Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



Does this only works with the bullests, or is lichtblick also capable of slaying spiritual beings?


Yes, Lichtblick is also capable of slaying spiritual and supernatural beings.


Has lichtblick been inspired by an actual sword, or is it your invention? I am a sword-buff but i have never heard of lichtblick before


Lichtblick is my own Invention. Of course there is a story behind the sword, especially behind the name. If you pick the Duelist as your species, you will learn the entire Story throughout the Course of the book.
If you are intersted, I could post a few small details about Lichtblick. It would be nothing too spoilery, just some simple informations.


Sword-buff here :grin: of course i am interested


Good to know. :grin:

Alrighty then, here we go.

Lichtblick is a graceful silver Rapier, with a thin and extremly sharp blade. The blade itself emits a soft white light, which increases during fights or if you are in danger.
One of the most distinguish features of Lichtblick is it’s “Guard”. The “Guard” of the sword has the shape of a nine tailed Fox. The body of the fox forms the knuckle-bow, while seven of it’s tails form the crossguard. The two remaining tails wrap themself around the base of the blade in a helical pattern.
However, the probably most interesting part about Lichtblick are the engravings. There are two unique engravings on each side of the blade, just above the tip of one of the two fox tails. The first engraving is the name “Lichtblick”, which is engraved in beautiful italic letters on one side of the blade. The engraving on the other side of the blade however, is a little bit different. It is a sentence, which is written in german. The engraving reads:

“In den dunkelsten Stunden, wenn die Hoffnung schwindet und Verzweiflung seinen Platz einnimmt, werde ich für dich da sein und dich schützen. Ich werde für dich da sein, als dein Schimmer der Hoffnung. Als dein Lichtblick.”

“In the darkest hours, when hope dwindles and despair takes its place, I will be there for you and protect you. I will be there for you as your guiding light. As your ray of hope.”


Nicely done, someone did their homework :grin:
Though instead of “Strahl der Hoffnung” I recomend “Hoffnungsschimmer”, translated it is the same but the meaning is slightly different


That makes sense. Thanks!



Thank you for your advice. I adjusted the text a Little and it does sound much better now.


no problem, if you wish to use more german terms i am at your service


Thank you for the offer, but I’m german myself. Nonetheless I could still need a second opinion on a few future terms. The Duelist Path will contain a lot german terms and phrases and a little feedback would be quite appealing, if it’s ok for you.


Whoopsie daisy, i was trying to guess why you would use german of all lanuages, but that you are a fellow, was actualy a reson i ruled out.

sure thing, i can do that, just let me know if you have questions


Do the Soulmancer weapons have limits? For example could the sword get broken if you hit something too hard or the gun run out of ammo and stop working? Or you could re-materialize them at any time even if they get broken?


Soulmancer can keep their soulweapons active as long as they like, since those weapons are a manifestation of their souls.
“Lichtblick” for example can cut through almost all non-magical materials and would never lose it’s sharpness. “Lawbringer” on the other hand would never run out of ammo, since the bullets are also made out of your soul energy.
However, there are still some limits. Soul Weapons aren’t indestructible. Powerful attacks or high tier spells could destroy them. A destroyed soul weapon would also have an impact on the Soulmancer itself. It weakens them and leaves them vulnerable for a varying period of time, based on the inflicted damage. However, a Soulmancer can easily re-materialize their Soul Weapon, once they have recovered from the damage.


Could you destroy something like a tank with these weapons (do tanks even exist in your world?)
Also how common are supernatural people among the population? Like how many supernaturals there are for every 1000 humans or so.


The entire story takes place in the year 2020, so yes Tanks and other military engines exist in my world.
Regarding the part the Soul weapons, yes you could destroy a Tank, if you enhance your weapon with your Soul energy. The Duelist for example could cut a Tank in half, while the Gunslinger could destroy a Tank by changing their bullets to armor-piercing ammunition.

Non-humans are extremly common among the normal population. There are hundrets of different species and even more sub-species, who live hidden amongst the humans. For example, if you would take 1000 People, at least the half of them would be non-humans.


How come humans are unaware of their existence if they are so common? Surely some of them would show themselves at some point. Besides if the population is so large they are not even in danger, if the human governments would declare war against non-humans the non-humans would probably win and rule the world.


if i had to guess for the sake of a peaceful life


Yep, you are right with your guess. Most non-humans want nothing more than to live a normal and peaceful life.


Not everyone is peaceful though, in a real life scenario some would declare war and demand their own country probably.