Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



I would like to romance Laurance since i like an older people and i like his personality including Laura since i think it’s pretty interesting he has an alter ego…i also like NIck because he is clumsy and i just want to protect him…

By the way if a straight/gay mc romancing Laurance will they feel uncomfortable with his alter ego or vice versa ?and can you convince him to stay as Laurance since you can convince him to stay as Laura?i’m just curious and sorry if it’s already asked…


I’m not really interested in unusual outfits, but hey, it’s your game, you should write what you like.

I love it. I think it’s really fun to see the characters in a more casual enviroment.

I’m interested in Christian and Laurance. Christian is interesting because I like the change between a friendship and a romance and I also like protective characters :blush:. And Laurance seem like a stoic character who has to carry the world on his shoulders. I think he needs someone to take care of him. I also would like to romance Nick Valentine, just because I couldn’t do it in Fallout


I’m torn between Mia and Laura. Mia because of her cute, shy, innocent personality and Laura for her particular power set, personality and looks. My first MC was/ is going to be a Soulmancer, so Laura and I will make one kick ass team. On the other hand I’m going to kill a guy for my Mia so it’s a tough call.


Laurence is definitely my favorite character/love interest so far, because I have a thing for older, athletic and chivalrous characters.
I’m kinda concerned though if a gay male protagonist can really romance him. Learning to accept his female self seems to be one of if not the most important aspect of his future character development. And while my MC would probably try to help Laurence to accept his female self, he would feel pretty conflicted & devastated himself. Because on the one side he would want to support the person he’s in love with, but on the other side he knows that since he is gay he will never be able to love or be intimate with Laura. :confused:


Actually, I didn’t planned for including any kind of orientation based problems for the romances. Orientation doesn’t really matter in my game and you can basically romance each of the romance options no matter your gender. However, there will be some unique costum made scenes based on the gender of your character.

If you want him to stay as Laurence you don’t really have to do anything. He would stay in his male form on his own. However, a vital part of Laurence romance path is, that you help him to make peace with his female self.


You can alway be friend with Laura


Nick seem interesting, and so the phenix guy.


Don’t worry, that won’t happen. My game won’t contain sexual orientations for the MC or gender-locked romances. I always hated games where you couldn’t romance a certain character because of your gender or orientation. That’s why I will leave this part out of my game.


While I agree, there’s still a difference between being friends and being lovers. :smiley: But I will try to befriend everybody anyway :3

Thank you for your reply :blush: I definitely see where you are coming from. It really sucks if your favorite love interest isn’t interested in your MC because of his/her/their gender. :confused: Personally, I don’t mind characters with set romantic preferences per se…at least if every player still gets 3 or more romance options regardless of his/her/their orientation. I have my own pet peeves too though ^^’

If I may ask, how would a romance between a gay male/straight female MC and Laurence progress? Can you encourage Laurence to accept or at least not to hate his female self but also tell him that personally you still prefer his male self? Would that lock the player out of his romance? :confused: Because on the one hand you tell him to accept himself, but then you also tell him that you prefer his “old” (male) self…which is kinda contradicting :confused: And honestly speaking, if it’s important to him I don’t even want him to stay in his male form. If he starts to prefer his female self, I don’t want him to hold back just for the MC. But as a gay man my MC will only ever be able to have feelings and be attracted to Laurence and not Laura. If Laurence/Laura has feelings for the MC themselves, will he/she keep their (that is the MCs) orientation in mind? Sorry for my rambling and all these questions :persevere: :sweat_smile:


You don’t have to apologize for your questions. I like to answer all of your questions and to explain my game and concepts.

Well then, lets go.

Let’s start with the reason why Laurence isn’t fond of his female form. The reason for this is quite simple. He is embarrased by the cute appearance of his female form, which is the reason why he tries to avoid being seen in this form by others, apart from the other member of his squad (except Felicia for justified reasons). Laurence despises the idea that others would make fun of him because of his cute appearance as Laura. As I explained in my post about him, during fights most of his enemies and opponents taunt him because of his female form, at least until he cuts them into half with a strike of his great swords. But it still leaves it’s marks on him. He simply tries to avoid this kind of situations in his normal life.

However, you can help him to solve his problem. A vital part of Laurence romance path is, that you would help him with accepting his female form and that you convince him, that there is nothing to be embarrased about. Of course you don’t have to help him, but this would basically end the entire romance path. Though, if you manage to help him to be at peace with his female form it would not only boost his affinity towards you, but he might also confess his love to you. In quite a unique way actually, as I explained in one of my previous posts:

After you helped Laurence with getting comfortable with his Laura form, he would usually change his form on a regular base and based on his emotional state. If you are in a relationship with him or if your affinity towards him is high enough you might even be able to say which of his forms you would like to see more often. This would ensure, that you might see Laurence more often and Laura less often. Of course, this would also work the other way around.

Sorry but, since I plan to leave out the part with the sexual orientation, I don’t think this would be important.


Laurence/Laura certainly is a very fascinating character and I’m really looking forward to seeing more of him/her. I’m definitely going to help him accept his female form, although I’m still unsure if I’m going to romance him. Getting kissed by a girl might be a little bit too much for my MC :sweat_smile: But from reading the character descriptions Jayce seems quite interesting as well :smile:

Thanks again for your detailed answer and have a good day/evening/night :slight_smile:


So if I romance him and his un his females form and wants to Kiss the mc or something. I suppose there would not be scenes like that right? I dont want to romance him and then have his female form hitting on me


So have you been working on the new demo?


You don’t have to worry about that. The kiss after Laurence confession would be the first case of “Which of his forms do you prefer?”. You can basically decide, if you want to be kissed by Laurence or Laura.


Ok first, Laura won’t try to hit on you, since she isn’t a separate person. Laura is nothing more than Laurence female form, with a lightly different personality. That means while they might be different in appearance and personality, they are basically still the same person, with same feelings and the same personal characteristics.
Also, as I explained more than once, later on you can decide which of his forms you would like to see more often.


Which characters will you meet in the new demo?
Also is it long or just a short prologue like the old one was?


The new demo is much longer than the old one. That’s why it takes a little longer to finish.

Now in terms to which character you will meet.

Prolog: Chris, Mia, Celica and the mother of the MC
Chapter 1: Tara

This is as far as my work reaches until now. Right now I’m working on the last touches of the Prolog and the beginning of the first chapter.


Do the mothers have a different personality depending on your species or they all behave in the same way?


No, they don’t have different personalities. They all share the same kind and caring personality.


Out of all the ROs which one is the strongest in terms of powers? (Emilia seems the weakest). Also how strong is the MC compared to them? Also what does the trickster specie mean, you said they are shape-shifters. Can they change form into animals or only into humans?