Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)




The tricksters help make the story happen! :slight_smile:


@BrachydiosX I was wondering something about the Kitsune; why not just have the ears be same same color as the tail instead of the hair? I mean, it just seems kind of odd that the only two defining features of a fox the main character has are two different colors. Would it not make more sense if they were the same? Regardless of the hair color.


An interesting idea. However, there is a reason why the tail of the Kitsune MC has a different color. The white tail is supposed to be a inherited feature within the Family of the Kitsune MC. So I thought, it would be more matching to give the ears the same color as their hair.


Does it or will it have any impact on story, or will it like ever going to come up in Kitsune play through…like is someone going to say “Hey it’s that white tailed wolfy of (blah blah) family” or something?


Yes, it will have an impact for later on in the Story.

Spoiler: It will be an important detail for when you learn more about your family and the past of your mother.


Oh, lol, never noticed that the tail was a different color because I gave my character white hair, interesting.


@Renzenar Maybe I should follow your lead in that


So one thing I found weird was “you keep it open” in terms of hair… What does that mean? It’s kinda a weird statement.


The term was supposed to mean, that your hair simply falls down your back.

Simply like this:


Is this connected to MC ultimata? :smile_cat: Every MC race inherit something (sword, tail, thin markings etc.) and you alredy told us that ultimata is inheritable, right?


I don’t want to say to much about this, since I don’t want to spoil the Story for you, but yes, the Ultimata of the MC is, like the various inherited features, connected to their family.
Though, it’s also important to say, that the MC doesn’t know that they possess something so powerful. Let’s just say that they are more or less clueless about their real powers. The only persons who actually know about them are their Mother, Chris and Celica. However, they keep it as a secret from the MC for a good reason.


You could always change it to “You keep you hair down”.


aw, so i can’t romance him as a male? :disappointed_relieved:


Don’t worry, I’m still working on that Part. Right now this part with the gender-locked romances is only a idea and nothing is set yet.


Just as I said

Straight/Bent RO are fine if done correctly.


A few new informations:

Each of the romance options have different interests and hobbies and I thought you would like to hear them.

Emila loves to read. She would read everything, from crime fiction to fantasy novels and she could probably spend hours simply with reading. However, her greatest talent lies in her cooking skills. Emilia is actually a masterful cook, though she is too shy to admit it.

Tara likes to tinker on machines (especially those with complex mechanisms). She absolutely adores cute things like small animals or cute clothes. She also loves sweets.

Chris loves to be active. They practice various sports, like Basketball or Hiking. However their greatest interest lies in martial arts.

Even though it’s hard to imagine, but Maria is actually quite a nerd. She loves things like video games, anime and even cosplay. She even goes to conventions in her free time.

Long Story short, he loves to stir up trouble. He likes to play pranks or to trick others, however, he would never harm anyone with his mischief.

Laurence is a very talented musician and he can play both the piano and the violin with masterly skill.

Nick spends a large part of his free time as a voluntary in an animal shelter. He loves animals and likes to help them to find a new home. Even though he often breaks things or creates chaos, he always tries to give his best.

Jayce is quite a good artist, who is mostly focused on sketching and painting. Most of his drawings are characterized by a tremendous amount of Detail. Above all, he loves to paint other supernaturals in their true appearance.

Sophia is quite talented in the various performing arts, like dancing or acting. However, her greatest talent lies in the vocal art. She is a gifted singer and never fails to enchant or to mesmerize her listeners with her beautiful singing voice.


Lol, a shy succubus with books and great cooking skills, who eats human emotions, a cat waifu cosplaying catwaifu and reading/waching cat waifu, a zombie who love sports and a cyborg who loves cute things (and guns)
You really like contrast :smile:


Well. I try my best to create unique and interesting characters.:grin:


Since I posted a Little bit about the interests of the romance Options yesterday, I thought I could post a little bit more about them. This time however, it’s about their appearance.

When I made the concepts for these characters, I had something like a mental image for each of these characters inside my head, which helped me to give them their traits and personalities. Sadly i’m not good at sketching or drawing and so, I couldn’t visualize those Images. Instead I searched the Internet and actually found a few Pictures, which represent my ideas for the appearance of a few of the ROs quite well. I wanted to share my discoveries with you.





It’s important to say, that the Basic concept of Maria’s appearance is inspired by the character Hanekawa from the Monogatari Series.



Similar to Maria, Chris’s concept is as well inspired by an already existing character. Chris’s concept is inspired by the character Zombina from the anime Monster Musume. I really liked her character and so, I wanted to include a similar character in my game.


Note: Christina’s appearance will more or less correspond with the shown pictures (except for the stitches and the different colored skin). Christian’s appearance will be similar in regards of eyes and hair, but of course he will have more masculine Body.

Sadly, I only found matching pictures for these five characters, but I still Keep my eyes open.


Well… I saw most of this anime… You made me feel like a weebo :disappointed_relieved:

Moreover, “Chris”, zombie and “Redfield” always reminds me about RE 5-7…