Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



How powerful is the Demon King? Does he have a chance to beat one of the old dragons? Or maybe some of the ancestors.
Also how did you meet Mia and became friends with her?


Maybe in a case she’s a succubus so you go to investigate her and clear her name


You were childhood friends before you were a part of the DSR though so I don’t think you’d have to investigate anything.


Emilia’s father is extremly powerful. In fact, he is probably one of the strongest existing Demons. However, even with his incredible powers he would still be unable to beat the first Dragons.

In Terms of the other ancestors, he do could fight against them, but it would be a extremly challenging fight.

After Emilia and her mother arrived in Ashfield they immediately started their new life. Seraphina joined the DSR, thanks to her wide knowledge about the arcane arts, and became a member of Team Bravo, the field team that was led by the mother of the MC.
Mia on the other hand visited the Middle School as a normal student. However, this was already a challenge for her. Being a succubus, her body produces an aphrodisiac Pheromone and much to her dismay, this effect inadvertently makes almost anyone in her vicinity lust over her. To avoid this she constantly has to take precautions to avoid inadvertently seducing other students (or teachers), by making herself look dull. She often wears plain and heavy looking clothing underneath her uniform and avoids make up, but if a person touches her they still become aroused, which causes her to avoid the contact with others. Sadly, this didn’t helped her much with finding friends and it actually only increased her shyness. However, this changed when she met Chris and the MC. To her suprise, neither of them was effected by the aphrodisiac Pheromones of her Body. Of Course she still didn’t know how she should interact with them, especially with her lack of social skills, but the MC and Chris helped with that. They helped her with her problems and also keeped those students at bay, who were a little too affected by Mia’s pheromones. Over time, Mia slowly warmed up towards both the MC and Chris and managed to keep her shyness at a minimum while being in their Company. This lastly ended in a great and solid friendship.


Does Mia’s pheromones only affect humans and that’s why you weren’t affected? Can she feed on non-human/demon emotions too?
Also who is stronger, Seraphina or the MC’s mom?
And does Mia has a crush on the MC or Chris or they’re just friends like Maria and Laurence?


No, Mia’s pheromones affect both humans and non-humans alike. However some species are immune against the effects of the pheromones, like Zombies, Kitsune or Soulmancer.

Also yes, she could as well feed from the emotions of other non-humans.

They are quite equal in terms of powers.

Mia actually do has a crush on the MC, though she is to shy to confess her feelings.


If you were to marry Mia and have a kid, what specie would the kid be? Also can a male be a succubus too?


The species of the child would correspond with the species of one of the parents. However, in some cases it can happen, that the child inherits some of the natural powers of both parents.

Yes there are male versions of the Succubus, who are called Incubus.


Hey everyone. I’m sorry if I bother you, but there has been another idea in my mind for some time now and I would like to hear your opinion about this idea. The idea regards the romances in my game. However, this time it’s not about the MC.

In my game you can find true love with one of the countless romance options. However I thought, why should your character be the only one who could find true love. Maybe someone else, who had to deal with a severe lose and other sacrifices in her life, could also get the chance of finding love with someone else. The Person I’m talking about is the mother of the MC, who hasn’t been together with anyone since the death of the MC’s father. My idea is, that you might help your mother with finding true love once again and to finally be able to leave the past behind.

The possible romance options for your mother would consist of Celica and Seraphina, as well as two other options.

As of right now this is nothing more than a idea, but I would still like to hear your opinion?


So, does that mean the MC’s mom is now a lesbian after the death of your father, or was at least bi? Also, if I romance Mia and ship my mom with Seraphina and they get married, that would make Mia my step-sister…So what happens to our relationship? Can we still have it, will she dump my ass, would our parents separate us, etc?


No, she didn’t became a lesbian after the death of the MCs father. She is simply bisexual.

Also, there aren’t only female romance options for your mother. The other two possible romance options are male.

Of course you can still have your relationship with Mia. She won’t break up with you only because her and your mother are together and even if they would marry she would still love you. Something like this wouldn’t change her feelings for you. Also, I don’t think that either Seraphina or your mother would try to separate you, since they know that you are happy together.


The last thing I would want is to get involved in the mom’s love life.


I love the idea of being able to help your mother find true love considering she helps you so much and not like another parent we know xcoughx Maria’ Father xcoughx


Who are the male choices? Is Edgar one of them (isn’t he a bit too old though)
How old is your mom by the way


No, Edgar isn’t One of the options. He is definetely way too old. To be honest, I’m still working on the male options.

Your mother is forty-four years old.


For everyone who is interested, here are a few informations about Emilia’s mother Seraphina.

Seraphina McAllister
Gender: Female
Age: 43
Species: Succubus
Affiliation: D.S.R.
Occupation: Expert for Magic and the Arcane Arts
Height: 166 cm
Appearance: Sera has the appearance of a beautiful young woman with a voluptuous figure, shoulder length light brown hair and hazel eyes.
Personality: Sera has a very gentle and kind personality. She is also very supportive and open minded towards the people she cares about, especially towards her daughter Emilia. She might be even a little over protective towards Emilia. From time to time she also tends to a little bit more flirtatious and seductive behaviour towards some of her former teammates, especially towards Lina.
However, her personality changes quite drastically if someone pisses her off or if someone hurts a person who is close to her. In this case she turns from kind and gentle to highly sadistic and doesn’t show any mercy or remorse towards the enemies she slays. Not even the most skilled fighters would stand a chance against her once she reaches this point.
Abilities: Compared to Emilia Sera doesn’t shy away to use her pheromones or natural attractiveness to her advantage. From time to time she would even seduce others and feed from their emotions to gain strength. Of course, she would always act with cautious and would only feed from the emotions of her enemies and (almost) never from the emotions of her allies. Now and then she also uses her seductive abilities to acquire certain informations or intel from others.
However, her greatest talent lies in her extraordinary magical abilities in the fields of the four main elements. Thanks to her high magical abilities, Sera is capable to cast numerous high rank spells easily with simple commands like “disappear”, “die” or “fuck off”. In fights she favors monstrous area-of-effect elemental magic that covers a lot of area. Sera also possess ridiculously high firepower and is capable of wiping off many enemies at once as she can cast up to three spells at once.


Oh she seems pretty interesting. I like the gentle personality that turns sadistic with no mercy if someone attacks her, I would act the same way. I wonder if you’d be able to reach her power level though


Maybe if you train your powers extensive enough, you might be able to reach her level one day.

Also, you can actually learn some of Sera’s magical skills. Later in the game you can interact with Celica, Seraphina and your mother if you want to train your skills or to learn new ones.

Also, if you think that Sera is strong you should wait until you see your mother in action, especially when she’s pissed off. Believe me when I say, that almost every fight would turn into a extremly one sided one once she gets serious.


You said your mom has the same power level as Seraphina though.
Also who is stronger, Seraphina or Laurence in the Laura form with full power?


Oh sorry, my bad. I might have put it a little bit contradictory. Let me explain it again.

Normally Seraphina and Lina are quite equal in terms of power. Though, this changes once they get really, and I mean really, angry. As I already explained, Sera turns from kind and gentle to sadistic and merciless and becomes extremly dangerous.
However, Lina’s change of personality is still a little more extensive, which makes her much more dangerous and ultimately stronger than Sera.

Hmm, that isn’t easy to answer. In fact, they are both extremly strong in their specific fields. Sera for example is a skilled magic caster, while Laurence is more experienced in Close Ranged Combat. I think, if it would come to a fight, it would be quite challenging for both.