Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



Don’t worry, you will get several options to let him suffer for what he did to his daughter and wife. Also, I agree with you. Maria’s father deserves the slowest and most painful death possible for the things he had done.

Also, you don’t have to worry about corruption in this case. You only get corrupted if you commit severe crimes like killing or harming the innocent. You won’t get corrupted, if you let certain people, like Maria’s Father, pay for the unspeakable things they commited.

Yes, Kitsune are as well vulnerable towards certain Water based arts.


Would it be possible to die in the game?


No, you can’t die in the game. At least not in the first book.


Is the demo at the top updated? :flushed:


No, the demo at the top isn’t updated yet. It is still the old demo.


Hey everyone. I would like to ask you a little question, if it’s ok for you. The question regards Maria’s backstory.

The most vital parts of Maria’s storyline would be, that you help her to save her mom and that you find her father and make him responsible for the crimes he commited. Now what I would like to know is, what would you do with Maria’s father once you found him? Would you take him into custody, would you kill him or would you let him suffer for the horrible things he had done to his wife and daughter? If it’s ok for you, I would like to hear your choice.


Too answer that question i’ll
Kill him he deserves it


The demo you have listed in your original post (“Old demo”) doesn’t advance beyond choosing your name. Could you update your first post with the updated demo, please?


I’m really sorry, but I’m not done with the new demo yet. I have still a few chapters to go, or at least the first chapter, before I will post it. I’m really sorry to let you wait this long, but I hope you understand the reason for the delay.


Is there a option to bring him into custody and recommend death row???


Would waltz into house/apartman like i own the place shoot him in knee then in arm and finally in face or scar him real good both physically and mentally (something like shadow of war shame)


I imagine the Gunslinger scene to be something like this




What is going to be Robert’s story?


Sorry, but I haven’t worked that much on Robert’s backstory yet. The only other backstories which are already done are Emilia’s and Tara’s.

However, if there would be an interest, I could post the backstories of Mia and Tara.


Maybe post the demo like it is now and update it later with more chapters?
This way we can check for bugs and typos


Hmm, a good suggestion, but I want to finish at least the beginning of the first chapter before I post the demo. The reason for this is, that the Prolog has almost no relevance for the actual story and only serves as means to define your character and to introduce you to the world my game takes place in. I want to give you at least a small taste of the story, which is why I would like to finish at least the beginning of the first chapter. I promise, that it won’t take that long anymore.


Yes, that would be one of the possible Options.


I’d love to see what you have!


Liked learning about Emilia!