Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



Does Laura have control on her own or they are both struggling to control the body? I mean if she had full control she could just refuse to wear the bracelet and destroy it instead, making her stay as Laura forever.



I’m a little curious, but would it be possible for the MC to love Laura and Laurence at the same time? Like they care the individual before them, regardless of whether it’s Laurence or Laura since they just see that as one of the aspects of someone they care about? Or do Laurence and Laura see each other as two separate people and may not like the idea of technically sharing the MC (either friendship-wise or romantic-wise)?


Ok, I believe I have to explain a few Things. I’m sorry if I dissapoint you, but Laura isn’t a separated personality. She is simply Laurence female form and he has still full control over his body, even in his female form. The only changes are his appearance and that he gains a few new character traits as Laura, as I explained in the post about her, but that’s it. Also, the main reason why Laurence stays in his original form, is because he is embarrased about the cute appearance of his female self and about the prospect of walking around as a Girl. I mean, just think about it. He basically turned from a tall athletic man into a petite girl, that is over half a meter shorter than his former self. It’s probably understandable, why he is uncomfortable with his female form.

However, as I explained as well, you might be able to help him with his problems. During the course of his romance path/friendship path, you could try to convince to just accept his female self and that there is nothing to be embarrased about. Through this you might even be able to convince him to throw the bracelet away and to simply stay as Laura for the rest of his life.


This would probably be as well one of the possible outcomes of Laurence romance path.
And maybe by saying that you love both of his forms or the person behind all this, you might even be able to help him with accepting both of his selfs.


I’m sorry to bother you again, but I would like to hear your opinion about my concept of Laurence and Laura, if you do not mind. I already know a few of your opinions, but I would still like to know what others might say. Maybe you even still have some questions about Laurence and Laura, that I could try to answer. If not, well I would take that as a good sign that my explanation skills aren’t so bad as I always thought.


I hope there is the option to get back definitively Laurance’s male appearance too…as cute as it is his girl form, it’s just cruel having him in a gender he is not comfortable with.


Personally I’d just stay in the girl form if I were him. It would be really awkward at the start but you get to have soul and fire powers and be really strong, and it’s pretty interesting for a 32 years old man to suddenly become a cute short girl. And it’s technically his natural body now too cause without the bracelet it will be his form. I wonder if it will be possible for him to become Laurence forever though


It doesn’t have to happen soon…or at all, but even just having a cure, to use when he decide that the advantage of a girl body aren’t worth it, can still be, at least psycologically, very good for the character.
Knowing you have a sure “way out” can give you a lot of peace of mind.
I frankly know I would care less about powers if my body was reversed in that of a man :laughing: I would accept it and use the powers if needed until the times are better, than trow them away to get my own body back.


Yeah thinking about it he was a though soldier and a commander and making him become a little girl would look weird, his soldiers might laugh at him too. It would be nice if he could revert to his original body only when he needs the powers. I wouldn’t mind having a different body if I could get strong powers like that but I’m not a soldier or something so I don’t know how he would feel.

By the way I wonder if someone is straight and they become a different gender (with a whole alternate body) would their sexual orientation change suddenly or it will stay the same. And if it stays the same does it mean they’ll be attracted to their own body o.o (like in some anime)
Also one more thing: If he stays as Laura will he ever grow or the body will always stay the same and look like 15 (it would be really weird this way)


Does the blood of a first dragon give an enhanced human other benefits? Like longer lifespan?


Yes, Fengs blood gave Laurence several other benefits besides his fire and soul powers. He gained advanced regenerative abilities, a greatly extended lifespan and his aging process was also incredibly slowed down.

He will grow as Laura, but that would take several times longer as with a regular human, because of his slowed down aging process.

Actually, there is a cure, at least kind of. This cure would be, that they would repeat Laurence Soul Enhancement Process, but they would use the male version of the “Striker-Serum” this time around, with the hope that the same effect, which was triggered by the female version of the Serum, could be repeated. However, this is really, and I mean really dangerous. It is extremly unlikely, that the Serum would have the same effect again, or that he would survive the entire ordeal once more. It was a wonder that he survived the first process in the first place. Laurence might not be happy with his female form, but he wouldn’t risk his life to repeat a process with a Chance of survival that is equal to Zero, even if that means that he has to stay as a Girl for the rest of his life.


(not sure if this question was aimed at me. But I have a few more questions) :sweat_smile:

The explanation felt easy to follow in my eyes. If there’s anything I’m personally curious about in regards to the Laurence and Laura situation is how the matter will be explored.

I originally asked if Laurence and Laura was a case of two different personalities who viewed themselves as their own person due to the fact Laurence chooses to be called by different name (which gives the impression that he wants to be seen as separately from his female dorm as possible). And others seemed to be referring both Laura and Laurence as two different people, so I was a little confused about if Laura was something of a alter ego (though it seems to not be the case).

Now something I’m curious about in regards to the Laurence romance:

In regards to form what does Laurence prefer himself even once he becomes comfortable with his Laura form (it sounds like he prefers being in his male form, though I keep hearing mentions about convincing him to stay in his female form). What sort of situations may make him willing to go into Laura form rather than his Laurence form (if it was just a everyday situation? Since there seems to be a slight shift in personality when the Laura form is taken, what exactly does Laurence/Laura look for while in a romantic relationship? If the MC were to get him to realize that they care about him regardless of his two forms but has yet to confess their feelings to him, how would Laurence confess his own romantic feelings for the MC?

