Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



Creepy but sounds highly interesting.


Hello everyone. I’m really sorry to bother you again, but I could need your opinion one last time on one of my ideas, before I can finally finish my work. This time it regards a central character of the story, who might have gone a little unmentioned during the last few months. The character I’m talking about is the mother of MC, who will play an important roll during the course of the story. I don’t know if some of you remember this from one of my earlier posts, but the firstname of the MCs mother will change depending on your choosen species.

  • Kitsune: Misaki
  • Half Dragon: Alice
  • Grey Wolf: Emma
  • Raiju: Sayaka
  • Duelist: Lina
  • Gunslinger: Caitlyn

Now to my idea. The concept for this is as follows. If you choose Half Dragon as your species and get to the part where you can choose your surname (the Options for the surnames will be the same as in the old Prolog), you will get the chance to unlock a special “easter egg”. If you pick the surname “Kobayashi” as a Half Dragon, the firstname of your mother would be changed from Alice to Tohru (I hope everyone gets the reference). I though I could create some new unique scenes through this, which might even have an small impact for some future parts of the story.

So, what do you think about this little idea of mine?


Uuu bit of easter eggs so to speak
I would like to see more of em if you have time and willpower to make em


Wouldn’t the mother’s name be Maru if we went with Kobayashi?


(20 Characters and then some)


I’m really sorry, but the the easter-egg regarding the name Kobayashi is supposed to be an reference on the anime “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid”.


I only watch the first ep of that anime, i plan on watching when it had more eps but i forgot about it

Quick question: do we get a maids uniform with the reference


Do you mean, if you get a uniform for your character or if your mother is constantly wearing one?


Us, the Main character


Hmm. :thinking:

A Maid Uniform might be a little bit unusual as everyday clothes, but honestly why not. I like the idea. Maybe I include it as a option when you can choose your clothes in chapter one.
I could also include, that your mother would be wearing a Maid Uniform as well. That would make the entire “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid” reference probably much better.


Isn’t Kobayashi the mother and Kanna the daughter though?


Yes, but if you look at the overall picture, it’s basically that both Tohru and Kobayashi are the parents and Kanna is their daughter.
Also, one of the choices for the first name of the female MC is “Kanna”.


Though once Riko hits marriageable age I wouldn’t put it past her to be like Tohru and go on the offensive with Kanna or the other way around. lol.







I have good news everyone. I’m will be finally finished with my exams this coming week. To be more precisely, my last exam will be on Thursday, which means that after Thursday, I will finally be able to finish the last bits of the Prolog. Who knows, maybe I can even manage to finish it before the end of the next week.

However, there is still something else to say. It is basically the last small change for one of the species. This time, it’s about the appearance Grey Wolf. As you all already know, since I explained it more than once, the distinguish features of the Grey Wolf MC consist of Wolf ears, a bushy tail and fur which covers parts of their arms and legs. However, what I might have forgotten to say, is that the color of both your fur and tail won’t match with the color of your hair. Instead your fur and tail will have a grey and white Color. This grey fur represents the most unique and distinguish feature of the Grey Wolf species.
However during the course of the Prolog, your character will have black and white fur at first, which is bascially their “childhood fur”. Once they reach a certain age, their fur would change it’s color from black to grey. This “change of coat” is essentially their entering into adulthood.

Lastly, I have one more thing. I looked a little bit around and found this following picture. I found it extremly cute and liked to imagine, that it might be a picture of the young Grey Wolf MC with her Mother. I’m really sorry if the picture might be a little bit inappropriate for some of you, but I hope you like it nethertheless.


Aww! That’s so adorable!


How cute that how most of us probably imagined the grey wolf


I found this one of a half dragon.


I like the premise a lot, it kind of reminds me of Men in Black or Bright (except no one knows about it). My only concern is if I choose the gunslinger option, how would I fight a ghost, perhaps I have a partner that knows magic? You mentioned a team, so perhaps everyone has specialties. Please post a demo.


Since your gun is a materialization of your spirit, it would make sense your bullets are spiritual in nature too. So I’m pretty sure it would harm a ghost, since in essence they are both spiritual in nature.


Yes, the Revolver, or the Soul Weapon, of the Gunslinger is a manifestation of their soul. The bullets are as well made out of their soul energy, which gives them the ability to hurt other supernatural and spiritual beings.
It’s also quite interesting to say, that you could alter the form and scope of your bullets, since as a Soulmancer you would possess the ability to manipulate the energy of your soul freely.