Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



If you romance Emilia can she become stronger due to the joy you feel for her if you tell her you don’t mind


Yes, that would work. If you romance Emilia she would become slowly stronger the more your relationship grows and develops. She would also become stronger through more intimate interactions, like a kiss or sex.


Is Lina your mom? Are the moms of all species equal in power?
By the way about the demon realm, how big is it compared to earth? Is it the size of a country or like a whole world? How populated is it as well?


Lina is the name of the mother of the Duelist MC. I simply picked her name so that I don’t always have to say “MCs mother” or “your mother”. It serves more or less as a little relief while explaining things that regard the MCs mother.

Yes they are.

The demon realm or Underworld is in terms of size more or less equal to Earth and is mostly inhabitated by demon-based species.

The demon realm may not have the same population as the earth, but its population still reaches the billion mark.


Are there any other realms like an angel one or something? And how can you go to the demon realm and back, is it through a portal?
Is the realm a cruel place by the way (like hell from the bible) where weaker demons are slaves or it’s more friendly


Thanks for replying so face if you romance her throughout the entire series can she become more powerfull than launch or laura


I would guess we could go there in Emilia storyline


There are actually several other realms within my game. One realm that is quite equal in size to the Underworld would be the celestial realm, which is inhabited by Angels and other celestial species. Other existing realms would be the Shadow Realm, the Abyss, the Realms of the various gods etc…

One way would be by using certain magical artifacts or high rank teleportation magic. However, the most common way would be using one of countless portals, which are scattered throughout the world. Almost every Realm has at least one of these portals, except the Abyss. Mana isn’t really fond of visitors, besides her siblings.

Nah, don’t worry. The Underworld is actually quite similar to earth, except that the sky is lightly purple and that a lot of the cities have a certain medieval flair.


Well, she will become stronger, but probably not as strong as Laurence/Laura.

Yep thats correct. Also, the main story would lead you as well, sooner or later, to the demon realm and some of the other realms.


What’s the name of the Grey Wolf MC’s mother?


She is called Emma in the old demo but it might get changed


No, it didn’t changed. I keeped by almost all the names for the mother of the MC from the old Prolog.

To avoid further questions regarding this matter, here is again a little overview:

  • Kitsune: Misaki
  • Grey Wolf: Emma
  • Raiju: Sayaka
  • Half Dragon: Alice
  • Duelist: Lina
  • Gunslinger: Caitlyn


I’m really sorry, but it seems that I have given you the unfinished version of Emilia’s backstory. I hope it’s ok, that I repost the finished backstory.

Emilia comes from an old and venerable family of powerful demons. She is the daughter of Arthur Westcott, the acting Demon King and supreme ruler of the Underworld and Seraphina McAllister, a powerful magic caster with a talent for the four main elements and who is, just like Emilia, a Succubus.

Sadly, even despite being a child of the Demon King, she never was accepted as such. Neither by her father, siblings or the royal servant’s. The reason for this was, that Emilia is the result of a short affair between Arthur and Emilia’s mother Seraphina, who served as a Magic Instructor for Charles Westcott, Arthurs oldest son and future heir to the throne. Almost everyone saw Emilia as nothing more than a mistake or a failure, nothing more than a occurence that brought shame over the royal family, and was treated as such.

Though, in the end she was still the daughter of the Demon King, even despite being a “bastard child”, and Arthur actually supported Emilia and her mother to some extent. She got the most expenisve clothes, the best possible education and the most experienced and renowned instructors for the fields of Magic. Lastly, she even was allowed to live on the royal grounds together with her mother. However, while she might got everything a young girl had wished for there was one certain thing that she almost never got or experienced. The feeling of being loved. Throughout her life Emilia experienced nothing but coldness from the people around her. Her father, her siblings, the servants and even some of her instructors ignored and insulted her.

It went even so far, that some of her instructors refused to teach her. Though the reason for this was actually a little different. It was because Emilia’s point of view on the subject of emotions and feelings. Emilia is a Succubus, a demon who feeds on the emotions of other beings to become stronger and from her earliest childhood on, Emilia was told that emotions have no real value and that they are nothing more than means to gain strength and power. However, Emilia saw this entirely different. For her emotions like joy, happiness, and especially love were something special and extremly valuable and she simply couldn’t bring herself to exploid those special feelings. Of course this kind of view is extremly unsuitable for a demon, especially for a Succubus. This resulted in her being stamped as a failure and a hopeless case by her all of her instructors and teachers, who refused to teach her as long as she won’t change her point of view.

Emilia wasn’t even allowed to leave the royal grounds, since Arthur wanted to avoid, that the denizens of the Underworld would see the “greatest mistake of his life”. Because of this, Emilia never experienced the feeling of friendship, which resulted in her becoming extremly shy and introverted.

However, while almost anyone ignored or insulted her, there was still one person who cared for Emilia and who treated her with love and kindness. This person was Seraphina, Emilia’s mother. Even despite being a Succubus herself she understood and respected the opinion of her daughter and supported her as best as she could. She even took over the role of Emilia’s magic instructors and taught her the principles of the eight magcial elements by herself. Thank’s to her help Emilia even discovered her talent for the element Water, especially in the arts of healing magic.

Ultimately, Seraphina even came up with an idea, to give Emilia the chance for a normal life, far away from the coldness of her family. On Emilia’s twelfth birthday, both Emilia and her mom left the Underworld behind and travelled to Earth to start a entirely new life in “Ashfield”, a large city which is the home of countless other non-humans and where they could live a normal life. Seraphina hoped, that this change could give her daughter finally the life she always deserved.


If have another interesting piece of Information for you. It regards the appearance of your character in public.

As you already know, your character possesses a few distinguish features in their appearance and that those features vary based on your choosen species. Of course you can’t walk around with those features exposed in public, since it would be a little unusual to suddenly see someone with fox ears and a fluffy fox tail; or someone with transparent arms and floating hair. To avoid attracting unwanted attention you would hide your unusual features in public and only show them once you are back at home or in a secluded area. However, while your distinguish features are hidden from the eyes of most humans, other non-humans or humans with a high affinity for supernatural powers can still see your features, at least to some extent. Ok, they wouldn’t see your actual features but rather a ghostly transparent outline of those features.

Other non-humans would basically see you like this:


Wait I thought humans won’t be able to see it even if you’re not hiding anything?


No, humans can see your unusual features if you don’t hide them.


Can you get the option to go out without hiding? I think if you have fox ears and tail people will think you are cosplaying or something


I might give you a option like that, but only for special occasions like Halloween, some kind of convention or other events where you features wouldn’t stand out because others think it’s cosplay.


One I think humans might think something is up if they see you sitting on a lamppost al like yo whats chillin.

Two what is that pic from?

Three just wow that would be cool to see as a human with high affinity “are you aware you have a cute ghostlike tail and ears hovering around you like some kind of cute anime character?”


Can you use your powers if someone is in danger? Like say someone is going to get hit by a car, you could use your speed to snatch them