Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



How old would you have guessed her?


A few hundred years more


Honestly, since I still try to refine the concepts of the ancestors a little more, I could still change Henriette’s age. Maybe add two or three hundred years.


I thought Henriette would be older. It sounds like she was born in the medieval Holy Roman Empire or something, which is older than 460 years.
About jack as well, revolvers only became common in the 19th century so what gun did he use back then?


Has already been asked or mentioned in what time the plot takes pkace?


It’s modern day America


The Holy Roman Empire existed from the Early Middle Ages until its dissolution in 1806. Henriette was born in the middle of the 17th century, which still falls in this period. Also, I only said she served the empire, not founded it.

At first, Jack used a modified Musket and a Flintlock Pistol as his Soul Weapons. Then, when he went to America (somewhere in the early 19th century) he changed the form of his Soul Weapon into that of a Revolver, because he was fascinated by the unique design of those handguns.

The story will take place in the year 2020 and will be mainly centered in America (at least at first).


How efficient were his guns in combat? In real life muskets/flintlocks were very inaccurate and not really efficient in a 1vs1 scenario


Love the info on the ancestors!


Jack’s first Soul Weapons were extremly efficient and only in terms of appearance similar to those old firearms. His own Flintlock and Musket could easily outmatch their real life Counterparts in terms of accuracy and firepower. Also, he didn’t had to reload after every shot, since he would use his Soul Energy to constantly create new bullets. To be honest, his first Soul Weapons could have probably even kept up with some modern firearms.


Not sure if you mentioned this before but would soulmancers be able to inflict damage to opponent’s soul. Like mental damage or something simmilar


Sadly no, Soulmancer can’t damage the souls of their opponents. The Soul Weapon of a Soulmancer can only inflict physical damage.

However, there are actually some magical arts, which can cause mental damage to others or which give you control over the minds of other beings.


I like the sound of that!


If a soulmancer can create various things with soul creation as long as they have the energy, what would stop a duelist soulmancer from creating a gun similar to what a gunslinger would have and vice versa?


Hmm I thought about it too. I guess you can make a gun if you want but it won’t be your special soul gun but just a normal gun (so it would be a lot less efficient), and also your stats and skills are geared more towards using swords so you won’t be that good with guns.


Yes, you could create firearms as a Duelist via Soul Creation. You could also create combat weapons if you want to. However, as @Frogs said, these weapons would be just normal weapons and no Soul Weapons and since most normal weapons aren’t that effective and partly even useless against non-humans (especially against supernatural races) it wouldn’t help you that much.

Also, there is one thing about the Soulmancer that I forgot to mention. As you already know, all Soulmancer are classified according to the form of their Soulweapon. For example, Caitlyn (the mother of the Gunslinger) has a Sniper Rifle as her Soul Weapon and is classified as a Sniper, while Lina (the mother of the Duelist) has Dual Blades as her Soul Weapon and is classified as a Blade Dancer.
However what I didn’t mentioned is, that every Soulmancer is (besides the weapon classification) also assigned to one of two main groups. You see, there are actually only two main types of Soulmancer. Those who can create close ranged weapons and those who can create long ranged weapons. Sadly, there is no in between. At a later Point in the Story you might be able to change the form of your Soul Weapon, though as a Duelist you would only be able to shape your Rapier into the form of another close ranged weapon (like a Katana, Dual Blades or Gauntlets), while as a Gunslinger you would only be able to shape your Revolver into the form of another long ranged weapon (like a Sniper Rifle, a Shotgun or a Grenade Launcher).


Would it even matter how you shape the gun though? Like you said the revolver can fire shotgun shells, explosive shells and armor piercing bullets. What would be the difference between a shotgun soul weapon and a revolver using shotgun ammo?


Well, you might be able to fire shotgun shells with your Revolver, but the scattering effect wouldn’t be as effective as with an actual Shotgun. The same applies for the other ammunition types. As you said, you could fire explosive shells or armor piercing ammo with your Revolver, but their effects wouldn’t be as effective as with an actual Sniper Rifle or a Rocket/Grenade Launcher.


a “nearly” bottomless Grenade Launcher sounds insane.


It would also require lots of energy to generate such a powerful weapon I presume. The bigger and stronger the weapon the more energy required to utilize it.