Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



I have, in the anime Konosuba. Except in that universe, the succubus don’t sleep with their marks. Instead you hire a succubus at an establishment. They would then appear at your side while you sleep and give you the erotic dream you asked for on the form you filled out. Here’s a few pics. Except the poor thing got caught by the MC’s idiotic trio of female party members while on her way to the MC’s room. The useless Goddess, the explosion happy fire mage and the masochistic crusader.


succubus shy

succubus 4

Um, just because a female is petite, doesn’t mean she has the “body of a child”. It just means she has a small or short frame. She can still be developed in various areas and not look anything like a child. I know various petite women in real life and believe me, they would probably drop kick you for calling them a child.

I’d say leave her the way she is. Just because someone is “unsettled” by her appearance, doesn’t mean you have to change her appearance because someone can’t deal with it. If they are SO unsettled by it, they can choose not to romance her, simple as that.

For me I’d each do a play through for Sophia, Emilia and Tara. I’d probably go for Emilia first, since a shy succubus sounds adorable, that or Tara.


you had me at reaper.


When i saw the the word Reaper, i started playing. The song “Don’t Fear the Reaper”


Half dragon? You mean drakaina?


a half dragon=any creature that cross-breaded with a dragon.
Drakaina is the name to a sub-species of dragon that is only female or this http://mythworld.wikia.com/wiki/Drakaina_(mythology)


Here is a small overview about the basic skills for each of the six playable species. I thought you would like to get a little survey. (Sidenote: You will get detailed explanations about each of those skills in the coming first chapter)


  • Fire Manipulation
  • Illusions
  • Shape Shifting

Grey Wolf:

  • Ice Manipulation
  • Beast’s Strength
  • Shape Shifting

Half Dragon:

  • Dragon Skin
  • Shape Shifting
  • Voice of the old Ones


  • Electricity Manipulation
  • Shape Shifting
  • Speed of Sound


  • Eye of the Duelist
  • Lunge
  • Riposte


  • Soul Grenades
  • Ricochet Shot
  • Fan the Hammer

The first chapter is almost done and I will probably be able to post it by the end of the week or during the next week.


For gunslinger i keep thinking of Erron Black


Shit i can’t decide between Raiju or kitsune i want to main magic but i like having lightning as my element


The second most strongest attributes of the Raiju are Magic and Strength. So you will still be able to main Magic as a Raiju (if you want to).


So the Soulmancer isn’t really a type of its own? Its the type that is linked to Duelist and Gunslinger and not standalone like the others?


Soulmancer is a main species, while Duelist and Gunslinger are classifications. Soulmancer are classified according to their soul weapons.
For example, the mother of the Gunslinger MC has a sniper rifle as her soul weapon and is classified as a “Sniper”. The mother of the Duelist MC on the other hand has dual blades as her soul weapon and is classified as a “Blade Dancer”.
To sum things up, if you pick Duelist or Gunslinger, your character will be a Soulmancer.


what’s that?


I was wondering when someone would ask about that. It requires a longer explanation though.

In this world, there exists a ancient power that is called the “Voice of the old ones”. It was the language of the first Dragons, which are only refered to as the “Old Gods”. They possessed unimaginable, almost god-like powers and could materialize their powers with their voices. They could freeze time, create a black hole or eradicate entire landscapes with a single word. In the end they were so powerful that no one dared to face them. However, the first Dragons weren’t interested in the affairs of the other beings and kept their distance. During the centuries most trails of their existence vanished, but their language remained. It was taught to other Dragons and their descendants, the Half Dragons. Today, only a few beings still know the language of the first Dragons and are able to use it.

The Half Dragon MC possesses a certain knowedge in the language of the first Dragons and is able to speak it. However they are not able to use it in the same extent as the “Old Gods”. They need to combine several words in a specific order to materialize their powers.

The skill “Dragon’s Authority” lets you use the “Voice of the old ones” to break the will of nearby enemies and to intimidate them.


So we’re basically a half dragon dovahkiin batman?

Excuse me a moment while I go and let out my excitement in a sound proof room. walks away feeling super giddy


So… Dragon shouts. Excepts we only get one. I think I’ll go with kitsune… because magic.


I’m going with gunslinger because well…


So… how’s this project going? Anythink new?


Yes. I still work on the refining of the first and second chapter. Sadly, I didn’t had much time during the last few weeks. Nonetheless I will post a new update later this week.


Been waiting on the demo for a long time! :smile:


I mean honestly, you look like you haven’t sleeped in days.


He lets out a sigh. “You really need to ruin this for me, aren’t you?”



I’m so sorry, I haven’t slept and I’m nit picking words and stuff, a few mistakes/things that just read oddly >.< (Not sure if someone already pointed them out?)
They are a testimony of your strongness"
Um I think it’s meant to be like
” They are a testimony of your strength "
bathroom lamp starts flicker

bathroom lamp starts to flicker
Or maybe
bathroom lamp starts flickering?

Sorry,I like the game so far :smiley: can’t wait to see more of it.