Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



I’m thinking that the Grey Wolf might be my favorite!


Did Erika only win the tournament recently or she’s been the champion of many tournaments and nobody could defeat her yet?


What is each dragons why of life if you don’t mind me asking


Erika became the champion of the tribes countless centuries ago and she stayed undefeated since that day on.


Is she immortal? I ask becuase if she is dead after all these centuries I’m pretty sure I could beat her pretty easy I mean I’m easily better that Alexander the Great and Einstein at this current moment in time.


Lol your comment made me think about something, were people like Alexander the Great or Einstein non-humans or humans?


No, Erika isn’t immortal. She just extremly old, but her age doesn’t change anything about her powers and strength. The reason for this is, that Fenrir herself blessed Erika with her powers, because of the heroic deeds Erika had done for her kind. Thanks to Fenrir’s blessing Erika gained unimaginable, almost godlike, powers and abilities. These powers had also an effect on Erika’s body, since they extented her life span enormously and stopped her aging process all together. Erika is actually over eighthundret years old, but she still looks like she is in her mid twenties.

Side Note: To be honest, all the ancestors are several centuries old.


Actually, some of the great historical figures were indeed non-humans, like Leif Erikson (Grey Wolf), Charles the Great (Half Dragon), Alexander the Great (Griffin), Arthur Pendragon (Soulmancer), Jeanne d’Arc (Celestial) or Amelia Earhart (Harpy). Of course almost no one outside of the supernatural world knows about this.


The ways of the eight Dragons are:

  • Kaguya: Compassion
  • Feng: Destruction
  • Arkus: Progress
  • Tarik: Adventure
  • Lyra: Protection
  • Darius: Corruption
  • Mana: Unknown
  • Aurelia: Unknown


Fascinating! I’m loving this game!


Hey everyone, I have some news for you. It regards the demo, as well as some added informations about the characters and romance Options.

First the demo. I finally finished the beginning of the first chapter, which means that the demo is almost done. However, I still have to rework the Prolog a little and change a few things about the animalistic choices for the Raiju, but I’m pretty sure that this won’t take that long anymore. Though, I’m sorry to say, that I won’t post the demo before the end of the next week, since I will be away for a week from Monday on. However, I will take my Laptop with me and try to finish the changes on the Prolog there. Once I’m back I will directly post the demo (probably next Sunday or Monday) so stay tuned.

Now to the part of the characters and romance Options. I added a few new informations to the character descriptions, so it might be interesting for you to take a look at them again. Also, I reworked Tara’s personality and ability description.

And that’s it. Lastly, thank you again for your patience and support. Oh, and I’m sorry that I didn’t posted Tara’s backstory yet, but I had to rework her backstory a little, because of some contradictions. Don’t worry, I will post her backstory after I released the new demo.


What is stronger, Tara’s sniper rifle or the soul sniper your mom has?


“Zero”, Caitlyn’s Soul Rifle, is stronger, or at least better, than “Dragonfall” because of various reasons. Dragonfall might be extremly strong, but it has also some downsides. First, there would be it’s weight. Dragonfall is quite heavy, which doesn’t give Tara much movement speed. Dragonfall has also an enormous recoil, which needs to be compensated by Tara.
Zero on the other hand doesn’t has those downsides. It is extremly leight weighted and has only a fractional recoil. Also, Zero runs on infinite ammo, since Caitlyn uses her soul energy to constantly create new bullets.


Can you use Zero efficiently at close range? Also how much stronger is it compared to your own revolver


Zero is a Sniper Rifle, which means that it is sadly not that usefull at close range. However, Caitlyn can easily defend herself at close range, since she found enough ways to compensate Zero’s disadvantages.

It’s not easy to compare those two weapons, since they have entirely different characteristics. “Zero” for example has definetely the higher firepower, while “Lawbringer” has the better firing rate. Lets just say, that both weapons are extremly strong.


Does your ancestor has the same type of revolver like you and he’s just a lot more skilled or his revolver is a lot stronger too?


Yes, Jack has the exact same Revolver as the Gunslinger MC. Originally, Lawbringer was Jack’s own unique and customized Soul Weapon.

Jack’s Revolver isn’t stronger than the one of the MC. He is just a extremly skilled Gunslinger, with several centuries of experience.


Hey everyone. I have another interesting piece of information, which might be especially interesting for all those of you who would like to play as a Kitsune. It regards the shape shifting abilities of your character as a Kitsune.
I might have already mentioned this, but at a certain point within the story, you will get the chance to learn the ability to turn from your human form into the form of a actual nine tailed fox. In your animalistic form, you would have the appearance a white fured nine tailed fox with a body height of about 92 cm for a female Kitsune and a body height of about 102 cm for a male Kitsune. Also, you will keep all of your attributes and skills if you change into your animalistic form. What is also quite interesting to note is, that your natural abilties, like the creation of Illusions or the manipulation of fire, will be much more powerful and effective in your Fox form.

To give you a idea, of how your character might look like in their Fox form, I have included this following clip from Youtube. The scene, which you will see there is from the Anime “Miira No Kaikata” (God, I love this anime. It’s so cute).


How do you like this possible option for the Kitsune?

Important Note: Only the Kitsune will have access to this skill. The other species won’t get the ability to change into a animal form.


Love it how often will I be able to become a fox


Theoretically, as often as you like. There will be many occasions, where you will be able stay as a Fox. For example if you are at home, at work or if you spend your freetime with one of the ROs.

Also, the romance options would all react quite differently on your Fox form. For example Tara, who has a weakness for cute animals, would probably hug and pet you (maybe even trying to cuddle with you) once she see’s you in your fox form for the first time.