Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



I like the idea of strange outfits. Help with giving a character more personality, as over-the-top as they may seem. I can see myself make a character in kimono, for example.
And the “little vacation” can be good too, as long as are “logical”. Like having to wait for stuff (like reparations, research, simple rest from wounds etc.) so the characters have some time to kill while waiting, so why not take a little relaxing trip somewhere in the meantime? Life is not just for work, after all…:laughing:


Sounds great to me. Looking forward to see what you come up with.


Yes! More outfits :grin: and yes towards the Vacation part too

P.s funny thing is I was going to ask if can we wear an Kimono a long time ago but I forgot to ask😀


I’m hoping we get to meet the trickster soon!


Wish you could play as a demon race then get the butler tuxedo and call your MC Sebastian


I’m sorry if I disappoint you, but you won’t meet Robert all too soon. He will appear later in the story together with the rest of Unit Alpha, except Lana and Yuji.


That means I have more to look forward to!


What anime series are your favorites


Black Butler eh?
Good taste my friend, good taste indeed


Puh, thats a thoughtful question. I like a lot of anime series, but my favorite ones would be:

  • Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
  • Overlord
  • Monster Musume,
  • No game no life,
  • Boku no Hero Academia

and my absolute favorite one, especially in terms of comedy,

  • Seitokai Yakuindomo.

Sidenote: I would really like, to include a few scenes in my game, which might be inspired by scenes from these animes.




I have a little question for you. It is about the romance options of my game. I would really like to know which of the romance options would interest you the most at this Point and maybe even the reason for your choice. Of course, only if you don’t mind. For example, would you like to romance Mia because of her shyness; or Chris because of their lively personality; or Laurence/Laura because of their unusual predicament and lightly different personalities; or maybe Maria because of her love for anime, video games and cosplay.


Seitokai Yakuindomo love this anime watch 5 times, very funny anime


I would like to romance Robert the most because i alway have a thing for mischievous guys and he sounds really interesting as well


:thinking: Shy + Succubus = Great :ok_man:



Maria sound interesting me, she has the same hobbies as me anime and video games part.


I’m mostly conflicted between Mia and Laurence. Mia seems really cute and it will be fun to tease her and see her reactions, and Laurence has the most interesting story with the whole alternate body thing.


Laurence/Laura because it sounds like it would be something for Forben by the D.S.R and I love forben romances


Definetly laura, she is easaly embarrased an that makes her cute


What do you mean by “forben romances”? I never heard this term before.