Also a little off the original discussion, but does being from a particular origin effect some things in when creating a bond of any type with once of the characters? Like if I chose to be a Grey Wolf, would some characters harbor a bit of wariness in the beginning toward them or are certain ROs naturally attracted to the race?


Can the old dragons die? If you threw a nuclear missile at them for example would they get injured at all?


That would vary. If you help him with getting comfortable with his Laura form, he would probably change his form on a regular base and based on his emotional state.
Also, once you helped him with his Problem you might even be able to say which of his forms you like to see more often. For example during his romance-path you could say something like:

“I love you no matter your appearance or form. Though I still have to admit, that you look quite cute as a girl.”

Something like this might ensure, that he would stay more often in his Laura form, even in public.

Laurence would usually change back to Laura once he is back at home. That is mainly because his Bracelet has to recharge on a regular base. In public he prefers his male form. He would also change back into Laura if he trains his powers or attributes. Also, he would usually stay as Laura if he is in the company of people he cares about and who won’t make fun about his female form.

Laurence/Laura would look for someone, even if they don’t realize this at first, who would accept them just the way they are. Basically someone who accepts both of Laurence forms. Also, Laurence would look for someone who might help him with accepting his female self.

If you helped him with his personal problem of accepting his female self, he would confess his love to you in quite a unique way. Laurence would start his confession with telling you how grateful he is about your compassion and that he has, thanks to you, got things straightened out with himself and accepted his female self. To prove that he has actually accepted his female self, he would take off his bracelet and continue his confession as Laura. She would tell you how much she started to care about you during all your time together and that she has developed some romantically feelings for you. At this point you can say that you feel the same way for her/him, which would lastly end with a kiss.

A interesting question. You see, you can romance all of the ten romance options, no matter your gender, origin or species. Of Course, some of the romance Options have their own preferences, which means that they would be more attracted towards a certain gender or species. This would also lead to some unique interactions or conversations between the MC and the specific romance option.

First there are those characters who don’t have any preferences like Chris, Emilia, Laurence/Laura and Jayce.
Then there are those characters who are especially attracted towards certain species; like Tara, who is especially attracted towards the Grey Wolf MC, Kitsune MC or Raiju MC because of their cute animalistic features; Robert, who is especially attracted towards the Half Dragon MC because he is fascinated by their sentinent powers; Maria, who is attracted towards the other two yokai species, especially towards the Cat Raiju MC; and Sophia who is especially attracted towards the Soulmancer MC because of their unusual and unique Soul Weapons.
Lastly there are those character who are especially attracted towards a certain gender; like Nick, who is especially attracted towards the male MC, because he just feels more comfortable in the presence of other male characters; and Felicia who is especially attracted towards the female MC, because of some, well let’s say, “special” reasons.


Of Course they can die. Every existing being can die, even the first Dragons. There just aren’t many things that could harm let alone kill one of the eight elder Dragons.

Nope. Not even a scratch.


In few strange eons even death will die


Laurence/Laura reminds me of a anime called Ranma ½


They remind me of a game called How to Take Off Your Mask. The MC there was a girl but she was like a responsible,mature, old sister type and she was turned into a young catgirl who is more needy and childish.


Hey everyone. I hope I don’t bother you, but there are still a few questions in my mind regarding some future Content or Features within my game, for which I would like to hear your opinion again, if it’s ok for you.

First however, there is one single piece of Information about Laurence/Laura which I had forgot to include in my post yesterday.
I told you yesterday, that Laurence usually stays as Laura in the Company of People he cares about, like his teammates. However, that wasn’t entirely right. He always tries to avoid taking on his female form while being in the company of Felicia. Main reason for this was a lightly unpleasant encounter with the Arachne where Laurence, or rather Laura, became unwillingly a part of Felicia’s “unsettling” Hobbies. Since that day he always keeps his guard up while being alone with Felicia.

Next up is a part which would be important in the second chapter of the game. During the second chapter you could choose what kind of clothes your character would wear for their job and everyday life. For this, you could choose from a selection of various Outfits for your character. This selection would be a little similar to the one from the old Prolog. Until now all the outfits which are available would be quite normal. However, since I would like to make my game a little bit like an Anime, I was curious if you would be interested in a few more unusual Outfit options for your character? Like a Butler Tuxedo for the male MC, a Maid Dress for the female MC or maybe even a Kimono. Basically outfits that usually wouldn’t really count as “normal” everyday clothes.

Would you like a feature like that?

Lastly is something which is nothing more than a idea right now, but I would still like to hear your opinion about this idea.
As I already said, I would really like to make my game a little bit like an Anime, including a Story which splits into several Seasons. As a lot of you probably know, is that most Animes have something like “Vacation Episode’s” where the main characters would usually travel to some kind of Holiday Locations like a beach or hot springs and somehow, I would really like to include something like this in my own game.

Maybe after the first Season, the MC and their teammates could travel to some kind of Tropical Location and just spend a week at the beach to recover from their wounds and to get a little time to relax. This might even lead to some new adventures (including seeing all the romance options in swimwear).

Well then, how do you like this little idea of mine?


The unusual outfits aren’t something I personally would di but I think it would please alot of people. And about the vacation maybe add a way where the teammates force the mc to go.