Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



Out of all the ROs which one is the strongest in terms of powers? (Emilia seems the weakest). Also how strong is the MC compared to them? Also what does the trickster specie mean, you said they are shape-shifters. Can they change form into animals or only into humans?


Laurence is the strongest of the ten romance options.

Compared to Laurence, the MC character is still very weak. However, this might change during the story. Once you managed to fully control your inherited powers, you might be on par with Laurence.

Trickster can can alter their appearances entirely freely and they can turn into Humans, Animals and even other Non-Humans, if they want to. They can even freely change attributes like their age or gender.


Ok, I have a little bit more Intel about the romance/friendship paths of the romance Options.

Similar to Laurence, each of the romance Options have their own personal conflicts, which haunted them throughout their entire life, like horrible event from the past, inner conflicts or problems with their families.
However, you can help the ROs with their Problems. No matter if you romance them or if you just go for friendship, you can try to help them with confronting their inner demons. Though, this might not always be easy, since some of them went basically through hell itself during the course of their lifes. A extremly gruesome example for this would be Maria’s life before she joined the Hunters. The poor neko girl had probably the worst childhood possible.

Of course you don’t have to help them with their problems, but this would make the romance path for some characters inaccessible. Helping the characters with settling their own conflicts is a vital part for at least some of the romances.

Another important part about the romances is, that you aren’t the only one who could break up with a certain character. Your Partner can do the same, at least in some situations. One of These Situations would depend on the corruption of your character. A lot of you seemed to like the idea of getting corrupted by practicing the forbidden arts or by killing anyone you fight against. However, you should thing twice about the entire corruption thing, at least if you want to romance any of the characters. Corruption is extremly despised by almost all beings within my game, including all of the present romance options. If you are too infected with corruption, you would damage your relations towards the other characters to the point where not even Chris or Mia would want to be close to you.
So, all in all I would recommend to be extremly careful with the entire corruption part. A little corruption doesn’t hurt, but once you reach a certain stage there will be almost no turning back.


@BrachydiosX If Jayce has the power of reincarnation how can he die?


If you go full corrupt could you lose control and eventually attack the ROs and kill them until you get hunted down? And what was Maria like? Finally about the tricksters, do they have any other abilities except shifting and illusions?


If the corruption of your character reaches a critical point, it is quite possible that you might harm those who are close to you. But I would probably leave it by harming and not killing. It’s a little bit complicated to kill of a character within a lengthy story.

Do you mean what happened to her?

Trickster possess, similar to the Kitsune, high magical abilities and a natural affinity towards the eight magical Elements. Robert is especially talented in the arts of the element Air.


Oh so Trickster is like Kitsune but with much better shape-shifting abilities at the cost of no fire abilities.
And I mean like what happened to her at her childhood? Also how did she become an expert in the Hunters at the age of 22. By the way did the others like Mia, Chris etc join the DSR too or it’s just you?


I know exactly who I am picturing as Robert!


To explain what happened to Maria I have to explain a little about her parents.

Maria is the daughter and only child of Andrew and Lucina Hawkins, two Nekomata who lived in a small apartment in Brooklyn New York. Sadly, her family lived just above the poverty line, because of several unfortunated events during the past. However, both of her parents had different ways to deal with the situation.

First there would be Maria’s mother Lucina, a young Nekomata who was often envied by others because of her natural beauty. She always tried to see the positive sides in even the most dire situations and gave her best to support her family. During the day she worked as a secretary in a law firm and during the night she worked as a waitress in a small diner. She used almost every single bit of her income to pay the debts and to care for her family, especially for Maria. She also saved the little bit of income left to buy Maria new clothes or toys and used the little bits of free time she had between her jobs to spend as much time with her daughter as possible. Maria was the most important part of her life and she did everything for her.

Maria’s father Andrew however was the exact opposite. While Lucina was kind and caring, Andrew was selfish and embittered. Though he wasn’t always like this. In the past he was a successful building constructor who had his own company. Sadly, he lost everything because of a certain event in the past, which caused his change of personaliy. He couldn’t find new work and instead used the hard-earned money of his wife for alcohol and gambling. However, even despite his negative character traits Lucina still loved him, because she still saw in him the person she fell in love with. Sadly he didn’t feeled the same for her, which brings us to critcal part of this story.

When Maria was around the age of eleven the gambling problem of her father got slowly out of control, to the point where he even borrowed money from a local crime syndicate. This however put him into a new predicament, because in the end he couldn’t repay the debt. He tried to get the money together but he couldn’t even get close to the demanded sum, since he already sold everything valuable in his possession to finance his addiction. However, he then noticed that there were still two valuable things in his life that could repay his debt and in the end he did the unspeakable.

