Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



there is hope! :smile:


During the last Days I had time to reconsidered my idea and in the end I decided against gender-locked romances. So don’t worry, you will be able to romance all the ROs regardless the gender you picked for your character.


Well now you just made it necessary to romance her.


I have a question for everyone who would like to play as a Raiju. As you all know, the distinguish features of the Raiju MC consists of a long tail, lightly pointed ears and thin markings on their face. However, one of the distinguish features of the Raiju species is, that they can appear in various beastly shapes.

So here is my question. Would you like to get the option to choose the animalistic appearance of your character for later on in the story?

If so, I would give you the option to choose between four animalistic appearances. You could choose between Wolf, Cat, Fox or Dog.


Of course! It’s great idea, and I belive someone alredy ask you about this feature.
Is this only cosmetic or will it affect gameplay/stats?


I don’t mind whatever it is there or not, others may like the idea. :thinking: It would be good imo if this affect the story (whatever it is something minor or not) or/and there some kind of reaction from other characters.


It won’t affect the stats. It’s more a cosmetic change, which would have a slight impact on the story. It would also cause for different reactions from the other characters.


definitely yes, if it’s not too much work


I’m not saying that I would play as a Raiju, and I’m not saying that I wouldn’t. Witht that being said, does seem like a nice choice to be able to choose the beastly appearance.


I would love to choose my Beast form😀
@Kiogu1 i ask about that a long time a ago


Hello everyone. It’s been a while since I posted something new, and I’m really sorry about that, since I know that a lot of you would like to experience the story that I imagined for my game. Sadly, that won’t be the case anymore. I’m really sorry to say this, but you won’t be able to play my originally imagined story. At least not in the proper sense.

During the last months, since I posted the demo, I tried to write the Story just the way I imagined it to be. In the end I had almost two chapters done. However I noticed something. I noticed that the Story was kind of hollow. It was extremly long-winded and didn’t made any Kind of Progress, story wise. I was a little bit shocked, when I noticed that and tried to rewrite it. Sadly, to no avail. I rewrote these two chapters several times, but they always ended up the same way.
At Long last, I decided to do something that might seem a little bit grave. I decided to discard my old idea and to start completely from the scratch with a new story.

It’s important to note, that I only discarded my concept for the Story. The species, skills, ROs, characters, powers etc. will all remain the same. So don’t worry. You can still play as a Half Dragon while romancing Emilia (or any of the other RO).

Right now I’m writing on a new Prolog. If everything works fine I will post it by the end of January or at the beginning of February.

Again, I’m really sorry that I’ll let you wait that long, but I hope you understand the reason for the delay.


You don’t need to apologize about scrapping the story. Yes I am sure some people will be a bit miffed but that is their problem not yours. Remember this is your creation and we can all of us fans suggest concepts and ideas but that is all. So if you want to scrap and remake by all means do so. It is your creation after all and don’t feel bad about it. I would rather have a story you created that you felt good about making rather than having a story you hated making.


Hello again. For everyone who is interested, the new Prolog is making good Progress and I hope, that I can finish it as soon as possible. However, a new Problem has arisen and I came here to ask for your advice.

It is as follows. The Prolog will take place in the past of the MC. To be more precisely during their School time. At first you will create your character (name, gender, eye- and haircolor, height, hairstyle) and choose your species. Then you will be introduced to the world the Story takes place in, as well as meet the first relevant characters. During the course of the chapter you will also make choices, which will build up your character.
Then, at the end of the Prolog you will be confronted by some “less friendly” individuals. This first Encounter will serve as an introduction to the use of your attributes for combat. You will also be able to use your powers for the first time.

However, now comes the complicated part. It’s about the part where you use your powers against your assailants. For this part I came up with two ideas:

The first idea is quite simple. In this case you have your powers right on from the beginning of the Prolog and simply use them against your assailants. Of Course you would get an throughout Explanation about them beforehand.

The second idea is a little bit different. In this case you haven’t developed your powers yet and only use your natural attributes against your assailants. However at the end of the fight one of the assailants takes someone close to you as a hostage and threatens to harm them if you don’t retreat. Seeing your friend in danger lets something awaken inside you, which causes your powers to show themself for the first time in your life. Then you would use them to save your friend and ensure, that your assailants regret their life choices.

Alright and now comes my question. Which one of those two ideas is more appealing to you? I’m ok with both, but I cant decided which one of them I should take. Thats why I would like to hear your opinion on this matter.

  • Let the MC have their powers right on from the beginning.
  • Let them awaken their powers during the fight to save their friend.

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Hard to choose

( in my mind)
-in case MC have power from the beggining.
He could use them in the begining of the fight ( remaining assailants get scared, taking a hostage) , or try to go human mode ( which doesnt work well, leading to hostage scene)

-In case of awakend powers
he was with them(friends) by the time they were assaulted. or he could be nearby walking( on his way home maybe?) he was already there/ he found them, try to fight, fail, hell breaks loose

too many possibilities. Both are fine . :fox_face:


Looking forward to seeing the new stuff!


This is hard. The first one certainly are the simplest, but the idea of MC who still in school to be able stand against assailants is unbelievable to me, of course unless MC have some training(s) or/and have strong powers. This is assuming these assailants do strong and not some weaklingreckless group.

I like the second idea, but it certainly will not effective to MC who didn’t care to their friend(s) or/and a loner. This alone make me leaning more to the first one. I fine either way though.

I do have suggestion(if you don’t mind), how about if MC fight these assailants, and then MC’s power awaken because they struggled? :thinking: Or is that are your first idea?


Love the character descriptions and the pictures you chose for Tara and Maria. I always liked cute characters over the hot/sexy types. Of which Emilia, Tara and Maria fit the bill of, especially Tara lol. Looking forward to which pictures you use for the other female’s.

As for the fight, I’m more for the friend in danger option.

In that scenario, your mc could get pissed at being told what to do, especially being told to retreat like a coward. Which would give way to angry emotions, etc that would kick start their powers.


Now that you mention it, I already found matching pictures for the remaining characters.





And that’s the pictures for all the ROs. I hope you like my choices.


Which one is the trickster?


Robert is the trickster