Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



It’s because of the concentrated aura around their arms. The gathered energy of the aura would rip open the sleeves of most normal clothes. However, this doesn’t apply for clothes made out of runic fibres, since they are more resistant.


Could you add short descriptions about the species after we select them? (like in Monsters of NewHaven)So that the players know what they’re running into and a choice to go back to species selection so if they(we) don’t like it then could go back and select another one instead of restarting the game…


Definitly enjoy this WIP i hope i get to read the story you have planned out for this one.


Small update

I made a few changes within the Prolog. Those changes are:

  • a new opening scene
  • short descriptions for each of the six species
  • a few new choices
  • small text-based additions

I’m really sorry that it’s not the first chapter, but I intend to post another update quite soon.


Love all of the new stuff!


So no cat-deamon-waifu for me :disappointed_relieved:
But seriously - if thanks to this you will be able to write quicker/create better characters/dialogues than be my guest :smile:


Ok, so I don’t know what an “Automaton” or “Nekomata” are, and I’m not sure what you mean by “Trickster”…


Tricster - I might be wrong but basically loki/gabriel from supernatural. Ilusion magic, shape shifting etc.
Nekomanta - cat deamon from japan, two tails, manipulator, eats souls. I think author will change this tho.
Automaton is basically a magical (or not) cyborg.


I have not seen Supernatural, so I don’t know who Gabriel is. But I do know Loki, and honestly when I saw the “Trickster” species, that’s where my mind went. But I wasn’t sure, which is why I asked.

And by saying that I know Loki, I mean from the Norse Mythology, not the Avengers’ Loki, and I didn’t even know Loki appeared in Supernatural…


Back then supernatural was good… and then angels/deamons happend…


A Trickster is a spirit which exhibits a great degree of intellect or secret knowledge, and uses it to play tricks or otherwise disobey normal rules and conventional behaviour.

A Automaton is a living machine, which is powered by powerful magical artifacts. Basically a livelike mechanical doll.

A Nekomata is a cat demon from the japanese yokai mythology.


The trickster is usually one of the more interesting characters in the mythologies.


I agree :slight_smile: sun wukong, sindbad, loki, coyote, baron samedi.


Yes. I’m planning to change that a little. Given Maria’s profession as a Hunter, it would be a little bit inappropriate to let her eat souls.


I’ve never heard of sun wukong or baron samedi. Who are they?


Baron Samedii spirith of death in voodoo, master of magic, giver of life, and overall - asshole with strange sense of humor. :slight_smile:
Sun wukong (monkey king) Chinese hybrid of loki and heracles, mostly know from his journey with xuanzang. Shapeshifter, warrior, ilusionist, he can creat clones and controll the elements.



Sun wukong sounds interesting.


Fun fact: Sun Wukong was the inspiration for Goku from the Dragonball series.


Don’t forget to mention the self-contracting staff and cloud riding!


He is :slight_smile: Most of the old anime (mostly shounens) MC’s are based on him. (multiple forms/transformations, eating large amount of food, clones, strange sense of humor,) He appears in every moba game (monkey king from dota 2, wukong from lol, sun wukong form smite and hon)