To save his sorry little ass he sold both his wife and daughter to the crime syndicate to repay his debt. Of course the syndicate was more than pleased with this deal, since female non-humans, especially those with animalistic features, are in high demand on the black market and in the end, both Maria and Lucina were seperatly sold to the highest bidder. Thereafter Maria’s life turned into an endless nightmare, filled with the most unspeakable and gruesome things possible, which lasted for almost five years, until the day where she was saved by Laurence and his Hunter Unit.

After Laurence saved Maria from slavery she begged him to accept him in his Unit, so that she could find and save her mother and help those who are in the same predicament as her. Of Course Laurence couldn’t include her in his Unit, since she was still too young and unexperienced, but he also saw her determination and fighting Spirit. In the end he made her a offer. He would accept her as his trainee and would teach her the arts of combat and tactics, which he acquired during his years as a Soldier. They trained together between his missions and he taught her everything he knew. As it turned out, Maria had a talent for combat and tactics and mastered all of Laurence teachings in almost no time.

This acquired knowledge combined with her natural high physical attributes as a Nekomata turned her into the perfect fighter, who could even keep up with some of the more expirienced Hunters. Then at the age of nine-teen, after three years of constant Training and excercise, she was finally accepted as a Hunter and became, on request of Laurence, a member of Unit Alpha.

Mia and Chris joined the D.S.R. as well. They are also memebers of your team.


Wow that’s really sad :S
Would it be possible to save her mom and kill her dad at some point? Will she approve of killing him though? Also to free others from slavery and destroy the crime syndicates
And I think you meant valuable and not vulnerable
Oh and if you don’t romance people can you still do their storyline and help them?


The most important part of Maria’s storyline is, that you would help her with saving her mom and to destroy the syndicate, which sells non-humans into slavery. In the process, you can also save other non-humans from slavery. Also, another vital part of Maria’s storyline is, that you would help her to find her father and to let him pay for what he did to his wife and daughter. And to answer your one question, Maria would approve of your decision of killing him.

Thanks for the rivision. :grin:

Of Course you can. You don’t have to romance any of the characters to do their storylines or to help them with their problems


Does Maria have any feelings for Lawrence? You said he saved and trained her after all, they probably have a strong bond by now. And are the Hunters like really strong or something? The DSR doesn’t seem to require such serious training to join them like the Hunters do. Couldn’t they destroy the crime syndicates by themselves?


She do has feelings for him, but not in the romantic way. Maria sees Laurence more as a big brother (or sister), who is always there for her and who would protect her in even the most dangerous situations.

Yes, they are. As I explained the Hunter Units consists of the strongest non-human fighters from around the globe.

Of Course they could, but it’s not so easy to destroy entire criminal organization in one stroke. It takes some time. That’s why you could try to help them.


Can we help everyone with their problem in one playthrough ?


Yes you can. However, you won’t be confronted with all the problems of the various characters within only one book. The problems of the various characters are spread throughout the entire story. Some of them are even parts of certain story seasons.


There are two ways of how a Phoenix could die, at least in my world.

If a Phoenix gets deadly injured, their old body would turn into ashes. The Phoenix would rise from these ashes, though not in their old form but instead in the form of a child, basically their younger self. They would need about a week to turn back to their old form. However, this one week is a extremly dangerous time for a Phoenix. They are extremly vulnerable in their resurrected form and can’t use their resurretive abilities as long as they are in this form. If they would deadly injured while being in their resurrected form, they would die.

The other way of how a Phoenix could die, would be simply through old Age. Phoenix’s possess a so-called inner Flame, which burns within them and which gives them their fire manipulative and regenerative abilities. However, the flame starts to slowly dwindle, once a Phoenix reaches a certain age. Once flame has burned out the Phoenix will die.


Will Phoenixes be vulnerable to water magic due to being fire based?


Yes, Phoenixes are vulnerable towards certain arts of the field of Water, like Hydromancy.


Another person added to my hit-list. I’m 2 for 2. Please allow an option to kill and torture Maria’s father SLOWLY and PAINFULLY. I don’t care how many corruption points I get, he deserves the worst possible death.


I think a better ending for him would be selling him to slavery if you could (you probably couldn’t cause you’d destroy the crime syndicates)
It will be very fitting for him to suffer the same thing that he caused, and will cause him to suffer more than simply killing him. It will probably not corrupt you either.
Oh and are Kitsunes vulnerable to water too?