like this?


That sounds like a funny scene!


Ok now this sounds great, and i cannot decide between sophia and Laura, they are both adorable, well done
(remember guys if a girl punches you, you’ll get married in the end)


Amen to that. (twenty approving characters)


I really like the idea of slowly breaking through to her inner self. Especially the mixing of her two personalities sounds awesome.

Regarding the special scene:
Before I start: I’ve not read the whole thread(just the summaries/details you put on the first Post and the stuff about Sophia you postet the last couple of days). So there may very well be something important I missed about her.
I’ve it is a scene like that, then I think it would be pretty funny. Although Sophia wouldn’t need to, in a way objectify herself. I did not evision her to be insecure about herself that way. (Though, doing it 'cause she thinks the MC would like it, is something else i suppose).
But to be clear she is not like Lucia(EDIT: I’ve not seen the anime, only this scene), is she? Cute yes, but less insecurety, abducting and punching^^.
So the scene would play out differently.

Hope I phrased my thoghts in a understandable way.


I can understand what you mean with your thoughts. Also, I’m sorry. I might have described the scene a little bit incomplete. Let me try to explain it a little bit more thoroughly.

Before I start, Sophia’s special scene wouldn’t play out in the exact same way as the included clip. All in all, the scene would play out quite differently.

Ok, first of all, Sophia wouldn’t objectify herself. She would only dress up as a Maid because she thinks you would like it (even if it was only supposed to be a joke). Also, as you already said, she isn’t like Lucia. She won’t be insecure or abducting and she would definitely not punch you after you called her “cute”.

My main idea behind this scene is, that I want to show how strongly her seperate personalites would mix up with each other. Basically, Sophia would try to keep up her cold and serious self while being unintentionally cute and sweet. This scene would be essentially the perfect example of how much she already started to warm up towards you and how much she is willingly to show of her real self. It would also represent the already strong bond of your relationship and how much she started to care about you, because I’m quite sure that she wouldn’t have considered the idea of dressing up as a Maid for someone else.

I hope I could clear all of your thoughts.


I already love this scene, will the mc be able to say that she is cute?


Yes you definately did. Thank you for clarifying :slight_smile:
This sounds just as I hoped it would play out. Her inner self melting her icy shell due to her affection towards the MC. :blush:

PS: “Objectify” sounds harsher than I intended to, sorry.


Of course you will get the option to call her cute. I mean how else would you call someone as sweet as Sophia, who is even willingly to dress up as a Maid for you.

Aww, you expressed that quite beautifully. :blush:

Also, the more your relationship grows the more her icy shell will melt away and expose more of her kind and sweet self.


It is now official, sophia is my new favorite