Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



I found it on Pinterest while looking for Kitsune pics.

Honestly, that would be pretty cool. I might include a scenario like that. Thanks for the good idea.

Hmm, that is a tricky question. I think it would be ok as long as you only use your natural high Attributes and not your supernatural powers.


By the way I think there’s no way non-humans could stay hidden in things like World War 2. They’d have to use their powers in the war after all, and in places like the Soviet Union they’d find the Nazi threat much greater than the threat of exposing non-humans to the world and encourage everyone to use their power openly to win the war.


Ok first, why are you always asking such complicated questions. I don’t mind them at all, but they are still a little hard to answer from time to time. Also, why exactly World War 2.

Most non-humans weren’t interested in the conflicts of the humans and usually keeped their distance from wars, revolutions or other conflicts. They let the humans fight their own battles and got only rarely involved. That’s also the reason why a lot of non-humans despise and hate the human race, because of their warmongering and about the fact that they would hate and kill each other about things like religion, races or resources.


Oh, sorry about that.
I just imagined a scene where it was World War 2 and I see no way non-humans could stay hidden. Even if most of them weren’t interested in conflicts some would still be involved due to their friends/family (especially when like half the population is non-human). Also in that time pretty much everyone was recruited to the army (even kids below 18) so you couldn’t say you are not interested and simply refuse without getting locked in jail or even executed.
Anyway I’ll stop asking questions I guess


No, you can still ask your questions. As I said, I don’t mind them.

As I said some time back, non-humans have their own secluded areas, so-called Safe Zones, which can’t be entered by normal humans. Those Safe Zones can be found almost everywhere in every city and they can also be found in almost all sizes and shapes, thanks to Dimensional Magic. Some Safe Zones have the size of a normal house while others have the size of an entire region. During wars, most non-humans simply stayed in these Safe Zones, far away and safe from the dangers of war. Some even travelled to other Realms for the duration of these conflicts.

Also I might have said that half of the population of the Earth are non-humans, but you also have to see, that this half doesn’t only consist of one species. The non-human population consists of hundreds of different species, who live in varying habitats. Also, not all non-human species live on land. There are countless species who live under the earth, like Dwarfs and Goblins, or who inhabit the oceans, like Sirenes or Mermaids. The human race however is still the dominant race on the planet.


Still on the matter of WW2, is there going to be any references in the story to things like nazis and the atomic bomb, and the impact these things had in the supernatural world(s)?


There will be some references, that regard this themes and occurences. However, it might be important to say, that neither World War 2 nor the invention of the Atomic Bomb had an “actual” impact on the Supernatural Worlds and Realms.


Do supernatural beings believe in things like Jesus and the other human religions or they only believe in the old gods/old dragons etc


Yes, a lot supernatural beings believe as well in the various Religions of the humans. Mainly because the various Gods of the countless religions actually exist. The countless Gods, which are worshiped and honored in the various Religions, are basically all those old Gods, which were defeated millenia ago by the first Dragons.

Of course, there are those who aren’t part of any of the religions and instead follow the ways of the first Dragons.


Could we follow the first dragons and if we did would our friends and family look down on us for it


Will any of the mythologies come into play?


Yes, you can follow the ways of the first Dragon’s. Also, each of the eight Dragon’s have their own way of life, so you can basically choose from eight different ways.

And no, your friends and family won’t look down on you, because the ways of the first Dragons are extremly common within the supernatural world.

Yes, you will also meet Gods and creatures from the various mythologies, like the Norse Mythology, the Greek Mythology or, as you already know, the Yokai Mythology.


So, can I be a Grey Wolf viking seeking a glorious death to join Odin in the halls of Valhalla?


If you want to. At some point in the story you will actually meet several gods from the various religions and mythologies, including Odin.

Interesting enough, as a Grey Wolf you already have a close connection to the gods and creatures of the Norse Mythology. The Grey Wolf species is especially close towards Fenrir, the first Grey Wolf, who is also the patron of their kind.


So… With Fenrir being the first Grey Wolf, do we get to meet his father?


If you mean, if you will be able to meet Loki, the Trickster God than yes, you will meet Loki at some point in the story.

You will also meet other Gods of the Norse Mythology like Odin, Thor and Freya.


Excellent. Most Excellent! :grin::grin::grin:


Isn’t Fenrir a girl in this setting? I think her name is Erica IIRC.


Fenrir might be female in my game, but Erika isn’t the actual Fenrir. Fenrir is only her title. You see, there was a tradition between the various Grey Wolf tribes. Every ten years there would be a great tournament between the various tribes, where each tribe would choose their strongest warrior to compete in a great competition against the strongest warriors of the other tribes. These competitions were mostly duels, which often even ended with the death of one of the warriors. The warrior, who would last out till the end, would be known as the strongest Grey Wolf from this day forth and would gain great respect from all the tribes. Ultimately, the winner of the competition would also be awarded with the title “Fenrir, the first Grey Wolf”, which is considered as the highest honor among the Grey Wolf’s.


I’m thinking that the Grey Wolf might be my favorite!