Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



Thank you for sharing! :grinning:


Honestly there’s already information on all of the characters up in the first post of this thread. So yeah you’re welcome. Lol


I was having some trouble with the page.


You spelt “Prolog” wrong, it should be Prologue


No I didn’t. The word Prolog exists in two forms. Prolog and Prologue.


Sorry, my mistake, but Prologue is more commonly used


Nice pictures, Sophia looks cute too. Though just like in her description, her look hides a hint of danger under those eyes. She looks nice enough, but get on her bad side and you’ll catch a scythe to the neck. :rofl:


Nice one :joy:

But honestly, you might not be far off with your assumption.


What I just realized is, that I haven’t given you much informations about the course, that leads to the Encounter with the assailants, like the involved characters, that are with you at that time or the actions, that led to the confrontation.
So here is another question. Would you like to hear those informations or would you rather prefer to get suprised?


I’m kind of torn between the two. For me, if the new version will be public soon, I’d prefer to be surprised. However, if its quite a ways off, I’d say share the information.


How about this. I post it, but blur it as a Spoiler. Everyone who wants to read the informations can do it and all the others simply ignore it and wait for the update.

Well then, here we go.

Warning Spoiler:

The Events that lead to the confrontation: The MC will be on their way back home from school after Club Activities, together with Chris and Mia. However on their way home, the three are confronted by a Group of older classmates. They aren’t the biggest fans of the MC and have decided, to teach the MC a “rough” lesson. Main reason for this is a dispute between the MC and the Leader of the Group which happened earlier in the Prolog and serves as one of the definings for the personality of your character.
But back to the Task. The Group will attack you and you will have to fight against them. Though, only you and Chris will fight, since Mia is more a Supporter than a Fighter. From that Point on there are the two versions that I already talked about.
Version A: You and Chris will fight against all of the older students at once. While doing so, you will be given the option to either use your natural Attributes only, which would make the fight harder, or you can use your supernatural powers to defeat them or to scare them off. This however would also expose yourself as a non-human.
Version B: This is a little bit similar to A, though in this case you would only use your natural Attributes against the older students and defeat them on this way. However the leader of the group managed to slip away during the tangle of the fight and managed to take Mia as a hostage, while you and Chris were busy fighting his friends. Thereafter he will threaten you to harm her if you don’t retreat. As already said, seeing Mia in danger would let your powers awaken and you would use them to save her and maybe, if you want to, to make sure that the leader of the Group won’t try to mess with you or your friends ever again.

And, that’s it. Please tell me if there any questions.


Awesome, looking forward to awakening my powers to save Mia and in the process kill that prick. I love being able to kill those in games that do me wrong/push me too far.


One more Thing that I might have forgot to say. Mia is Emilias nickname, which is, at least for me, one more reason to let that guy suffer, since he tried to harm the shy and innocent Succubus.


I was wondering who Mia was lol. I’m with you there, hurting my future innocent, succubus wife, ain’t no other punishment than death for that heathen.


Is there a chance we could curb stomp the dude that tries to hurt Mia?


Yes, you will be given the choice, to either hold yourself back or to let him suffer for hurting Emilia.


Well I know what I’m gonna do then. :slight_smile:


What if Mia tried to free herself? :eyes:
Do you intend to add choices before the fight ? for personality purposes? like, when confronted MC says somwthing like “eh? huum cool… fuck off” ( aloof ) ?


To answer your first question. As I explained earlier, Emilia is more a Supporter than a Fighter. She is physically quite weak, which would make it almost impossible for her to free herself.
As for your other question. Yes, you will be given the oppurtunity to talk with the leader of the Group before the fight starts. As you already said, this would also serve as a Option to build up your personality. During the conversation you could insult him, try to be diplomatic or, as you already said, simply say “fuck off”


Thanks for the reply :smile: :fox_face:
As for the first answer, yep i know shes weak. What i tried to imply though is that by trying to free herself, she would end up getting hurt, either by herself (?) or the bad guy ( in an attemp to quiet her down :speak_no_evil: ) ? and that would trigger something ( MC, all might mthrfckr- mode ON => hell breaks loose)? Maybe? :thinking:
For the second answer: Thats is great, really looking foward to telling meanies to fuck off :fox_face: