Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



You don’t have to thank me, I love to reply to posts.
As for the other part, I have actually planned for a scene, where the MC could go full rampage mode, once he/she sees, what that guy tries to do to Mia. Let’s just say the leader of the Group tries to do some inappropriated things to her. This would basically lead to the awakening of the MC powers. Thereafter, I would give you the Option to either try to hold yourself back, or to simply ignore restraint and go full rampage mode.

If you decide to go for the rampage Option, you would get a different Scene based on your choosen species. The Grey Wolf would go into full beast mode (including claws and fangs), the Kitsune would basically summon the Flames of hell itself, the Raiju would create a destructive thunder storm and the Half Dragon, well that will be a suprise, but everyone should know that you don’t piss off a Dragon.
As for the Soulmancer, well you would go into full demon mode, which would basically look like this:


That’s wicked cool mate.


:fox_face: Foxy thinks it freaking cool.

And. I dont want to admit ( why people say that when they are going to admit things?) but i thought about a harasser-meanie as well. Im reluctant to describe the scene i imagined though, its kinda…too much :eyes:


A rather interesting concept, well done if i might say so.
As a fencer, i can say that the duelist will turn out perfect. Though they are actually a bit more agile, but it doesnt matter, still well done cant wait for more


Thank you for your kind words. :grin:


[spoiler] I see you changed her original description in the mass character bio’s lol. I remember before her bio said she had enhanced physical abilities. But it contradicted with her lack of succubus proficiency, so I can see why you changed her to a supporter. Can’t wait to have her as my RO and fight together. Me kicking ass and taking names as a Soulmancer while she rain’s down hell from afar and gives me some TLC if I get hurt afterwards.

Also, that Soulmancer pic looks freaking awesome, too bad I can’t save it because of the spoiler text. Would it be possible to add the pic without the spoiler? [/spoiler]

Edit- not sure if it works on your end, but on mines the spoiler isn’t working.


Changed my previous Post, so that you can Save the picture.


Dead eye seems kinda disappointing compared to the other Ultimas, like you have things like total annihilation or wrath of the old gods which sound really epic compared to it.
By the way does the MC have any childhood/current friends except Chris and Emilia? Or you’d meet more people later and they’d either become friends, rivals or acquaintances depending on your choices.
Also I’ve just noticed an error, it says: He turns his attention back at you “I’m really sorry little lamb, but it seems that I have to end our little liaison a little bit earlier. I do hope that you aren’t to upset.” To upset should be too upset


Dead Eye isn’t so disappointing as you might think. The skill lets you slow down and even stop the time around you. The time stoping effect, would effect everything around you, except you and your Bullets, which will still move with normal speed. Also I like the name for the ability. It might Not Sound as epic as some of the other Ultimatas, but in terms of powers it can still compared with them.

Only Chris and Emilia are childhood friends of the MC. The only other important characters that you will meet during the Prolog are the MCs mom and Celica. For the other characters, you will meet all of them during the course of the story. How these other characters see you, will more or less depend on your Choices.


Oh so it’s basically a bullet time ability. Does it last a while or just a few seconds? Also could powerful enemies have immunity to it? If it lasts more than a few seconds and can’t be countered it would be really powerful, you could kill anybody while dodging any sort of attack towards you.


Dead Eye gives you Full Control about the tides of time and theoretically you could keep it up as long as you like. However, like I explained in One of my first Posts, Ultimatas consum an tremendous amount of energy, which means that the MC could hold up the time stopping effect of Dead Eye only for a couple of seconds, at least at first.


Then I guess ultimatas are more of emergency abilities than actual skills you can use, until you get more power at least. What does the other ultimatas do? Like Fenrir’s Howl for example or the duelist one.
Oh and I’ve found another typo: “All those feelings. The fear and the pain. It felt so real. To real for just normal dream. No, not a dream. That was a nightmare of the worst possible kind.” To real should be Too real.


At first at least. Ultimatas are the most strongest powers within the world of my game. Since the MC is still quite young, its only natural, that it will take some time, until they can fully control their Ultimata.
As for the other Ultimatas, I still have to work out some details about a few of them, but I will post a small overview about the effects of each of the Ultimatas with the next update.


When you try to clean your screen then realize that’s spoiler tags :confounded:


What do all the Ultimata abilities do?


I’m really sorry but, like I explained in my earlier Post, I still have to work on a few details about some of the Ultimatas. I will post a throughout overview about the effects of each of the Ultimatas with the next update, which will also include the new Prolog.


The story so far sounds good and the monster you can play as really cool, can’t wait to see more about this keep the good work up.:+1::grinning:


how about putting the link to the description in the first post?


Alright everyone, I have a few last informations, about the Prolog, the new Story and the ROs. Well then, here we go.

The first piece of Information is about the School Clubs. During the Prolog you can choose one of six Clubs, which will boost one of your Attributes. These Clubs are:

  • Fencing Club - Finesse
  • Archery Club - Perception (former known as Accuracy)
  • Track and Field Club - Agility
  • Boxing Club - Strength
  • Judo Club - Defense
  • Arcane Research Club - Magic

The next Piece of Information regards the ROs. It is about the body height of each of the RO. While I already have given you a lot informations about the ROs, I thought this could help to clear out the Picture a Little bit more.

  • Chris: 172 cm
  • Emilia: 159 cm
  • Tara: 135 cm
  • Maria: 168 cm
  • Nick: 176 cm
  • Robert: 190 cm
  • Sophia: 165 cm
  • Jayce: 187 cm
  • Laurence: 197 cm

The next Information is, again, something about the ROs. Well, honestly its not actually new informations, its more some kind of play of thoughts. But back to task. I was always a huge fan of Anime and somehow I always imagine every story I read or imagined in a anime style. The same applies for my game and concept. What I find particulary interesting, are the varying character personalities that exist for the various characters. Because of my fascination, I spent a Little bit of time browsing through the personality types and tried to find a matching one for each of my ROs. It might be not interesting for a few of you, but I still would like to share my discoveries.

  • Chris: Deredere
  • Emilia: Hajidere
  • Tara: Kuudere
  • Maria: Nyandere
  • Nick: Dojikko
  • Jayce: Tsundere
  • Sophia: Haraguro

Sadly I couldn’t find matching personalities for Robert and Laurence.

Alright, last but not least I have something that might the more interesting for you. I told you before that I discarded my old story concept and started to work on a new one. I finished the Basic concept and idea for my new story and I would like to share it with you. (I will also update the front page)

The story takes place in a world were all kinds of supernatural beings, monsters and mytholoigical creatures exists. All those creatures from stories or legends, like Vampires, Ghosts, Zombies, Angels, Demons and Dragons, are real and most of them try to live a normal life besides the humans. Sadly, not all of them are entirely peaceful. A few of These supernatural beings prefer to cause Trouble and to commit crimes. May it be because of there hatred towards humans or to simply satisfy their own Needs, all of those beings have their own motiviation, which makes them a serious danger for both humans and non-humans alike. That’s were you come in. You are a Agent of the D.S.R., the Department for Supernatural Regulations, a secret governmental agency with the task to protect both humans and non-humans from threats of supernatural origin. However, since the humans are still unaware of the existence of supernatural beings and non-humans, you have to operate from out of the shadows, while making sure to not expose yourself, since you are, like most Agents of the D.S.R., a supernatural being yourself.

The plot: You and your Team just finished your latest field mission, when you are already assigned to a new case. A young non-human was brutally tortured and killed by an unknown assailant and you and your team are tasked to gather evidences to catch the killer. However, the case turns rather quick into an unexpected nightmare, as you are confronted with occurences that are even strange for supernatural standarts and which turn the entire case into something, that lies far above your operating range. Will you still be able to catch the killer before he can strike again?


So are we no longer going to be a magical creature?